A dream within a dream

Migo is sleeping. It is in a dream. People always wonder: “Can a dog have a dream?” Or “what are the colors of the dogs dream?” Well, have you ever thought that can an alien have a dream? I know Migo has. Because, in a bizarre language, it says some things I could not understand, when it sleeps. I need the alien language dictionary to understand.Unfortunately, I do not have one. By the way, I need to write very important things; I need to reach to my readers and meet with them. I have not meet with them for a long time. But, Migo is sleeping and I can not go, leaving Migo alone to where we used the internet. I have no other choice, except to pee over Migo. Actually, it is not choice, it is the only solution. Because, Migo’ smell sensitivity is on advance level that is enough to compete with a dog. When I will pee on Migo’s legs, it will wake up due to the smell of urine in a few seconds, not due to the wetness. How can I know? Yes, I’ve done this before, so what!

I’m looking at the clock, one, two and three. Here we go!
– What’s that smell, WD?
– I think, a cat which has entered from window into the room, it has pee over you. I have entered to the room quickly like a hero, but I couldn’t catch that cat.
– Really, have we forgotten to close the window?

Migo is looking at the window; it is closed. I have to do attack immediately for doubts.

– Because of I couldn’t catch it; I shut the windows to prevent of its entry again.
– Hmmm, I understood, WD. What time is it? I guess, I slept a lot.
– Yes, you seemed so tired and dreamed and I did not want to wake you up.
– I am a very lucky extraterrestrial.
– Yes, you are. But, I do not need the compliment, right now. I have a lot of job. I would like to respond to letters which came from readers to me. I will go to use the Internet, do you want to come?
– I’d come after a while, you go, WD.
– Okay.

As you can see, my dear readers, the important things for me are the love, respect and friendship. You can see how I approached even an alien with goodness.

Anyway, I have to read a lot of emails. I do not know which one I should start. There are a lot of emails. 126 emails accumulated.

WD email box

WD Fan club continuous updates of the meetings. I do not know what I would do without them. I love you, guys!

I have a fan that is comparing me with Spartacus. I have to respond him immediately,

Reply to dhn88hav:
I’m much honored. Spartacus is my favorite too. If I had to have a team which has a lot of chicks and bloody victory, I would have been my rightful place into history. But I believe that you, my fans, you are sharing a same goal with me except the bloody part. Let’s do not forget when we will be in front of the ballot box. Together, we will reach better and more beautiful!(yes, you know what I mean when I said beautiful;)

Next email: Let’s read what “the excellent article about WD kingdom” says:

Quotes from article:
“A fantastic kingdom.”
WD inner voice:
‘Yes, absolutely fantastic.’

Continue quotes:
“Maybe, WD doesn’t promise amazing things, but it promises the equality.”

WD inner voice:
‘Absolutely, my friend. I wonder who the author of this article is, I should keep reading.’

Continue quotes:
“There is equality in kingdom of course, but not in front of the laws. This equality will be in front of WD. So, WD will do what it wants to do…”

WD outer voice:
What the h**l he says! This is a smear. Shame on you!

The only answer that needs to this e-mail:
“I know the dark forces of democracy behind you!”

The answer is enough, I guess.

I should keep my nerves under control. You see, the policy is dirty work; I have to be calm down. The next e-mail.

Yes, a video prepared for me, I love to these children’s videos. I think these videos should be more popular than the cats. Anyway.

Hahahha, very funny and nice.
Reply to juuWD-love:
I wish your son could give the vote, but at the future, he will already give the vote. What I am saying! Anyway at the future there will not be voting in my kingdom; just we need that we get through this election. You will not endure hardship of voting anymore. Hhahah

Next email. The pre-poll survey is in 2. area in good way: %45 Migo; %55 WD. Even great, hooray! I have to reply this one.

Reply to livedgoggie:
The survey results seem critical. I think there are deficiencies in your campaign work. You should correct them. We do not have much time for elections. You do not come to me with such as these results.

Another email. He or she has got very important questions about my kingdom. How much they can be important? I am here to share an open and transparent election diary with my readers. They are trying to drive me into corner. How many open politicians do you know? Who reads own emails before the public? Which one has the courage? But you still doubt me! You take these questions and you…!

Anyway, another great email, I am feeling. What would be better than a subject title that given a headline as “I love you”?

What is this inside this email? They provide a link; I think it is probably a nice video. Let’s open it now. A video yes, but, the men and women are doing interesting things in video. I guess, one pervert sent this accidentally. But, but, what’s going on! Nooo! This is a virus! All emails are being deleted! Noooo!

– WD, wake up! Wake up quickly! What happened!

– Migo, I saw a bad dream!

– What did you see, my friend?

– They ruined my election campaign. And, you were there, Migo.

– I was there! How?

– I do not remember exactly. You were talking about a cat and the window; how do I know? Give me a break, Migo! You are an oppressive alien! If all aliens oppressive like you, that means we are in trouble. Why are you still coming over me! The thing what you did is very unpalatable, Migo!

– WD?


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