“When you’re angry you’re so beautiful, Turkiye!”

Two years ago today, 28 May 2013, it was the first day of occupy Gezi park, Taksim, İstanbul.

“A wave of demonstrations and civil unrest in Turkey began on 28 May 2013, initially to contest the urban development plan for Istanbul’s Taksim Gezi Park. The protests were sparked by outrage at the violent eviction of a sit-in at the park protesting the plan.[79] Subsequently, supporting protests and strikes took place across Turkey protesting a wide range of concerns, at the core of which were issues of freedom of the press, of expression, assembly, and the government’s encroachment on Turkey’s secularism. With no centralised leadership beyond the small assembly that organized the original environmental protest, the protests have been compared to the occupy movement and the May 1968 events. Social media played a key part in the protests, not least because much of the Turkish media downplayed the protests, particularly in the early stages. 3.5 million of Turkey’s 80 million people are estimated to have taken an active part in almost 5,000 demonstrations across Turkey connected with the original Gezi Park protest… Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan dismissed the protesters as “a few looters” on 2 June…Their complaints ranged from the original local environmental concerns to such issues as the authoritarianism of Recep Tayyip Erdogan… Protesters called themselves çapulcu (looters), reappropriating Erdoğan’s insult for themselves (and coined the derivative “chapulling”, given the meaning of “fighting for your rights”). Many users on Twitter also changed their screenname and used çapulcu instead.” (Quotes and details continue from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gezi_Park_protests)

Occupy Gezi, has begun against Ottoman-era Taksim Military Barracks, which wants to be rebuilt at park by government. However, it was not just all about. It has triggered a lot of development before it. You can see the most the wikipedia link which I gave you upper lines.

The protests continued between 28 May 2013 and 20 August 2013. It has spread to 20 cities of Turkey. About 3.6 million people joined to the protests.

During the protest 8 young people have been killed with guns or after injured by police violence. One of them Berkin elvan was 14 years old when he’s injured with hit his head by a tear-gas canister fired by police. After 9 months later he died at hospital when he was 15.

During the protests tear gas, pepper sprays, chemicals which put in TOMA (Intervention Vehicle to Social Events) and the plastic bullets used by the police. (Hurriyet news: the tear gas in to the pressurized water: http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/saglik/23518148.asp)

The news about at first 20 days of protests, 130.00 tear gas flares has been used. ( Milliyet news: The gas of state has depleted in 20 days: http://www.milliyet.com.tr/devletin-gazi-20-gunde-bitti/gundem/detay/1724846/default.htm )

During the Gezi Park protests have been at least 8,150 people injured and 63 in serious or critical condition with at least 3 having a risk of death and at least 4,900 people has been arrested in custody.(from Wikipedia)
And just not people; 8 dogs, 63 cats, 1028 birds died because of used the pepper spray.

What was the reason for the disproportionate violence used by the police, what was the reason of all of them? Because Turkiye’s people had been unity, and power was scared. Maybe this was the second event that the folk has been united without discrimination of race, language, idea after the Turkish Independence war. Turkish nationalists, Kurdish nationalists, Kemalists(who followed Ataturk revolution), anti-capitalist Muslims, different football team supporters who never agreed with each other, and the others all acted with together.

That’s why, it was like a dream.

Despite bad incidents, humor was not abandoned ever. More than one writing that contained humor was reading on the banners, walls or vehicles at each action. In the following music video with subtitles provided as some of these banners.

This song was written within 3 days of Gezi protests by the Turkish rock band Duman, and it has been a song that always sung by people. It was like the anthem of Gezi events with the other two songs:) It’s translation in English as follows.

Thank you (cheerio!)

To your pepper, your gas,
Your batons, your sticks,
To your harsh kicks,
I say bring it on, bring it on
Attack me shamelessly, tirelessly
My eyes are burning but I don’t bow, nor do I lessen
I am still free I said
I am still right I said
to you
I am still human I said
Do you think I would give up, tell me
To your pepper, your gas,
Your batons, your sticks,
To your harsh kicks,
I say bring it on, bring it on
Your slap in our face
Your grudge against our voice
Cheers to all of you
Bring it on bring it on
Raise your hand without hesitation and fear
The squares belong to us, don’t forget it, this homeland is ours
I am still free I said
I am still right I said
to you
I am still human I said
Do you think I would give up, tell me…

In those days a lot of things have been experienced. As a result, the government was not able to build the barracks at there. And people saw what they can achieve when being unity. Anything is not like before anymore.

*And the title words “When you’re angry you’re so beautiful, Turkiye!” belong to Metin Ustundag who is Turkish cartoonist.

21 thoughts on ““When you’re angry you’re so beautiful, Turkiye!”

  1. Hi Migo at “unnecessarynewsfromearth”, actually calling earth again, with reminding us about the important events that happen in Turkey to years ago. Thanks! I wrote a lot about the popular uprising in June-July 2013, see my blog *(unfortunately these posts are only in Norwegian): https://ivarjordre.wordpress.com/2013/06/
    I hope you don’t mind rebloging your god post “When you’re angry you’re so beautiful, Turkiye!”. Thanks!
    In Solidarity, Ivar, Norway

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    • Thank you for reblogging, ivarjordre! I couldn’t understand your post about that days, but I believe that you shared the people’s resisting in Turkey and their struggles in a good way, my Earthling friend:)


  2. Yes, I wrote about them in a good socialist way, I hope, trying to show how the people’s in Turkey resisting an corrupt an unjust system. I hope they will start protesting again!!!
    If you want to read something else but very important for understanding you can read my last two posts about “How the West Created the Islamic State” by Nafeez Ahmed, a very good author and journalist: https://ivarjordre.wordpress.com/ please reblog them if you want.
    In Solidarity with my Turkish Earthling friend,

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    • Ivar, I hope all humanity would start to resist against the corruption system entire planet! Maybe that day, socialism would rise again in real means! And I am , as an extraterrestrial ( 🙂 ), I really want to see that day. And of course I’d be glad reblog your post as soon as possible. In solidarity with my Earthling friend!


  3. Great videos, very inspiring! However, what I noticed while watching is that police oppression looks the same all over the world! Why is it our governments treat us like criminal for demanding our rights and freedom?

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    • Thank you for reblogging my Earthling friend!

      Absolutely the same in everywhere. Only different in terms of results. So in here, because of the justice mechanism has been zeroed, the people in the face of such violence, they cannot claim their rights in front of justice. Those, who were responsible of the people’s death were not be punished, for example. It passed over two years, the cases are continuing.

      The other side, as far as I know almost every country on this planet, the police forces are the people who are tasked with protect and provide the laws which have framed by the internal security laws. So, actually they are the public officers. And they have to obey the laws. In here there is the real question. Who make these laws? Governments make these. It means that every elected government having the right to change and approve these laws with specific cover for own sake.

      I think, if these laws made for the public benefit, it should be done by an an impartial and scientific institutions in the society. And it should be strengthened by public voting and similar applications. So that each government can not act on its own. And of course, the justice must be free and impartial for all kinds of possibilities.

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      • There is no justice in the world. As you say, our governments make the laws that suit their needs. They have made our police states legal. They have made our right to protests illegal. There cannot be freedom or justice in such a system.

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  4. “Welcome to the gas festival these people are awesome dude.” hilarious. But i think the public is awesome.. being humorous at trying times like these and still stand for the cause of betterment of society is commendable.

    May conflicting nations all over the world find peace in the near future.

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    • Your sight and to be in same feeling and enthusiasm of you, with us, it is very meaningful for me, my dear Earthling friend, Varsh 🙂 Because, these events were very important period for Turkey. Humor creates an effect like a lifesaver such as that time. Because a lot of things that can not be expressed in plain speech, can be described in a short and effective manner with humor. And I absolutely agree with you, I hope too, all nations can get their rights and peace in near future.

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  5. Congratulations to Turkish people! Fantastic of Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) to win stunningly 13 percent!
    But what next, Turkish people? You have to Keep on fighting for change, justice, democracy and freedom – still for a loooooooooooooong time to come. AND, you’ll not walk alone!

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    • Nothing has changed, my Earthling friend. Because, the system has been locked. The results of the election have been the same with the wants of US and the other imperialists. Maybe, a little braking has been experienced with the time-break, but there is more. The system in Turkey is living same decay like almost all countries.

      And you mentioned HDP. They have touted to HDP as a “LEFT” party all over the world. HDP is not a left party. HDP is a Kurdish nationalist and religious party at own base. Nationalism and religiosity can be compatible with left thought? Also, after the election results, HDP’s co-chairperson said “thank you” to the head of the terrorist organization PKK.

      The members of PYD which is right hand-man of PKK, for so-called rescue operation of Kurdish people at Kobane, have been trained by US forces, and they have been working under the US; they fight with not only ISIS, they fight with Assad forces at the same time. They help to US for creating of Kurdish corridor in Middle East. Already HDP had met with great joy to America with saying “Long live Obama,” at that times.

      Can be any left party which is being supported by US! HDP is an American plan right now; of course, I don’t now what will happen at future.

      But unfortunately, due to all one-sided news and publications which were made by main stream media, everyone thinks that “HDP is left-party.” Nothing is as it seems, in fact.

      And the things that I will add right now, can be surprise: There are such deputies of HDP right now that they do have with the same mentality with the most religious and bigoted people of Turkey.

      The real left wing party in Turkey is Communist Party. And its votes have been %0.03 in this election. I have added a post today with the title of “The last regret”. This article belongs to Kemal Okuyan, who is the member of Communist Party in Turkey. When you find a time, you can read. And the things inside of this article haven’t been success. Thank you so much your kind words but, for all those reasons, there is no success in here, my Earthling friend, unfortunately.


      • Yes, unfortunately nothing has changed, I know that too, also as an socialist and communist. But still a party like HDP stopped Erdogan that’s good in it self, right? And I don’t like the cooperation with the US either. Still here is something to have in mind. That the kind of “rescue” of Kobane is in one sense important for getting rid of IS. Some Kurdish commanders both in Northern Syria and Northern Iraq told people from my party, the Red Party of Norway, when visiting the Kurdish people, that they didn’t like the yankees particularly well either, but they used the opportunity to fight an even more brutal enemy than uncle Sam. One more ting my friend Migo, is that I don’t think PKK deserves to be called terrorist any more. The problem is that the US still have them on their terror list, also because of the importance of Turkey as their ally and Nato member.
        What you wrote about the Communist Party is interesting, do you mind if I reblog your post?
        Your Norwegian Earthling friend Ivar

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      • For the moment, it is true, changing of regime was stopped. But what will happen in a year, is unknown. Even, at the news the possibility of AKP and HDP could be coalition, is spoken by the members of these parties. The other subject which is spoken, is that HDP can give support to a coalition which will create between AKP and the other one party. It is interesting isn’t it?

        Actually this is Turkey, and it is not interesting in terms of politics of Turkey. Because in here, there is not almost any politician who keep the promises and stand behind own words. But I have hope still, I hope that HDP would not do that.

        Also, I do not comment on the criteria set by the US over the PKK. Two months ago, US government spokesman had made an explanation about that they intend to remove the PKK from the terrorist list. For me, when they remove it out of the list, PKK would be the terrorist organization still in, will not change anything for me. One day, I will try to explain with writing a post of their structuring and how PKK came up with the support of the United States and the CIA until today. Maybe that day I would have a better express what I meant.

        And Kurdish commanders sayings that you mentioned were interesting for me.
        Already this terrorist organization, ISIS was created by Uncle Sam, how could it be more brutal then it?

        Besides, while the officers of Russia and Syria have been saying for one year that the US attempt to create Kurdish corridors, and even while those are documented in seriously, and while they are describing this new Kurdistan, as “Israel-Kurdistan”, there is no possibility that I cannot think differently from them. This news about Russians or Syrian statements are in Russian; if you want, when I find time, I can translate them from Russian and can send it to you within a month or max two months.

        This is the thing what they desired in the region. Those who done this, not care about the Kurdish people. It will create a puppet state, no more. Currently, the oil revenues of Iraqi Kurdistan are not used for the welfare of Kurdish people. Kurdish people are still in poverty. A puppet state of the wider still will not be useful for Kurdish people. But it will be benefit for the United States and Israel.

        And whenever you want you can reblog my any post my Earthling friend, it doesn’t need to ask. It would be happiness for me:)


  6. Loved the videos, Migo. And the Gezi rebellion, as innocuous as it became in the end, certainly is a foreshadowing of things to come.

    People are becoming restless everywhere (look at France and Belgium in only the last few days) and all that is required is for them to loose their fear and make up their minds to join one another to overturn “this thing.”

    I agree: people, the oppressed, are absolutely beautiful when they rise up as one to say that they have had enough and that the abuses will go no further, regardless of how successful or not they may be.

    In time, as people become more aware of the direction in which humanity must go to finally exit from the brutalities of its inhuman prehistory, these kinds of rebellions will become more purposeful and successful. In the meantime, they show us that the future beckons.

    If mankind seeks, it may indeed eventually and finally find itself. No other hope is worthy of us.

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    • Thank you for your interest and good comment, my dear Earthling friend! I hope, mankind is really seeking as you said. Otherwise, everything seems to me like a vicious circle.

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