The Armenian Question

I know, it is a long article. But, if you want to learn what are the truths, please read. When you read, you will see imperialists games and lies over Anatolian people. And you will see anything is not the same as described by the mainstream media and imperialism with big balloons. And after reading the article, please consider one more time. “What are the aims of these lies owners?” And thank you this very detailed and enlightening article Dr. Pat Walsh!

Pat Walsh

How did Britain’s “Armenian Question” of the 1870s become what it did in 1915? Was it simply a diabolical genocidal plan of the Turks that the Armenians be eradicated from eastern Anatolia? Or were there a series of actions instigated by external forces which altered things in such a way that the tragedy of 1915 became almost inevitable?

It is the view here that what happened in 1915 to the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire was almost entirely the result of Imperialism and Western influence. Without this there would most probably still be an Islamic State of the former kind and a substantial Armenian community within it.

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6 thoughts on “The Armenian Question

  1. Great read! I knew very little about this history. What’s striking about it is how Imperialists have carried out similar agendas in other regions, pitting people who had lived together in peace against one another. It’s till going on today.

    You can also see the importance in controlling the narrative. The official version of what happens always reflects the Imperialist agenda they are trying to achieve

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