Really good work, and it really means a full “wrecked”, thank you for sharing this work with us! Also, civilization is an illusion my Earthling friend 🙂 European Union announced “maybe we could take military operational decisions” for immigrants 3 weeks ago. About 200 academics issued a statement against them. 3 days ago, France returned the refugees to the Italy. France reason was “They’ve landed as first Italy coast to Europe”. Maybe those refugees are the lucky ones; because they are able to still take breath. Turkey, Iran, Russia and Syria really live intertwined with terrorism or real terror fear; with terror produced by American and Western imperialism. But the crying side is always imperialist west. They do not live this, but they see themselves that they do have the right for invasion for cry for talk! While all those western governments are concerned as civilized, the civilization is simply an illusion. It has been like that at past, it will be so at the future. Except the shortly after invented democracy at ancient Greece, this planet has never been civilized. The great sci-fi master Ray Bradbury says that “Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.” We can use this for civilization maybe as follows: “Civilization is relative. It depends on who claims has the right to invade while killing millions.”


wrecked. Drawn by me.

Reference is oil painting by great Théodore Géricault.A depiction of a shipwreck man…( http://www.conceptualfinearts.com/cfa/2014/10/15/frieze-master-2014-a-step-forward-into-quality/dsc_6959/ ) You can feel the suffering,misery,desolation,hopelessness in his extraordinarily expressive painting,not only this one of course ,in all of them,different characters manages to haunt the viewers in very different ways…
So in this terrible world we are living in,almost everyday migrants die in Mediterranean.Mainstream media degrades them to numbers, drowning is almost normalized.Some consider this is not even newsworthy. Announcers don’t even deign to think that they were just like everyone,had hopes,dreams,they loved someone…besides this, why were they escaping,why were/are they risking their lives?Who are directly or indirectly responsible for this tragedy?Indeed,who aren’t…What the imperialism,cooperations oil contracts have done to their home…Actually it’s wrong to use pronoun ‘them’,they are us indeed.I’m not any different from them.Will ever humanity take precedence over politics?I don’t know…For now I see no civilisation,and humanity is “wrecked”..And my…

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    • They are walking around. Every day the harassment, extortion, assault reporting are increasing. There are 22 camps in Turkey for them, but more than half lives outside the camps. The construction of those camps were in 2011. And America has made these places. For example, how America knew that these people will come to Turkey four years ago? Nobody asks this question.

      Those who live inside the camps are problematic same as outside the camps. There are some news from camps. For example, when they do not like the meal they attack the Turkish soldiers with stones. Or they complain “we do not have air conditioning” and they attack the soldiers again. In Turkey, even so many middle-income families don’t have the air condition!

      The AKP government says that they have made 5.5 billion dollars in aid to them, but if these people are in this situation, this money used for what, it is unknown. And this money is cut from the salaries of employees and retirees! Entry to university in Turkey, is being done with the exam. But, AKP government made a law and those refugees have the rights to enter the university without examination, anymore! Ordinary Turkish citizen is paying health insurance costs. But these people benefit from free health care! They have less tax liabilities when they want to open their own workplace. A citizen of the Republic of Turkey is paying the tax debt with difficulties but these are easily own workplace!

      As a result, the citizen of Turkey is getting more angry day by day.

      Could I explain that how the citizens of Turkey stuck between AKP government and American imperialism?

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      • It sounds like a very bad situation, and unfortunately, it’s probably going to get worse. I understand that these are very vulnerable people, but if the government puts their rights and needs, ahead of the rights and needs of the Turkish people, it will lead to social unrest.

        What happens if more refugees continue to flow into the country? Where will the live, who will pay the costs? It’s time for the Turkish government to tell America and the EU to start dealing with the mess they created

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      • Do you know, there is a tv show, its name is “Survivor.” Every day in Turkey is “Survivor” my dear Earthling friend 🙂 I let out the end of the rope anymore. But there are very good words of mine to them who say “east countries are undeveloped country” 🙂

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