Confronting ISIS (ISIL) – A Dynamic Russian surprise in Syria poses a serious challenge to American policy in the region

This is actually the most important news of recent months. It needed a power that will bring stability to the region. Russia has emerged as expected. It needs to read this your post in right way. Because it says a lot, my Earthling friend.
First of all why Russia came to the region? We live in materialistic world and Russia is no longer a communist. It also need to protect the financial interests on this planet. Putin’s Russia, unfortunately is only trump card in the hands of region, against the American world’s policeman character. If Ukraine events or American militarization in eastern Europe under NATO name, wouldn’t have been Russia wouldn’t make this move. It now uses a trump card in its hand.
It does not use this card in military means only with the help of Syria. Russia said two days ago the Turkish stream project is suspended. It should be noted, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey were going to earn money from this project. But with the others, these three country said that “we won’t open our air areas to Russia for Syria issue.”. And Russia has suspended the project.
It’s a pity that countries are NATO countries. Those who doesn’t question the US presence in here, now they are questioning the existence of Russia. The real question should be “why America in here.” Russia is more region country than US, anyone who doesn’t belive can check from the world map:)
I can see mainstream media news on a next year. This media will write “Russia will pass a hot war from cold war”, or “Russia wants to start World War III”. And this media will try to make opposite front against Russia. As long as there will be the minds that not questioning of America’s presence in here, yes, WWIII will start in the beginning 2017 in real means.