Super American intelligence is on the job!

Yes, after reading the post title and after laughing,:) let’s look.

There are three news about United States intelligence weakness into just 2 days. It would appear that, United States intelligence works only over own ordinary citizens and the other countries people observing. It is working kind of peeper-guy.

*First news:
September 9, 2015

US: We cannot not receive any news from moderate Syrian forces.

Pentagon, after the first troops kidnapped at the end of July, and now they announced they can not get the news about the fate of warriors. Pentagon has lost track of trained fighters who trained in Turkey and Jordan within train-equip program. US Defense Department spokesman Peter Cook, announced that they do not know where the fighters are.

**Second news:

September 10, 2015

50 US intelligence officials: Our ISIL reports were distorted by senior officials

According to The Daily Beast news, over 50 intelligence officers who work in US army brought complaint about their ISIS and Al-Qaeda reports were distorted by senior officials. Officers have stated that the reports they written, are constantly replaced and covered up. And said that: “Cancer is inside the senior intelligence command”

***Third news:
September 10, 2015

US airstrikes which spent billions of dollars last 1 year failed to weaken of ISIS

According to RT news, on September 10, 2014 US President Barack Obama had said that “ISIS will weaken and it will not be the final” with the air strikes, but it failed to harm the organization.

After 1 year, $ 4 billion spent to attacks of ISIS. But there is no real loss of ISIS. It is said that ISID has put in place the jihadis from abroad instead of their lost members and they don’t have problem about cash flow.

Also it is said that;
Some of US arms aids caught directly in the hands of ISIS, and it hasn’t be successful in finding efforts the trained-equip the project “moderate opposition”

And now, all region is bleeding from the Middle East to Turkey. And US started to say “we are concerned about Russian troops in Syria.”

What!! All region has been sick because of USA existence for many years! There is not any country who live in peace in this region any more. Russia is a region country. If you do not know this, you can look the world map again!

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