Remembering Ruhi Su

Today is the death anniversary of Ruhi Su. He was a great folk poet, and has great voice. He was also socialist. And he was sentenced imprisonment in 1952-1958 due his socialist ideas. In 1978 he learned that he got cancer. His treatment was only making out of Turkey in that days. But, when the military coup was made in Turkey in 1982, the military government didn’t give his passport and he couldn’t go out. And he died 1985.

With all respect to him and his memory; thank you Ruhi Su, for I listen your beautiful voice on this planet.

The song that Ruhi Su sang at the video is very famous folk song in Anatolia. And its words belong to Kul Nesimi, who was another folk poet in 17. centuries, and its lyric in English below.

Haydar Haydar
I wore myself the cardigan of damnation
I hit bottle of honor and pudicity to the stone; nobody’s business
[Chorus] Haydar Haydar I hit to the stone; nobody’s business.
Sometimes, I rise into the sky, and I watch universe
Sometimes I go down to the earth, and the world watches me
Zealots say for my wine of love, is forbidden,
I fill it, I drink, it is my sin; nobody’s business
Sometimes I go to the madrasa to read lessons for God
Sometimes I go to the pub, I’d fill for love
Zealots prostrate to the mosque’s mihrab
For me, the threshold of my friends is mine; where I prostrate is nobody’s business
They ask to Nesimi, “are you good with your lover?”
Even if I’m good or not, the lover is mine; nobody’s business.

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