Updated :At least 86 killed in twin bombings near train station in Turkey’s capital Ankara during “Peace Rally”

Those who want peace are dying every day, being killed! To die for PEACE, perhaps it is the most difficult thing. The most difficult thing is to be the blowing wind of hope. Those who responsible for this massacre, nobody will forget you and your goal! If we forget, our hearts would become cold!

7 thoughts on “Updated :At least 86 killed in twin bombings near train station in Turkey’s capital Ankara during “Peace Rally”

  1. Dear Migo,

    I am shocked and sadden by the terrible news of this meaning less attack on leftists and kurds in Ankara yesterday. I send you my deepest condolence on behalf of me and Norwegian friends! I think this is a cowardly act perpetrated by enemies of peace and change to a socialistic and friendly Turkey. My suspicion is that the intelligence forces have some knowledge in this and that they did nothing to prevent the bombers, possibly carried out by the so called IS.

    But my dear friend, we just have to continue the fight for a better word for us all, that is the only logical thing to do!

    Many deep thoughts of solidarity and struggle from Ivar

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    • Thank you and all Norwegian friends for nice words and messages for solidarity in the this sincere way! I am sure that all the people of Anatolia would be grateful for solidarity, my dear Earthling friend Ivar. Your words are very meaningful for the people of Anatolia who have really traumatized especially last 2 days.

      No one has undertaken this massacre yet, but Suputnik.news gave a news about ISIS may have been responsible for this massacre in high percent. I agree with this idea. If you remember I had added here journalist Husni Mahalli interview. He had also said that dozens of sleeper cells of ISIS in Turkey. Also recently I’ve read an article about that so many ISIS terrorist are fleeing from Syria to Lebanon, Turkey, Afghanistan and Russia after Russia’ intervention to Syria. Of course, whoever is responsible for this massacre, the government should have the responsibility of protecting own citizen. Because they didn’t take any precautions. AKP (Tayyip Erdogan) government which is searching almost in their underpants of own citizens almost everyday from Occupy Gezi until today, interesting that they haven’t taken any measures in this rally!

      Moreover, same the minutes immediately after the massacre, there are images about the police used tear gas on the participants of the rally. Eyewitnesses who survived from massacre say that: “If we haven’t behave in prudent, the police would have caused to die more people because of stampede.” There are too many scandals about government made, too many!

      However, there is another idea my dear Earthling friend, it is very important. Journalist Mehmet Ali Guller identified in his article:
      -“There is a link between the exploded bombs on 20 July in Suruc and October 10, Ankara. First stage was opened with bomb at Suruc. With the bombs in Ankara, it is wanted to closed first stage by completing and it is wanted the second stage would open.

      Which stage had been opened with the bomb on the Suruc? In July 22, two days later Suruc bomb, USA-Turkey signed Incirlik Consensus on Incirlik-Adana, Turkey Air Base. Incirlik Consensus was not an ordinary deal: It was an agreement to integrate of Turkey to the USA’s plan. It was too political, not military.

      It was the need of Atlantic Front about shredding of Syria. Atlantic Front has made significant progress on its targets about cause to slow of Assad, devolopment northern corridor, split of Syria. But, Russia had started new process, after September 30. That USA has intervene this new process with the bombs in Ankara.”-


      • Thanks for your interesting words back.

        NATO supports Turkey on tackling IS and also PKK. The true face of NATO comes through here and also the US: NATO has offered political support for Turkey’s campaign against PKK as an aim to without direct words, without direct involvement and without political conscience to once and for all get rid of the Kurdish fighters. But let Erdogan do the dirty work for them and the West. And right now the situation is a meddling in the balance of Turkey through this terrible bombings. Erdogan feels the power in organising the Turkish left through f. ex. HDP and others. I suspect one of the reasons the security is so shamefully bad when peaceful socialists demonstrates in Ankara, is the possibility that something happened to them and.later the government whitewash their hands with blaming PKK. Which is absurd and will only backfire on them from the people.

        Therefore I hope that the protests that have come in the aftermath of the bombing will continue. This will give a strong message to Erdogan and his cronies: “We don’t want you murderers any longer, get off!”

        I have reblogged your latest post, regards of solidarity, Ivar

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      • There is nothing in the name of public security in this country anymore. While the ones who ruled to the country last 13 years is making own selves billions of dollars palace and walking around with hundreds security, the public has no security. These bombs in here, whoever made them or wherever these came, its responsibility belongs to government and its policy, you know my dear Earthling friend. AKP government didn’t get the votes they wanted in 7 June election. Erdogan is in another position as president of republic, at least he should have been. According to the law in Turkey he needs to move outside the parliament’ parties as president of republic. He shouldn’t had any connection with any political party. But he wanted to vote for the AKP at the squares before and after the elections. He said that he wanted to ensure that the majority of 400 deputies for them. Worse than that do you know what some AKP deputies said in this direction? “If 400 deputies would have been given to us, these weren’t going to happen.” This is a threat, there is no another meaning. The threat of own public. And then on June 7 it was a sudden increase in PKK activities. These are not coincidences, my friend. The actions of the PKK served for whom? Of course for AKP which wanted the nationalist votes. After the bombing at Ankara, the people are doing protests. But there are arrests. The AKP government made internal security laws more heavier than Hitler era. Almost everyone who is not agrre with them is terrrorist in the eyes of AKP. Now it will be new election on November 1. But you know, the dictators who came with the election, they would never go with the election. But always people needs hope. Anatolian people are hungry, poor, unemployment is fierce. And almost everyday news of a death comes to these poor households, due to terrorism. But they are sitting in the palace by eating inside of gold leaf plates. This will not continue in this way. Anatolian people are going to put a stop to this!


  2. I don’t think I will ever completely understand the politics behind this, but what happened with the blast and afterwards is just disgusting. It seems like no one is safe from increasingly authoritarian governments these days. It’s becoming an us against them scenario in which the common man is subject to all sorts of abuse at the hands of those controlling us :/

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    • Anatolian people still don’t get over this trauma. There is still pain and this pain will continue for a long long time on this land. Last figure, 102 people died. And most tragedy part of this massacre, all of them were the people who want to peace and most of them are young and beautiful people. No one knows how will die, or when will die. But this tragedy created by the imperialist world. And the people who were killed in Ankara, they were valuable people more than this f**king imperilists! They were the people who were friends of someones, were children of fathers and mothers, or were brothers and sisters. But they have gone..

      Imagine my dear Earthling friend, how would be wonderful if the imperialist elites couldn’t be exist. It would haven’t been any more pain.

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