Would you want to live on a planet like this?

This maps shows the planet surface before 300 million years ago. After the continents separated, the people started to live the known world. Have you ever thought, if the continents would have been the same with the 300 million years ago, what would it be?

At first I guess so many sea creature would have lived in today’s. Because these countries wouldn’t have used the sea road to fight with each other.:)

The other side, as politically in history, there would have been some changes.
-No one would heard Columbus name.
America is not far away, friends. It doesn’t need to be explored.

-Instead of Bay of Pigs Invasion, maybe USA would made Superior Lake Invasion, Canada.:)

Canada would have been in the middle of Russia and USA, my Earthling friends. Canada would have been the most affected country from Cold War.

-Because of the thoroughly close distance between Germany and England they would have been in constant battle.

-Turks, because of the distance is far from Central Asia, probably instead of Turkey, they would have settled in present-day northern European countries, such as Denmark, Sweden, or Norway:)

In Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece publics would be a mix. I am sorry Greek friends, you wouldn’t want to be so close to the Middle East.:)

-India and Australia would have been very cold. And people would have gone for snow sports to these two countries.:)

And list goes on, what do you think my Earthling friends? What would it be, if the continents were still same?