The unknown series with WD, Part II

migo document2

Yes, I am here again with unknown facts about Migo. This time I caught a very big fish. I found out the document that Migo’s employer has commissioned him. In fact, it was not difficult. I rummaged several drawers, and that was under my eyes!

I was very angry when I found the document. But I had to control my anger. If I’d make Migo feel, I knew that he would not tell me the truth. Yes, I am talking about to yell him as usual “you came to invade this planet!”.

As being an intelligent, smart and handsome dog, I’ve followed new method in this time. Of course, I made these for the entire planet goodness. You owe me a lot, you can thank me later, no problem.

And the event was as follows.

– Migo, what is this document?

– Is it! The document about the authorized me by Galactic Council.

– Very interesting. I thought all of them was product of your imagination. (you see dear readers, how wise move I am doing)

-Then WD, to find that document is meant to will increase confidence in me.

– Of Course, I already trust you at all times (my readers, it will not hurt to tell a little lie). Migo, what does the Russian text mean in here? And who is this dog? It is not me certainly!

– Let me explain you. The first signal that Galactic Council received from planet Earth was the signal that Laika rocket launched. Council immediately examined it. Besides, Laika was examined as a species. Laika was very smart and had high senses. This situation has impacted to Council. The planet Earth was probably an important place, if it is ruled by such creatures like Laika.

– ruled by whom!

– Yes, Galactic Council had thought that the planet Earth was ruled by the dogs. The people should have been a lower species which served under the dogs. Because mankind was not as smart as dogs.

– Despite they seem like smartass according to what they wrote in the document, I loved this Council! Then Migo, what happened?

– I was already searching my friends at space, you know. This searching has taken long time. Because of this, I looked for a job at space. I saw the job posting of Galactic Council one day. I took their exam. For them my degree of exam was acceptable and they assigned me. Certificate was written over the language which was on the Laika’s rocket. You know, it is Russian. “Space Workers” was written in Russian. My goal was to go to planet Earth, interacting with dogs and learn the planet. But when I came here I saw that everything was different. They decided to change my job several times when Council learned the truths. To learn what human being is, has been quite a shock for them.

– So, you always contact with them. You tell everything about the planet to the Council. (my readers, you see, again I am doing smart move)

– Of course. Or else, how could I get my salary. To live on planet Earth is hard. Already my salary is very low in proportion to many planet. But there isn’t any union which I can apply. I have to wait 78 years, as written inside the document.

– That union issue. Again Migo, you’re trying to endear yourself to the Earthlings, aren’t you! (Yes, again, I could not resist)

– How?

– A Galactic Council which has made plans to invade the planet Earth, has assigned to you. You are collecting informations among the people and dogs. You convey these informations to the council. And you’re waiting that everyone believes in you are just innocent ordinary worker!

– But WD!

– No Migo, facts surfaced now! You cannot cover up. I was right, and your main goal has came to the light anymore!

…After little silence…

– Well, I am gonna open a beer. Do you want WD?

– Is the pope a catholic! The beer is cold enough, isn’t it?

– Yes.

Even if Migo thinks to mislead me, I am putting our conversation and this certificate here. I will continue to expose the true face of Migo!

9 thoughts on “The unknown series with WD, Part II

  1. I have been referred to as a dog before, especially by my former wife. Does this count? 😉

    Yes, dogs would do a much better job than we humans. Dogs are loving and faithful, whereas we human beings are self loving (selfish) and hardly ever faithful, even to our selves!

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    • I do not know that it can be counted, but using animal names for describing of human in my eyes was never bad thing:) And you’re right, dogs love unconditionally always. This isn’t a thing the people have.

      Last month there was a news about dogs, my Earthling friend. In the city of Van at Turkey, 3000 years old the skeleton dog was found. The archaeologists say that the dog owner buried the dog under the house. They say it means that dog was valuable for the house owner. The mankind and dogs have been sharing the special friendship for thousands years. But I guess, most people couldn’t learn anything from the dogs:)

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  2. Come on WD! dont be so hard on amigo. I dont think the council from amigo’s planet are as brutal as ones on earth. Well even if they are.. i think amigo wont lead them to earth.. cause i think people on earth have seen and gone through enough harshness and amigo understands this..

    On the other hand.. amigo just get your people land on earth.. atleast there will be UNITY for ONCE around the world.. Someone should tell these earthlings that they are one of a kind and cant go destroying themselves to extinction!

    WD Look at amigo’s species (amigo what are your species called as?).. they dont fight against one another and they survive well since so long

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    • Thank you for your meaningful support, dear Varsh.:) Of course there are many problems in many species at the universe. But I think any of them doesn’t want to come to Earth in seriously. Already any extraterrestrial isn’t similar aliens at the people movies.

      Meanwhile, WD says that:

      “It is hard to believe you are still believe in Migo, Varsh! I am showing all evidence but you don’t want to believe. One day this alien Migo and his friends will come and invade. Please before too late, open your eyes!”

      I am not sure what can I do WD believes. But I think WD loves so much mankind, I guess it says all this for protecting of mankind. Sometimes in paranoic ways:)

      By the way, I forgot to say, the name of my species has no equivalent in world languages. You can call Migo’s species:)

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    • This is great! I should print this poster on a t-shirt. Thus, when WD every looks at me, it sees and relax:) And I am sure WD loves you anymore more then ever:) Thank you my dear Earthling friend, Varsh!

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  3. Haha, tell WD to stop drinking so much Migo, it really isn’t good for his liver 🙂 As for the planet being ruled by dogs, I think that was wishful thinking on the GC’s part–our politicians and leaders are not even half as loyal and compassionate to the people as dogs are.

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    • I will tell, dear Ars, but I am not sure WD will pay attention to me as an alien, probably it would find out under that a new conspiracy theory:) And absolutely wonderful thought, the planet ruled by dogs, at least I wish they had to have the right to vote to the rulers.

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