This is about where I came from. At least it was supposed to be like that


…The data flow begins

…Getting access to the registration system of Migarium

…Update records in the date of 2015 – planet Earth

…Universal data provider date 51 222 003

…Entering the system

I would argue that it was a cold day. Yes, that day I left the planet which calls as “home” by human being, was a cold day. But it was not much different for ours because of our planet has always been cold.

While I was talking about “us”, who we are, or what we are? Our total number is seven. Actually, it was seven. We lost one of us. The other two, they disappeared when they went to look for lost one. They sent me to search for those who disappeared. The other three made registrant to Galactic Council without my notice; they did not even talk to me about this. They’ve saved only the registration and authorization to my system. When I said I did not want to leave, they tried to explain it politely. I wanted to hide but there was no place to hide in my planet.

The place that you see in the picture is my planet; the planet which has got only one structure. Where you can hide in here?

“What a nonsense, Migo!”

…Stop records

…Cut the data flow

…Pausing system supply

“Were you in here, WD?”

“I was here, of course Migo. What were you thinking! Do you think that you can do tricks behind me back?”

“I just wanted to tell from the beginning of my journey about how I came.”

“That’s why you’re telling a fancy story. Ok, the parts about you’re afraid may be right. Already you’re not brave type like me. Actually this is not your fault; no one can be brave like me, anyway. But they threw you out the planet officially, kicked you out Migo! Maybe there are still footprints behind you, hahavhav”

“There are no footprints behind me, WD. What are you talking about? I am telling truths in accordance with my database. There is not any incorrect operation.”

“Here’s typical alien speech! You show that you’re not from this planet just in two minutes. The truths are relative on this planet.”

“But you’ve said that before, the rights people believe are relative, not truths.”

“Did I say this? Wow, I am very philosophical dog. To remember my feature to my readers, was good. And, ok, I did say this. But this is the thing what the Earthlings can use, not aliens. There are the rules about this.”


“Yes, you were thinking there was only Galactic Council rule book. But there is another rule book. The name is… What was the name? Hmmm…”

“WD, can I finish this record?”

“Of course, you can. Go on.”

...Re-entry into the system

…Data flow begins

“Oh, my bones god! Do you see this, Migo!”

“What should I see, WD?”

“That cat is digging the soil. In a little while, it will piss or pass feces. We must stop that cat!”

“It’s a natural thing WD, the cats do it all the time. And, you stopped my records for this?”

“You are missing the point, you alien! That cat is digging the place where I buried my bone last night! I have to save my bone from its urine or feces! Actually we have to save, Migo!”

“Are you sure this is the right point?”

“I am sure, but I cannot give the exactly right coordinates! Migo, don’t you have x-ray vision or something like that. Of course you don’t have. If you have you can see.”

“I don’t have but I do have my records. You didn’t go out the garden last night, or last three nights.”

“Really? Hmmm. Ok, maybe I buried my bone four nights ago? So what! For you my bone is not enough to save, do you mean that? Besides, I have been tracking that cat for a while. This could be my opportunity to pay its back.”

“Come on WD, both you and I know that there is no bone at that point.”

“Do you mean I am lying? Am I liar, Migo! You’re breaking my heart right now. What did I do for hearing these words from you?”

“I am not saying you’re liar, WD. Just I know that Earthling creatures can make a mistake about remembering issues. Your memories are not very reliable.”

“So, I have been absent-minded right now. What is next Migo, alzheimer could be next?”

“Look at the garden, WD. That cat already went. If that point was the point that you claimed, you already had chased its without asking me. You know I am saying truth.”

“Ok Migo, the weather is too hot and I can make a mistake. It is not big problem.”

“May I resume my records, WD?”

“Of course, you may. Go on, Migo.”

…Re-entry into the system

…Data fl…

“Again! Do you see Migo!”

“What happened again WD? Or else the same cat came and stole…”

“Which cat? That subject has been history. I am getting fatter and fatter day by day. And tonight I have a date with a lady dog. I do not know what I will do to cover up my extras.”

“This is your big issue right now, isn’t it?”

“Of course this is very big issue Migo. What do think! If that lady dog doesn’t like me, the qualified dog generation could be interrupted. Do you know what is meaning for this planet? The dogs are the locomotive of this planet. If we are not here mankind can not go forward even one step. Do you know how many important scientist or thinker have dog? If we had not been here, they wouldn’t be succeed. That’s why, my weight is important, my looks is important, and my date is very important for all planet.”

“I didn’t know you’re racist, WD.”


“You said that “qualified dog generation”. WD, is there any unqualified dog generation?”

“I can not believe what you did, Migo! Do you accuse me being racist! Tonight I have a date, and this alien, so called my friend, accusing me to be racist! How can I deal with this…”

And WD is still talking. Probably, it will be late to its date. And I am not able to complete my records in these terms. You know, this writing is about where I came from. At least it was supposed to be like that 🙂

2 thoughts on “This is about where I came from. At least it was supposed to be like that

  1. I did not know that dogs have been the driving force of human evolution, but it all makes sense now!

    It’s good to see you and WD getting back into your normal routine. I guess you’ll have to give us more details on your life before coming to Earth another time 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, they are really important for this planet! And who knows, maybe another time it will not be any interruption.:)

      “That’s your opinion, Migo!”

      WD answered already:)

      Liked by 1 person

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