On thin ice

Turkey is like the fire area. Noone intend to extinguish. Almost in every city in every day there is a bomb alarm, and the soldiers, civilians or security forces are being killed. At the most peaceful city Izmir (the city of Homeros, and I reside in) even if in this city, two municipal public buses were attacked with molotov bomb within a week. Yes, when there are passengers inside it. Nobody got hurt, lucky, but that does not mean that will not. AKP that Tayyip Erdogan’s politic party, after the elections, it failed to win the vote percentage they want. And such as someones pushed the button. In here, I want to add the part of the article that belongs to the journalist Kemal Okuyan from Sol Haber, 28/7/2015.

“Has the country surrender to a maniac?

The country has become the toy of an insane. It is said like that. Bombs explode, adress is certain…The aircrafts are bombing the territory of the two countries; intend is open; he can do everything for presidential system. Police attack, the same purpose; to prevent the normalization of politics… In our example, it is obviously the conditions which created the dictator; even if nobody cares. It is obvious but, it has been 15 years, as it were it is unknown that the man has become a “dictator” for which class! To say “capital” or “imperialism” has been almost a crime in Turkey politics.”

Life is no longer on thin ice in Turkey. The country is crunching in the hands of both Turk and Kurd fascists, bigots and the magnates of capital.

quotes from: http://haber.sol.org.tr/yazarlar/kemal-okuyan/bir-manyaga-teslim-mi-oldu-ulke-124311

4 thoughts on “On thin ice

  1. I do hope things go well for you all in Turkey, it seems as though tensions are rising not just there but all over the world in one way or another. What we all need is to look ahead at everything that we can do in our power to make things right, even if everything around us falls apart

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