Is it an accident or is it greed?

Muslims who want to become pilgrims in Saudi Arabia yesterday, have died under a crane into construction of Mecca’s Grand Mosque. The figures say that 107 people are dead. Also, there are dozens wounded in. The images in the middle. Well, what does this accident say?

Saudi Arabia is a country that has the big hotels, skyscrapers, which is they have ultra luxury spa’s inside it. Spa and pilgrimage should be quite a pair in a spiritual mission from this angle!

During last five years, many archaeological work which has very historic importance was destroyed during these so-called restorations. It’s not important historic monument that already? I guess that is the idea of ​​Saudi sheiks such as:
“How can we make these pilgrims become better pilgrims with our uncountable money.”

But, I’m confused here at some point. Why one of the five pillars of Islam by Sunni and Shiite faith is to go Hajj? Hajj is something that is done with the money. There’s no way to be pilgrimages on Hajj without pay. When the money is paid, the faith would be better?

The money then goes into the pockets of Saudi sheiks. After then we look that these sheikhs loves so much cutting heads.

Where is the belief? There are a lot of nonsense in Christianity and Judaism, but at this moment none of them is on the agenda of this atheist extraterrestrial. When the time comes it will say them too.

Anyway, while the Saudi sheiks are filling more pockets, more people will die. It is clear. One does not need a guide when the village is in sight.

4 thoughts on “Is it an accident or is it greed?

  1. Was probably SBL (Saudi bin Laden Group) doing the construction. They have been involved in restoration of religious sites in Mecca before. I believe it is the biggest construction company in Saudi Arabia. It is, also, of course where Osama got his inheritance from as his father started the company. Such a strange web of connections. And I hear that Saudi Arabia is not accepting any refugees from Syria when they have thousands of tents and the capacity to house the displaced people. So much propaganda back and forth in the news media. It is hard to come to rational conclusions when the “news” is so often obviously untrue.

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    • Indeed, it is very interesting web connections, my dear Earthling friend. But you and me, and some people can imagine and think “actually this is not interesting”;) This issue is on its own basis, capitalism and imperialism cooperation; all ISIS issue, all Syria issue. Actually all actors and actress are very good playing their roles in this issue. Maybe one day you would write about this movie with your unique criticizing way;) And you’re right, Saudis didn’t accept Syrian refugees for settlement of them. But today, like a joke, Saudi management made an answer about Syrian refugees. And they say that “we accepted 2,5 million Syrian refugees from the beginning crisis until today, and helped the other countries”
      This like a joke as I said. The Syrian refugees number is writing all international observing institutions, how many of them in which country is clear and everyone knows. And the reports say that, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain didn’t accept any refugees. Saudi sheikhs want that we should believe their words. Only I can do for them laughing of their words:))

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      • Yes, too many divisions. Divide and conquer. I only want people to be friends…all religions and countries. It is good to think rationally. We cannot know all the information as humans. We have limits to our knowledge. But we can always aspire to become more well-informed. I am glad to have you my alien comrade in Turkey as a friend! Thank you 🙂 –Paul

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