The weather issues

I’m melting. Air temperature is 109 degrees Fahrenheit in here. WD and I are not knowing what will we do.

I’ve watched all aliens movies again because of the holiday. I was thinking maybe I will go back to my essence and re-encode my DNA. It was not as I expected. After all, the aliens films of Earthlings do not reflect to us.

And I’ve listened to all the metal songs themed snow or cold. It did not benefit.

Nothing useless.

We are creating excuses not to go out. But WD needs to go out at least twice a day. Yesterday it indicated clearly it did not want a molten alien near side of its.

“You’re a bad enough image with me as an alien. You do not expect me that I will accept you as a molten alien!”

In addition melting is getting difficult to breathe. Why don’t all Earthlings try to close all the air conditioning at the same time? Maybe it works. I’m melting, yes we are melting. If it continues like that WD and I will be scratched out the soil.

10 thoughts on “The weather issues

    • Yes, dear Earthling Pauly, I feel that I fallen into one of the methane geysers at planet Fusw12. You can imagine that Fusw12 is completely desert;) It is something like to be scorched until the brain cells:)

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  1. Migo, I have no idea how you can keep such sense of humor in that heat. It got to just 95F here on Saturday morning, and I got to such a boiling over point with uncomfort and anger, that we had to go dip ourselves in the cool waters of the lake.. Stay cool.

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    • Dear Earthling BeeHappee, I don’t have any idea either;) According to WD, I am doing something like alien abracadabra to protect my brain health. And I will try to stay cool. Thank you!

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  2. Allow me to recommend the coolingest music ever–Glenn Gould’s recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations–if any music can help, it is this offering from the Canadian tundra. Stay frosty.

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  3. It is pretty hot outside everywhere haha 🙂 You should probably keep WD out of the heat, it can kill dogs, and I’m not sure a fried alien friend would be any good either! Try soaking a pool of cold water? Or going to the beach? Stay safe in the summer heat Migo!

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    • It’s very good to hear you dear Ars! We hope everything is ok with you, we missed you:)
      And, we are trying to keep ourselves away the heat, and take advantage of the benefits of being by the sea, but everyday it is becoming more bad. They say that this issue will continue until August 20, just it remains 1 month. We count the days:)

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