The last regret

“The last regret” written by Kemal Okuyan

“Do you regret?” they ask.

Because of,

we row against the tide,

we show determination to walk alone the way we know as right,

we expose attempts of renewing of AKP regime with the different actors,

we say “nothing changes with the election; this order have to be changed; for changing of this order, organized fight should be increased”,

we act with the thought “there is no break or holiday in socialism fight”,

we defend secularism, we resist against Saidi Nursi bragging and religious obscurantism,

we warn to our friends and the working people about politic engineering which has the international forces and the capitalist class behind its,

we lay weight on “there would not be benefit for us from a revolutionary which is not questioning to capital order”,

we carry the interests of working people to the election platform, despite hundreds of pressures, swearing, mobbing, insulting,

we stand against the false dreams which will cause to convict the people of apolitism and thoroughly intimidation,

we remind NATO, European Union and we say “once, the meaning of left was to be against imperialism”,

we speak out the truths, no matter how much they depressing,

we don’t lose the hope in any case, all circumstances,

Do we regret?

What were Gauls saying: “Romans must be crazy!”

We don’t express our revolutionary goals and principles with figures. Before the election, ones called “opportunism” to our decision which was to be join to the election as being Communist Party.

“We are taking great risks,” we replied. Because we showed an almost impossible attitude which would not have turned into the vote in these conditions.

We do not regret it because of we took the risks. It is worth it. We write down to the mind and heart of many friends, not only history; we are organized.

Yes, we have not regret it in election night, when the number of votes at the ballot box for socialism were announced; as we have said before, we set to work.

And you?

Kemal Okuyan is the member of Central Committee of Communist Party in Turkey. He is also chief editor of the daily newspaper “SOL” (means left)

Kemal Okuyan who was born in 1962, has lived in Izmir and Istanbul in his childhood and teenage years. After Izmir Bornova Anatolian High School, he graduated from the Political Science of Boğaziçi University, Istanbul.

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