Oh Nestle, what would we do without you?

You definitely made a right choice, dear ars. As an sample; the some workers of Nestle factory in Turkey are on strike for last one year. The reason for the strike: The 28 workers who got fired, want to be rehired. The strike beginning date, 25 June 2014, these workers actually did not accept the imposed contract. However, Nestle gave justification for dismissal, “The states which do not conform to morality and good faith, and etc” as reason; and fired them. The workers did protest in front of the Swiss embassy but failed to resound in mainstream media. The workers began a hunger strike on April 20, 2015. Hunger strike ended day on 23 May. However, resistance continues. Because, they couldn’t get back their rights. And two days ago, police intervention was made.19 Nestle workers were taken into custody.
Here it is related video.
As a result Nestle is a food monopoly. As much as it sets it’s eye on this planet water sources, it doesn’t care labor. Until the workers will be union all over the world, this will continue in this way.
And this following link belong to Turk-Food-Work union web page. Nestle workers resistance can be viewed.

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