3 thoughts on “On White “African Experts”

  1. I really like the title! I wonder if this woman also had a problem with Palestinian people showing their solidarity with the people of Ferguson? We have so many experts here in the west who know what’s best for everyone else, I don’t understand why our countries are such a mess 😉

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    • Yes, the title really creative! And, on this planet, there are so many experts; among in these experts I feel myself so ignorant always as an extraterrestrial. An expert may confront at any moment from every corner.:)

      I can understand the problem in here. Albeit in a different subject, I have observed. For example, if the subject is the Middle East, there are so many experts in the middle, it dosen’t matter how much you say “I’ve had or I know,” these experts do not even care about your saying.

      Maybe I can think at first they approached with moderate and sympathy. But afterwards, when I’ve seen every step they take, I am thinking anymore they do this to draw attention to themselves. They are doing emotional abuse. Because this is popular way for existing in social areas. And there are so many in blog worlds.

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