For a while

I know you missed me. I missed you too! And I am sure no one missed Migo. Who misses an ugly alien like Migo? But, everyone misses wise, sympathetic, handsome dog like me. Migo is sleeping right now. Or it sends a signal to its alien friends under sleep view, I do not know. But I know Migo is very tired. It has been living with 5-6 hours of sleep in a day for a week. All remaining hours, it works standing up. In fact, sometimes I feel bad for Migo. It is a species of small size in comparison with human; away from its home, another planet. 17-18 hours of work in a day, is a sad situation, actually. But the interesting thing is, as soon as it wakes up, it continues to work as if it has not been same alien that worked 17 hours yesterday. I could not stand that much standing on four legs. Then I look at Migo. I am wondering that how many heart it has got? How does it make energy transformation as economically! Does it consume more oxygen than us! Or it worse, if this small species has a good condition like that, if a million of them invasion to Earth, they would ruin planet. “6.5 billion Earthlings against a million alien.” Yeah, that’s actually would not be a bad movie. If I talk a few scriptwriter, do they pay me back with the beer?

While Migo is tired we cannot write our blog, we cannot read the other blogs of our friends, we cannot drink a beer, we cannot play games. For example, a couple days ago we lived an event like that. Migo finished its work and sat beside me. For a moment we were face to face with a cockroach which has walked towards us about 2 meters in front of us. It was type of flying cockroach about 4-5 centimeters in length. By the way, I have to tell that one of the favorite games of us is stone skiting. You know. The stone is thrown to the water in horizontal. If the stone bounces in several times it is calculated. We’re doing the same thing with cockroaches. Actually it is quite fun. I’ve tried first but I’ve failed. Cockroach is still coming to us. Migo took a small round stone and threw to its. But what is it! This creature moves in the same way. It caught the stone in the air! It threw us the stone back!

We could not believe our eyes! Cockroach must be fed too well. It obviously had learned the techniques of war. Migo and I, we looked at with each other. Then I stood up. But, Migo asked me not to do anything. Looked at me and it said that never mind WD. After it started to sleep.

If it is an ordinary day, Migo would not miss this opportunity. It would say “this is the first conscious cockroaches war in Earth history, now let’s records”. But I think now, it does not care about the Galactic Council nowadays. Already it hasn’t the right to union, it told me earlier. Why do you think that it defends the human workers rights! Because of jealousy! It had said to me one day “I would have been in Andromeda if we had an union”. Anyway, you still pretend not to know this knowledge.

So it is really busy in these days. When I asked Migo “how long will it take?” it said until July 7, if it would not be any changing. It is not sure actually. I want its work finish quickly. My fans, my kingdom, super news, I stayed away from it all. We are not able to even read the newspapers. We live in same order every day; get up, work, eat and sleep. Only good thing is that the weather is not hot. Migo does not like heat at all.

It is a cold planet where Migo came from; it says that. And this season was supposed to be very hot in western Anatolia; but the rain and storms are happening. I wonder if our alien’s finger has been herein. Does Migo intervene to ecology? Is it possible that it is organizing the working conditions! I’m very suspicious of Migo. If it has such a power, we’re toast!

Anyway, did I say “I feel bad for Migo,” before? Yes I had said. Really I feel bad. I am a very emotional dog. Also it isn’t too much remained until 7 July. I say to its sometimes “Resist Migo!” It is smiling to me. Then it’s head goes down its shoulder and it falls asleep.

Resist Migo, my dear alien friend!

I do not think I will say this last sentence once more. Let it is noted in history!

6 thoughts on “For a while

  1. Great to hear from you WD! You should keeping studying the cockroaches while Migo is occupied with work, that could be very important research that might have a huge impact on dog/human/insect relations.

    Tell Migo to take care of himself and that we are all thinking about him and have been missing him around here!

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    • I know NFR, I know you’re a friend of Migo. I will tell Migo what you said. I am sure, somehow it managed to become friend with you with alien’s abracadabra. In fact it has not important skills. Just it is an alien and this is the only thing the people interested with its. When it’s beloved alien friends invaded this planet, I’ll see all you!

      Ok, ok, I will tell Migo. I guess Migo would already save what it will write when it turns back its normal routine. And thank you for kind words and good wishes NFR:)

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