7 thoughts on “…take me home before the strom

    • It hasn’t begun yet, my dear Earthling friend. Even there is no storm surge yet; there is just silence before storm and crying sky. When it will begin, all planet will already sink into s**t in real means. This is inevitable anymore. Just, all mankind can congratulate to the imperialists right now, because of they operated plans very well.

      Imperialists never didn’t understand that it cannot be game with some things. In the region, this is one of two countries which are not able to discard. But here, they made something that can not be changed with the election. The system has been locked. There is a way of opening the system, it would also lead to bigger chaos; maybe in the long run. But ultimately, they will cause to be elected one of the two deadly choice. While this public will has to select one of them, the world will take its share of these two options. Now, it can applaud loudly to imperialists.

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      • It seems the world is headed down an inevitable path. It’s the same in every country, the political systems are so broken that electing new governments does not change anything. The elite know that the path they are taking us down will end in violence, but they do not care.

        Soon the only thing left to the people will be revolution. Maybe the elite will survive in the short run, but eventually they will destroy themselves.

        Hopefully the people of the world will find a way to untie and resist and put and end to this system once and for all

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      • You’re saying good things, you’re saying right things, but my dear Earthling friend, how will these come true?
        In this election, the party that I’ve gave the vote, took %0.03 of all votes. As results, I’ve given the vote the same with about 14 thousand people inside of 47 million people who gave the vote in this election. hhaha
        Yes, I am in minority. I know maybe it could be a result of that I am always in minority because of being an extraterrestrial:) But you know this is not the point.
        What is the way to end of this system? How can resist with this minority? Sometimes, I think and feel, “f**k the mankind of the Earth, nothing will change, don’t bother yourself”. But in this time I think the other species of planet Earth. They need us against this events; they do not deserve all happened in their environments. However, I don’t know what is the way, unfortunately.

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      • I have lost all faith in our “democratic” elections, because nothing ever changes. Any party that might make a difference has no chance of getting elected, and the major parties are all the same and follow the same agenda.

        I still don’t understand why so many people out there believe in our governments. How much more proof do they need to convince them that they are corrupt and destroying our countries?

        And you are right, the other species on the planet do not deserve to suffer because of us

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      • Have you ever heard Aziz Nesin, Turkish writer. After 1980, 12 September the military coup which was made by Turkish army with the plans of CIA, it has been a referendum about new constitution. And people say yes to the constitution with %91 of all votes. Which is this constitution couldn’t changed still, and this is responsible of much things in Turkey. Anyway, this great writer, Aziz Nesin says after the result of referendum :
        “%60 of Turkish people is stupid”
        And it was opened a case to him. After than he says that:
        “I wish I could said that %40 of Turkish people is smart.”

        Everyone wants to see and hear oneself inside a smart side, not stupid side. But only truth is everyone is stupid enough. We can blame to GMO’s, foods, education, or evolution even Darwin.:)

        But this is the truth; actually noone is smart even as much as bees or ants or dolphins on this planet. If these animals, they could have a ability on talking among themselves (like in Lion King;), they had already rebelled and seized the management of this planet. Maybe foresighted scientists work on it would be better 😉

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