Husnu Mahalli: “The caliphate dream of Erdogan has put Turkey in danger”

Interview with Husnu Mahalli by Ozlem Gurses from Turkish newspaper Sozcu, 26 July 2015

*Journalist-writer Husnu Mahalli was born and he grew up at Jarabulus, Syria. He is 65 years old and he has been living in Turkey for 40 years. He worked as Middle East regional representative of BBC a period. He is known as a person who knows well the region and leading expert in Turkey. He followed this region and wrote always. He knows the powerful men and also the darkest ones. He reaches to the leaders and also organization houses by phone. He is watching the events with worry and pain. He says that:
“There is a genetic problem in the region, there is always blood in this region; I’ve never written good news.”


-Will the war of ISIS be brought to Turkey territory?

H. Mahalli: 100 percent. We have not seen anything yet! Those men have given hostages to fortune. They would do act in each side, they explode bombs. If the west doesn’t have a real attitude against ISIS and radical Islam, if Turkey does not enter into this collaboration, the blood that the region will see, is so deep and it will be no one could have imagined!

“They are living like the kings in the hotels”

-Iran agreement couldn’t help to resolve?

H. Mahalli: No. They will solve the Syria problem before. For solving this, first of all, Turkey has to change it’s Syria policy. Turkey will close the border, it will cut all kind of relations with the organizations such as ISIS, Al-Nusra, Free Syrian Army and will drive their representatives out. They all have offices in here, they are living like the kings in the hotels, the money is transferred from discretionary fund.

“These are very dangerous games”

-What should be the attitude of Turkey in the equation of ISIS-PYD?

H. Mahalli: Turkey government has made the mistake from the beginning. If you made the mistakes from the beginning, these mistakes lead you to a terrible point. Because these wrongs are the wrongs in very dark relations. Even Davutoglu (former Turkey’s foreign minister and last prime minister) went to Erbil many times. Salih Muslim (PYD leader) came as a guest in Turkey many times. What did they say to the man?
“You revolt against Assad, we give you what you want.”
But, Muslim wasn’t convinced. Thereupon, Turkey government supported ISIS for they put pressure on PYD. These are very dangerous games!

“The name of Yavuz Selim* wasn’t chosen in vain”

*Yavuz Sultan Selim was the ninth Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, but also the first Turkish Islamic caliph

-It must be reason for this. What is this, is this ego?

H. Mahalli: Ego is the second. The first is dream: “I will be the leader of this region.” They believed in this 100 percent. When Arab Spring started, they wanted to revive the Ottoman dream. Arabs winded them up; they were excited. To give the name of Yavuz Selim to a bridge, was it a coincidence? This message was for Islamists in the Middle East and Muslim Brotherhood. He said that with this message:
“Hey, the Muslim Brotherhood, I am Tayyip Erdogan, I am Yavuz Selim. I will enter to Marj Dabiq, I will pray in Umayyad Mosque, Damascus; and I will be caliph.”
He always had this idea in his mind; thus, everything was organized. All those thousands of people were brought to Turkey and educated from these organizations; from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria…

“Turkey doesn’t deserve any of them”

– The government denies all of the claims!

H. Mahalli: A day before the Suruc, ISIS and commanders of all the organizations fighting in Syria, held a meeting in Reyhanlı; they themselves gave these photos to press. Since June 9, 2011 the leaders of these organizations and members, they are coming and going, they are buying everything their need like phone, panties, pants, food, even the chocolate. They are living and traveling! There are hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood leader, commander in Turkey. Every week, they gather at a hotel. Danger which it will bring to Turkey as big as anyone couldn’t imagined! I’ve been saying this for years, I say and I’ll say always. Because, Turkey does not deserve it. Contemporary, a democratic country, does not deserve any of them. Because I know the opposite side, I know well how much patients they are, I know that they are perverse. There are 150 million people who are loving, believing and supporting to ISIS in solidarity in the Arab region and in the world. This is a great danger for Turkey.

“There were hundreds or thousands of sleeper cell house of ISIS in Turkey”

– What has happened in Suruc?

H. Mahalli: The happening in Suruc was expected. There were hundreds or thousands of sleeper cell house of ISIS in Turkey, I am sure. The last four years the thousands went to Iraq and Syria from here. In Raqqa, in the capital of ISIS, the people speak Turkish anymore, due to majority of people who went from Turkey.

Who founded Al Qaeda, Al-Nusra and ISIS? Who uses these organizations now?

H. Mahalli: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the CIA founded it. That is purpose; When the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan under the separation project of Soviet Union, “Green Belt” theory had occurred. Indeed, it was successful. Soviet Union has collapsed. That was the purpose of the Green Belt: ‘We use Islam for our political purposes by corrupting. Let devastate the Islamic world.’ Today, there are 57 Muslim countries in the Islamic Conference, any of them is unlike in Islamic perspectives! 57 countries fight with each other.

“We are fighting against US $ 2 trillion, not just ISIS.”

Well, couldn’t it be expected to go out of control while establishing this project?

H. Mahalli: Even if it goes out of control, there is no harm to these countries that founded. What is the CIA’s loss, what’s the harm of America? Where CIA takes own power from? It takes from the cooperatives that exist in this region, from kings, emirs, sheikhs; they are dangerous more than you couldn’t imagine! The number of institutions that we call Green Capital is 720. And the money of 720 institutions is 2 trillion dollars. So you and I are fighting against US $ 2 trillion.

– What is the source of the money?

H. Mahalli: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the riches at there. Today, not only governments support to ISIS, the riches support also, they poured staggeringly money to support ISIS, Al-Nusra. Because these psychopaths believe that; “Our enemies are Shiites, Alawites, they are infidels.” This is not a game.

-What are the rates of Sunni Islam to Shia Islam?

H. Mahalli: It is 20 percent to 80 percent. Iran is only one as state. 56 States are Sunni. September 11 has caused to a discussion within the American system: ‘In this case, there is something wrong in this system. Should we do a new project? Let try to be friendly with Iran and Shiites.’

“Kurdish state will be established on the 100th anniversary of Sevres”

-What is the duty of Kurds in here?

H. Mahalli: That is the real question! Because we approach the 100th anniversary of Sevres, in 2020. Kurdish state will be established on the 100th anniversary of Sevres. In the previous century, the British gave a state to the Jewish; now West say, “Let give state to the Kurds …” What happens in Syria, is experiencing to establish a Kurdish state in northern Syria.

-What was mistake of Turkey did?

H. Mahalli: Everything. But not Turkey; Erdogan and Davutoglu made mistakes. Davutoglu supposed that he could be edited this geography by yourself. However, Saudi Arabia and Qatar which Davutoğlu moves along with, hate Turkey and Turks. They already fobbed Turks off throughout history. Moreover, the Arabs will not give you the leadership of the Muslims, the Quran is in Arabic not Turkish. Saudi Arabia will say that: “Mecca is mine, who are you?”

-Is government’s corruption related to foreign policy?

H. Mahalli: 100 percent! Because, there is corruption in all its relations with the Saudis and Qatar since the beginning of the AKP government. Billions of dollars are coming here: “Give this money to ISIS, Nusra, FSA; buy the tanks, guns, dress or sugar.” Who does control this? Is there an organization that controls it? Does the parliament know this? Do the readers of this newspaper know this? Why the discretionary funds were given to the Prime Minister?

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8 thoughts on “Husnu Mahalli: “The caliphate dream of Erdogan has put Turkey in danger”

  1. Yes Migo, a very interesting interview with journalist and writer Husnu MahalliSaudi. Arabia, Pakistan and the CIA founded and still supports Al Qaeda, Al-Nusra and IS. And they have made these terrorists into monsters they can not cope with any more. The big background here is of course under and after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan under the deconstruction process of Soviet Union, the “Green Belt” Very dangerous indeed! At the same time the extremely right-wing Erdogan is bombing PKK. I think he calculates this opportunity to further harassments on Kurds all over, and it has already destroyed the 3 year ceasefire. It will, probably together with NATO, drag the country into the bloodiest conflict in the region so far, and beyond.


    • Thank you for reading my Earthling friend! Money fathers, elites are watching by leaning back, while innocent people are dying. This is the same all over the world, you know. But it is more in the Middle East. As Husnu Mahalli said: “There is a genetic problem in the region, there is always blood in this region; I’ve never wrote the good news.”

      This can be related to AKP could not be again power by own after this last election. There is nothing they can’t do for governing alone, presidential system, even to be caliph. There is the corruption in the country like in everywhere on the world. People are in a situation that can not almost move due to poverty. Today a news is in Turkey, about which almost half of over 65 years old retirees that they refer to the institution of finding a job. Most young people already unemployed. Already, the democracy doesn’t exist like in many country, and so on. Religion and nationalism rhetoric are in the extreme level for last week. Kurds and Turks are in the same perspective. While all these are happening, there’s no logical power around.

      This is a test, my Earthling friend. Turkey is going through an exam. At the end of this exam the world will be affected, not only Turkey. If the radical Islam doesn’t leap to Europe, America with real face the reason of this that secular Muslim republic Turkey keeps the boundaries in every sense. If Turkey doesn’t pass this test, every people on this planet may get harm.

      But I have hope. I feel hopeful about the all people around world and these lands. Without experiencing a lot of pain, the good days can not live, unfortunately. And, I do have hope, as a socialist extraterrestrial:)


  2. Pretty racist…I think the genetic problem is more prevalent in Europe, if we want to point fingers, and also their colonies. A Turk who serves the BBC is only accepted because he says what they want to hear, my friend. I live very close by, and that blood-shedding gene is an old meme from those wanting to excuse destroying ancient civilizations. The bloodshed was bought and supported by the west, not an organic thing. So you tell me, how does it make any difference except to make a group of people subhuman and therefore ok to kill? The same logic would have people bombing the west to protect them from their own war mongering……

    Liked by 1 person

    • Upps, it had mistake. Earthling friend Olive, when H. Mahalli says “There is a genetic problem in the region,” he actually pointed to “the lands” not humans.
      In Turkish,
      “This is in the essence of this land, or
      this is in the genetic of the land, or genetic problem of the region”
      is used to tell land character, with describing such as “human”. It means, “this is the destiny of these lands”
      Eastern societies are mostly fatalistic. And they can consubstantiation the material things with human’s character or human’s destiny. For referring to fate, mountains, valleys or lands can be selected.
      Of course, I should have been thought that this could be misunderstood. I should have put what it means. This is I guess my wrong. And I agree, the person who is working in BBC or mainstream media, always tell what they serve. And I checked his bio again, I saw he worked in BBC in 1993-1999. Since 2003, he has been working the Syrian state news agency SANA and also a freelance writer and journalist.


      • Ok. I just see this alot in western press….where they like to subjugate the “other” and then oppress with reckless abandon. Thanks for the clarification 🙂 I was trying to stick up for people who are generally discounted and despised, pointing out bias when I find it. The region has a turbulent history, but it was also the center of earth and civilization. So maybe everyone wanted ( wants?) a piece?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Actually I thank you for the question you asked to me to make this clarification. Because, at least it was made an explanation to those who will read the title later:)


      • That‘s good you made this clarification, important enough. But at the same time it‘s equally important to understand history for understanding the region today. F.ex. after the end of 1st World war which also ended the Ottoman empire, the division of the region into different countries and protectorates was superficially, geographically and strategic arrogant done by the”winning” powers of the war. Specially of strategic and economic interest of Britain and France. Like the Treaty of Alexandropol which gave the new Turkish state a lot more territories from Armenia than before and the devastating partition of the Levant and around the Gulf made by the Western powers. A glimpse back in history gives us a lot of perspectives on events of how and why things back then can influence happenings in our own time. If we just give ourself opportunities to look for them?


      • As long as the people same, the history will be the same, as far as I can see. Human nature is based on to take benefit from weak ones. In the animals world, the creature who overcome the weak is making this for meal. So purpose is to feed. But human is weakening more to the weak one, leave him wounded and taking benefit until his death. This sucks, my Earthling friend.

        If we turn back here, in last days, according to the news, govt started witch hunt. These news say that “the operations against the terrorist organizations both PKK and ISIS are made.” But there are also news like that: “Most ISIS militans who were captured by security forces, set free.” Or there are such as the news “It was raided to the union of the opposition or leftist civil society with the suspection terrorist organizations,( …) people were arrested.”


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