Bloody Policy

In Diyarbakir, Turkey in the area where the election rally of HDP, two separate explosions happened. After the explosion in Station Square, more than 100 injured people were admitted to hospital. 16 and 17 years old two children lost their lives.

The executioner woke up in his bed one night
“My God,” he said and asked
“How difficult this puzzle is?
The men are increasing as I continue to kill them,
I am coming close on the verge of exhaustion, as I continue to kill them”


Ataol Behramoglu, Turkish poet

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5 thoughts on “Bloody Policy

  1. Its events like this that make me wonder why anyone would willingly go and try to injure/kill innocent civilians. The deaths of the 16 and 17 year olds resonate with me the most because thats such a young age to die.

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    • Every death is untimely death for the beloved ones. Worst of all are the young deaths. And you’re right, dear ars, it’s hard to know what kind of psychology of them who has caused the death of so young people.

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    • Tragedy may also be a word to describe the situation of Turkey currently.
      Opposition parties make call for election security:
      “If the electricity outage happens again, people sit on the ballot boxes, until it came back.”
      The bombs explode at the rally. People die and seriously injured, and they help each other.
      Security word was meaningless for the public.
      And thank you for your hopes and reblogging, my dear Earthling friend.

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