Do you hear the cry of Turkey’s forests?

The people are trying to block to the gold mine company with pitching stones to highlands road

We have to save Turkey from the hands of thief…

written by Bekir Coskun, Turkish newspaper Sozcu, July 11, 2015

They’ve permitted gold digging licence with working cyanidation, cutting the magnificent forest of the Black Sea. For this, the great trouble has arised in Artvin, Turkey.

There is a resistance at Cerattepe, Artvin.
Women, youth, children are hugging the trees in the morning to save the forest with rush.

Actions began for support to Artvin anywhere in Turkey.
In Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, the people on the streets are shouting out in every day that they helped to Artvin.

Cities, towns and villages can not fight on their own, because the power of the great thief is going through with crushing.
We have to make national collaborate.
We can not do it alone.
We have to take along each other.
Young people, the elderly, children, women, men, peasants, citizens.
Everyone should come together against thief.
The love of the hawk, deer, pheasants, trees, bays, seas, mountains, wind, sun are with us.
We should take road by taking our hearts,
our voice,
our tears.
The elder ones, at least they should come with taking their curses.

When you read this article, the graders, bulldozers, diggers, cement machinery, trucks are in the highlands road,
and the gendarmerie troops.
All they are like the combat troops which is going to invade a country.
In the face of these, an old woman who hasn’t got any world except the Black Sea, she is trying to understand what happened by wiping her tears.

Here’s don’t leave her alone.
For saving the Turkey’s forests from the hands of thief:


If you do have twitter account you can use this hashtag for support

hashtag translation in English: Say stop to gold mine at Artvin

Besides, there are two campaigns for saving forests:

If you want to support you can give vote.

Almost all forested areas in Turkey, as the result of corruption policies of AKP are selling to global mining companies. Today, there is not only in the city of Artvin, there are the resistances of people in city of Rize, Izmir, Balıkesir, Manisa, Sanlıurfa and the others in Turkey. Those forest belong to this planet, not AKP politicians, not supporters of them, not global capitalists! Just let’s say stop to them!

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5 thoughts on “Do you hear the cry of Turkey’s forests?

  1. This is interesting, Migo, thank you for sharing. Just wandering what kind of campaign it would take to stop them. People collecting all their last pieces of gold and bringing to them saying, here take it all, and leave our forests alone?

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    • Thank you for asking, BeeHappee. In fact my Earthling friend, this is very long term resisting against the mine companies. Two years ago, a copper mine company wanted to take licence for searching in the same region in Artvin. But the people made meetings and cooperation with making an application to the constitutional court. And the court canceled the permission of that company.

      But now, the gold mine company which known friendship with AKP government, it had the report which was given by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for same region, reconfirmed. Without this report noone has the permission. And again, people are gathering on the squares to get attention to public; for example tomorrow there will be people meeting in Istanbul for this. And the process of appeal to court has begun again.

      This region is very sharp and mountained. If the company would be success, they will cut the hundreds years trees of those forests for digging. And one of the area of this region was taken Unesco world natural heritage list. They want to destroy the natural life and get unearned income, not just digging my Earthling friend.:(

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