My movie career

People see the dogs as the creatures that are turning around, chasing the cats and making funny things. In fact, this is completely a case which is arising from people’s ignorance. We do have goals also. Perhaps we don’t have the families that made career plans from the moment we were born. This shows that our species is acting with the free spirit. For example, my familiy was like that. I didn’t know my father. But my mother was full of compassion. She raised me and four my brother very well. She did not pressure us at all for the future. The result? I don’t know what happened to my other brothers, but I did it my way. I had a goal before this alien, Migo. I had to postpone my plans due to I’m with him for a long time. I must take action for carrying out this goal. Well, what is my career plan? Of course, to make a lot of money! It is necessary for beautiful lady dogs and limitless beer and comfortable living conditions. And the first thing to do, so, yes, I am explaining, I’ll make a movie!

Obviously, it wasn’t surprised for you. This would be expected from a smart, handsome and intelligence dog like me, of course. I’ve written the film’s scenario. Only problem is to find a director. I did restrict my director list. I can work with all directors except, Spielberg, Lucas, Jackson. You ask why? Because they made worse thing for this planet by showing the aliens as good! I will never work with them even if they beg me, even if they adhere to my door!

When it comes to scenario…
– WD, what are you doing?
– I’m telling my career plan to my fans. What happened, do you have a problem Migo?
– I did not notice. Why didn’t you let me know?
– I did not know I had to give an account of a big-headed alien! You are guest on this planet, but there are limits of this guestlist!
– Okay, okay, go ahead.

Yes, where was I? Okay, I was sharing with you the film’s screenplay. In fact, it was not difficult to write the script. Because all the material was in front of my eyes. First, I took note the priorities what needs to be popular of this movie and win a lot of money.

– Refugees
– Three or five dictators
– A Spider, black widow (there should be elements of horror)
– Zombies
– Hackers
– Secret services
– Drug barons
– A journalist
– Aliens, of course!
– And me! I will appear in a scene on the film like Hitchcock 🙂

-Any country which can start civil war

– Present-day

My scenario subject:
In a country on the brink of civil war, the secret services are trying to catch a black widow. Their purpose is to find this spider and prevent its bite. Because this spider, bad black widow is causing to turn the people into the zombies with its poison. The secret services of the third world countries are on job for duty. American secret service wants to find and kill the spider instantly. British secret service wants to get it and make everything to it to learn what its plan in real. Russian secret service are starting the construction of a special facility for spider in Siberia. Meanwhile, the people who didn’t become zombie yet are trying to flee the country. All of them is on the other countries borders as refugees. But there are three big countries that do not want to refugees. Dictators are in management in these three major countries.  There is a hacker group who want to disclose the real face of these dictators, and they publish videos. And here, I am talking this time and seeming on their video.

My speaking as follows:
“Stand up to save the planet. If you do have four-legged you learn to stand up. If you do have two-legged that you take action, get off your butt! We are talking about the dictators, not the lettuce in the garden!”

It is very impressive but a bit more maybe, I could fix this part.

Anyway, after this video the world eye is turning to this country. After all I am a charismatic dog.

Secret services are fighting with each other. Zombies are chasing them. Refugees are fleeing. Spider is traveling in the most secluded places. Dictators are constantly giving statements to the media. Hackers disclose to the public informations sometime by mistake instead of dictators. Now everyone is fighting with each other. Complete chaos prevails. And that’s exactly at this point a journalist reveals that the dictators were actually alien. Yes, Migo’s friends, aliens are guilty as usual!

– Again WD?
– Migo, what do you mean? Don’t you like my scenario?
– You are always carrying out events to the aliens.
– But this is the truth Migo, why do you want to cover up the facts? Maybe you can but I cannot hide the aliens which are behind all the chaos! If you do not want to watch film you do not! You, invader alien!

Yes, my dear fans, forget it Migo. I already feel the cold metal of the Oscar statuette.

-What Migo!
-You forgot the drug barons.