Renault pourrait reconsidérer son investissement en Turquie/ Workers in Turkey mull Renault offer

At first, the workers of Bosch factory and employer has agreed in via the Turkish Metal Workers’ Union(has 120.000 members). However, the same union has not deal to contract with the same terms between the other members and their factories. So the problem is emerging actually because of that the union has not help the workers in other factories in the same way. After the Renault workers on strike, as specified in the article the other workers in the Tofas-Ford, Mercedes and Turk-Tractor factory as well as other cities in Turkey have began to strike. Renault Eurasia Regional President Jean Christophe Kugler made a sentence like a threat a couple days ago:
“We may reconsider our long-term investment plan in Turkey” (quotes from:
So if this strike continues, they do not invest in Turkey anymore.( my opinion:If you will do same like that, you don’t do investment already in anywhere on this planet! ) And, a Renault worker in France takes 38 Euros an hour, Renault worker in Turkey takes 8 TL, so 3 Euros an hour charge. And while a Renault worker in France is producing 56 cars an hour for 38 Euros, a Renault worker in Turkey is producing 68 cars an hour for 3 Euros! Workers in Turkey already said that they do not expect 38 Euros. They just want plus 2 TL for an hour, so they just want 4 Euros for an hour. But both employers and union don’t get help for their right requests. The workers express that their salaries they deserved, have decreased thoroughly during at the last 12-years AKP government era. (for numbers and statements quotes:
This is a slavery order, my Earthling friends. This has to be end. If it doesn’t end, this system will bring the end of the labourer people.
And I want to add that I am not against the charge of Renault workers in France, I am against the unjust and unequal enforcement. If one day, France workers decide to resist because of the life terms, I would defend their rights as same as. Resist Renault workers!

4 thoughts on “Renault pourrait reconsidérer son investissement en Turquie/ Workers in Turkey mull Renault offer

  1. It seems all over the world companies and unions are selling out their workers. Here our factory workers’ wages are declining. The workers are stuck in a difficult position, because if they refuse the wage cuts, the owners will shut the factories down and more them to the US or Mexico, where most of our factory jobs have already gone.

    The fact that the Renault workers are asking for such a small increase and the company is threatening to more the factory elsewhere shows how corrupt and broken this system is. After all, the CEO and top executives will all be receiving huge salaries that increase every year.

    It’s time for the workers of the world to unite!

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    • “Proletarians of all countries, unite! Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!” What a beautiful words, aren’t they? They are not aware their powers. Or maybe, they do have a lot of fear and repression. Such as, to fear of being fired from job. Actually they are so many all around the planet, and the elite class is few. Minority oppress to the majority and labor. If all workers around the world become united, the real revolution will happen that day!

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      • If the elite keep trying to starve the people then the revolution will be inevitable. There is something seriously wrong when workers must fight just to have enough money to live and support their families, while the elite have more than they can ever spend. It’s time to lose our chains!

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      • I have hope, I have really hope in this time, it seems like the wind blows from reverse direction for elite class in this time. Last 12 days, they have been resisting. But unfortunately very few media give their news. And thank you from here to Eyes on Europe & Middle East News, because they need to be heard of their voices.

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