They have been the world’s highest earner terrorist organization of the world in a very short time; but how? When following the money trail, the truth comes out already. What’s the purpose? How will they keep under control the two countries, Iran and Turkey, which western imperialists know that they will not able to break into parts? And how will they seize the lower corridor of Russia? The answer to this already inside this article: “Last week, Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman told US secretary of state John Kerry:” Iraq is breaking up before our eyes and it would appear that the creation of an independent Kurdish state is a foregone conclusion.” Any of imperialists does not care about the Kurdish people! Any of them doesn’t interest with Kurdish rights. When the so-called independent Kurdistan will establish, many thing will change in the region; and this barbarian terrorist organization will have completed task which they assigned, with success.

Ivar Jørdre

The article below by Nafeez Ahmed is that interesting and well written, that I am presenting it here entirely with permission from the author. PART 2 ( Part 1, posted on) This article was reprinted with permission from the author and Truthout

How the West Created the Islamic State 2: The Long War

Follow the money

Media reports following ISIS’ conquest of much of northern and central Iraq this summer have painted the group as the world’s most super-efficient, self-financed, terrorist organisation that has been able to consolidate itself exclusively through extensive looting of Iraq’s banks and funds from black market oil sales. Much of this narrative, however, has derived from dubious sources, and overlooked disturbing details.

One senior anonymous intelligence source told Guardian correspondent Martin Chulov, for instance, that over 160 computer flash sticks obtained from an ISIS hideout revealed information on ISIS’…

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