Yemeni occupation

The massacre of civilians continues by the coalition which Saudi Arabia led at Yemeni occupation. Just yesterday, 28 people including children and women have been killed at a wedding.

Capitalism kills. How many people died at the Hajj disaster in real?

769 people!

The Saudi Health Ministry’s latest figures, released Saturday, put the toll at 769 people killed and 934 injured.

or 1100 people!

Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, a lawmaker in Pakistan’s governing PML-N political party who is leading his country’s response to the disaster, said Saudi officials gave diplomats “1,100 photos” of the dead.

or else 4700 people!

Said Evhedi, the President of Iran’s Hajj Council on Monday has claimed that a total of at least 4,700 pilgrims have died in the recent hajj stampede tragedy.

Evhedi has reportedly spoken at Iranian TV channel IRINN and stated that the death toll is much higher than Saudi figures.

“We believe that at least 4,700 people died in the hajj stampede and there are at least 3,000 corpses awaiting identification in 21 trucks” Evhedi said, while noting that the number of Iranians who died in the incident has risen to 228.

While all those pilgrims are dying, one of Saudi prince is stoning the devil in latest model of the Jeep, in quite safely! You can see at this video

Animals are being massacred at Saudi Arabia! At hajj, many animal has been slaughtered during the greater eid in barbaric ways! Please don’t watch this video if you cannot handle, it is horrible!

Human Rights Council will be led by Saudi Arabia?

While Ruhani asks United Nations to investigate Hajj disaster with justification 3 days ago, United Nations Farce: Saudi Arabia to Head UN Human Rights Council

These events happened in just one month! I didn’t mention even before. How Saudi Arabia management obtained this big concession on this planet? How they gained this privilege on this planet! And WHY!!!

EZLN: For pain, for rage, for truth, for justice

Excellent statement, excellent words like manifesto!

dorset chiapas solidarity


EZLN: For pain, for rage, for truth, for justice




September 2015

Compañeras, compañeroas & compañeros of the Sixth of Mexico and the World:

Sisters and brothers of the people of the Earth:

Our collective heart knows, before and now, that our sorrow is not a sterile lament.

She knows that our rage is not a useless release.

We know who and what we are, that our sorrows and rages are born and nourished by lies and injustices.

We are what we are because the one who is above, at the expense of those of us below, lies as a way of making politics and adorns death, forced disappearance, incarceration, persecution and assassination with the scandal of his corruption.

The one who is above is a criminal with immunity and without shame; the colour of his politics doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter if he tries to hide behind a change of…

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My movie career

People see the dogs as the creatures that are turning around, chasing the cats and making funny things. In fact, this is completely a case which is arising from people’s ignorance. We do have goals also. Perhaps we don’t have the families that made career plans from the moment we were born. This shows that our species is acting with the free spirit. For example, my familiy was like that. I didn’t know my father. But my mother was full of compassion. She raised me and four my brother very well. She did not pressure us at all for the future. The result? I don’t know what happened to my other brothers, but I did it my way. I had a goal before this alien, Migo. I had to postpone my plans due to I’m with him for a long time. I must take action for carrying out this goal. Well, what is my career plan? Of course, to make a lot of money! It is necessary for beautiful lady dogs and limitless beer and comfortable living conditions. And the first thing to do, so, yes, I am explaining, I’ll make a movie!

Obviously, it wasn’t surprised for you. This would be expected from a smart, handsome and intelligence dog like me, of course. I’ve written the film’s scenario. Only problem is to find a director. I did restrict my director list. I can work with all directors except, Spielberg, Lucas, Jackson. You ask why? Because they made worse thing for this planet by showing the aliens as good! I will never work with them even if they beg me, even if they adhere to my door!

When it comes to scenario…
– WD, what are you doing?
– I’m telling my career plan to my fans. What happened, do you have a problem Migo?
– I did not notice. Why didn’t you let me know?
– I did not know I had to give an account of a big-headed alien! You are guest on this planet, but there are limits of this guestlist!
– Okay, okay, go ahead.

Yes, where was I? Okay, I was sharing with you the film’s screenplay. In fact, it was not difficult to write the script. Because all the material was in front of my eyes. First, I took note the priorities what needs to be popular of this movie and win a lot of money.

– Refugees
– Three or five dictators
– A Spider, black widow (there should be elements of horror)
– Zombies
– Hackers
– Secret services
– Drug barons
– A journalist
– Aliens, of course!
– And me! I will appear in a scene on the film like Hitchcock 🙂

-Any country which can start civil war

– Present-day

My scenario subject:
In a country on the brink of civil war, the secret services are trying to catch a black widow. Their purpose is to find this spider and prevent its bite. Because this spider, bad black widow is causing to turn the people into the zombies with its poison. The secret services of the third world countries are on job for duty. American secret service wants to find and kill the spider instantly. British secret service wants to get it and make everything to it to learn what its plan in real. Russian secret service are starting the construction of a special facility for spider in Siberia. Meanwhile, the people who didn’t become zombie yet are trying to flee the country. All of them is on the other countries borders as refugees. But there are three big countries that do not want to refugees. Dictators are in management in these three major countries.  There is a hacker group who want to disclose the real face of these dictators, and they publish videos. And here, I am talking this time and seeming on their video.

My speaking as follows:
“Stand up to save the planet. If you do have four-legged you learn to stand up. If you do have two-legged that you take action, get off your butt! We are talking about the dictators, not the lettuce in the garden!”

It is very impressive but a bit more maybe, I could fix this part.

Anyway, after this video the world eye is turning to this country. After all I am a charismatic dog.

Secret services are fighting with each other. Zombies are chasing them. Refugees are fleeing. Spider is traveling in the most secluded places. Dictators are constantly giving statements to the media. Hackers disclose to the public informations sometime by mistake instead of dictators. Now everyone is fighting with each other. Complete chaos prevails. And that’s exactly at this point a journalist reveals that the dictators were actually alien. Yes, Migo’s friends, aliens are guilty as usual!

– Again WD?
– Migo, what do you mean? Don’t you like my scenario?
– You are always carrying out events to the aliens.
– But this is the truth Migo, why do you want to cover up the facts? Maybe you can but I cannot hide the aliens which are behind all the chaos! If you do not want to watch film you do not! You, invader alien!

Yes, my dear fans, forget it Migo. I already feel the cold metal of the Oscar statuette.

-What Migo!
-You forgot the drug barons.

Members of a radical art collective in Czech Republic flew giant size red underpants instead of the flag at presidential palace

In Czech Republic, a radical art group which called themselves Ztohoven has signed an interesting action. Members of the group climbed the roof of the presidential palace in Prague, and flew a red giant size underpants instead of the flag of Czech Republic.

The members of Ztohoven who leaked to the palace with the costumes of chimney cleaner have announced that they did to protest the anti-immigrant explanations of President Milos Zeman recently. Three people were taken into custody after the action. President Zeman had said that the refugees would bring terrorism and disease to the country.

Besides, they have written in their web page:

“Over Prague Castle flew the flag of a man who was not ashamed

support the segregation of special needs children from the integrated school system;

use the word “cunt” in national media to divert attention from his own trip on the private jet of an oligarch;

name an advisor who was an intelligence agent of the People’s Liberation Army of China;

name yet another advisor who was an untrustworthy businessman with connections to Russian oil, and, who refused to release his own resumé;

allow a scammer without security clearance to hold onto his position of chancellor within the Office of the President of the Republic;

praise an army that drowned a student movement in its own blood on the very ground on which it happened;
associate with questionable dictators;

pursue the prosecution of a man who allegedly threw an egg at him;

use a lie to shame a national hero who survived World War Two in a concentration camp;

stagger inebriated over the Czech Crown Jewels and proudly show his dirty laundry to the world.

Today over Prague flew the flag of a man who is ashamed of nothing at

quotes from: http://www.ztohoven.com/?p=642&lang=en

news from: http://haber.sol.org.tr/dunya/baskanlik-sarayindaki-bayragin-yerine-kirmizi-don-astilar-130400

Remembering Ruhi Su

Today is the death anniversary of Ruhi Su. He was a great folk poet, and has great voice. He was also socialist. And he was sentenced imprisonment in 1952-1958 due his socialist ideas. In 1978 he learned that he got cancer. His treatment was only making out of Turkey in that days. But, when the military coup was made in Turkey in 1982, the military government didn’t give his passport and he couldn’t go out. And he died 1985.

With all respect to him and his memory; thank you Ruhi Su, for I listen your beautiful voice on this planet.

The song that Ruhi Su sang at the video is very famous folk song in Anatolia. And its words belong to Kul Nesimi, who was another folk poet in 17. centuries, and its lyric in English below.

Haydar Haydar
I wore myself the cardigan of damnation
I hit bottle of honor and pudicity to the stone; nobody’s business
[Chorus] Haydar Haydar I hit to the stone; nobody’s business.
Sometimes, I rise into the sky, and I watch universe
Sometimes I go down to the earth, and the world watches me
Zealots say for my wine of love, is forbidden,
I fill it, I drink, it is my sin; nobody’s business
Sometimes I go to the madrasa to read lessons for God
Sometimes I go to the pub, I’d fill for love
Zealots prostrate to the mosque’s mihrab
For me, the threshold of my friends is mine; where I prostrate is nobody’s business
They ask to Nesimi, “are you good with your lover?”
Even if I’m good or not, the lover is mine; nobody’s business.

for more information about his life:


Confronting ISIS (ISIL) – A Dynamic Russian surprise in Syria poses a serious challenge to American policy in the region

This is actually the most important news of recent months. It needed a power that will bring stability to the region. Russia has emerged as expected. It needs to read this your post in right way. Because it says a lot, my Earthling friend.
First of all why Russia came to the region? We live in materialistic world and Russia is no longer a communist. It also need to protect the financial interests on this planet. Putin’s Russia, unfortunately is only trump card in the hands of region, against the American world’s policeman character. If Ukraine events or American militarization in eastern Europe under NATO name, wouldn’t have been Russia wouldn’t make this move. It now uses a trump card in its hand.
It does not use this card in military means only with the help of Syria. Russia said two days ago the Turkish stream project is suspended. It should be noted, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey were going to earn money from this project. But with the others, these three country said that “we won’t open our air areas to Russia for Syria issue.”. And Russia has suspended the project.
It’s a pity that countries are NATO countries. Those who doesn’t question the US presence in here, now they are questioning the existence of Russia. The real question should be “why America in here.” Russia is more region country than US, anyone who doesn’t belive can check from the world map:)
I can see mainstream media news on a next year. This media will write “Russia will pass a hot war from cold war”, or “Russia wants to start World War III”. And this media will try to make opposite front against Russia. As long as there will be the minds that not questioning of America’s presence in here, yes, WWIII will start in the beginning 2017 in real means.

Is it an accident or is it greed?

Muslims who want to become pilgrims in Saudi Arabia yesterday, have died under a crane into construction of Mecca’s Grand Mosque. The figures say that 107 people are dead. Also, there are dozens wounded in. The images in the middle. Well, what does this accident say?

Saudi Arabia is a country that has the big hotels, skyscrapers, which is they have ultra luxury spa’s inside it. Spa and pilgrimage should be quite a pair in a spiritual mission from this angle!

During last five years, many archaeological work which has very historic importance was destroyed during these so-called restorations. It’s not important historic monument that already? I guess that is the idea of ​​Saudi sheiks such as:
“How can we make these pilgrims become better pilgrims with our uncountable money.”

But, I’m confused here at some point. Why one of the five pillars of Islam by Sunni and Shiite faith is to go Hajj? Hajj is something that is done with the money. There’s no way to be pilgrimages on Hajj without pay. When the money is paid, the faith would be better?

The money then goes into the pockets of Saudi sheiks. After then we look that these sheikhs loves so much cutting heads.

Where is the belief? There are a lot of nonsense in Christianity and Judaism, but at this moment none of them is on the agenda of this atheist extraterrestrial. When the time comes it will say them too.

Anyway, while the Saudi sheiks are filling more pockets, more people will die. It is clear. One does not need a guide when the village is in sight.

Super American intelligence is on the job!

Yes, after reading the post title and after laughing,:) let’s look.

There are three news about United States intelligence weakness into just 2 days. It would appear that, United States intelligence works only over own ordinary citizens and the other countries people observing. It is working kind of peeper-guy.

*First news:
September 9, 2015

US: We cannot not receive any news from moderate Syrian forces.

Pentagon, after the first troops kidnapped at the end of July, and now they announced they can not get the news about the fate of warriors. Pentagon has lost track of trained fighters who trained in Turkey and Jordan within train-equip program. US Defense Department spokesman Peter Cook, announced that they do not know where the fighters are.

**Second news:

September 10, 2015

50 US intelligence officials: Our ISIL reports were distorted by senior officials

According to The Daily Beast news, over 50 intelligence officers who work in US army brought complaint about their ISIS and Al-Qaeda reports were distorted by senior officials. Officers have stated that the reports they written, are constantly replaced and covered up. And said that: “Cancer is inside the senior intelligence command”

***Third news:
September 10, 2015

US airstrikes which spent billions of dollars last 1 year failed to weaken of ISIS

According to RT news, on September 10, 2014 US President Barack Obama had said that “ISIS will weaken and it will not be the final” with the air strikes, but it failed to harm the organization.

After 1 year, $ 4 billion spent to attacks of ISIS. But there is no real loss of ISIS. It is said that ISID has put in place the jihadis from abroad instead of their lost members and they don’t have problem about cash flow.

Also it is said that;
Some of US arms aids caught directly in the hands of ISIS, and it hasn’t be successful in finding efforts the trained-equip the project “moderate opposition”

And now, all region is bleeding from the Middle East to Turkey. And US started to say “we are concerned about Russian troops in Syria.”

What!! All region has been sick because of USA existence for many years! There is not any country who live in peace in this region any more. Russia is a region country. If you do not know this, you can look the world map again!

quotes from:




Thinking different

It doesn’t matter who you’re or what species you have, if you are thinking or being different you can always find a place inside the foreclosed cage on this planet. This cage could be in reality or in minds. But always, this cage waits for your kind.

Sometimes, there are the advertisement banners like my title words. Human being thinks when saw these:
“Oops, I am thinking different, I do have big thought which will create different.”
It is nonsense my Earthling friends. Nobody has power changing these cages existence.

I’ve spent a tough month in a way that it wasn’t expected. Into this month I’ve realised I don’t have power changing these cages existence. But I’ve realised I do have power to struggle over and over again against them! I do have power to say “THIS IS WRONG!”

And I’ve realised that the important thing is not the changing of these cages. Because they have been on this planet from the beginning of human kind started to think and imagine better world. The important thing is to show to them who created these cages “there are somebody who know what you do and they struggle against you”. The important thing is to bring into balance. On an individual basis, rather than beat them, to show your power that you can beat them, is most important. In this manner, because it will prevent their further strengthening. And of course my words are out of united movements.

Maybe you will feel alone like this sunflower which turned back to sun which is life source of it. But the fact, as this sunflower did, you will make this not for your benefit, for all balance even for the sunflowers which are far away from you.

I hope, no more I would not have to stay away from my blog friends and my blog unbeknown. Thank you for all your existences, my dear Earthling friends.