EZLN: For pain, for rage, for truth, for justice

Excellent statement, excellent words like manifesto!

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EZLN: For pain, for rage, for truth, for justice




September 2015

Compañeras, compañeroas & compañeros of the Sixth of Mexico and the World:

Sisters and brothers of the people of the Earth:

Our collective heart knows, before and now, that our sorrow is not a sterile lament.

She knows that our rage is not a useless release.

We know who and what we are, that our sorrows and rages are born and nourished by lies and injustices.

We are what we are because the one who is above, at the expense of those of us below, lies as a way of making politics and adorns death, forced disappearance, incarceration, persecution and assassination with the scandal of his corruption.

The one who is above is a criminal with immunity and without shame; the colour of his politics doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter if he tries to hide behind a change of…

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