120 dead at least (according to AFP) in French capital as shooting and explosions heard//Plusieurs fusillades éclatent dans Paris : au moins 120 morts selon la préfecture.

Step by step towards fear states!

Observer of the Near East

Police officials confirmed that there had been a shootout at a Paris restaurant in the 10th arrondissement amid busy Friday night bars and cafés. Then another shootout took place near the Bataclan concert venue in the nearby 11th arrondissment. Hostages have been taken at the Bataclan, police confirmed to AFP.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsUpdate: French police: At least 39 people are dead in a spree of violence around Paris. There is also a hostage taking under way in a theatre. The French paper Libération reports that several people were killed in one shooting in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, an area to the north of the city. Its reporter on the scene says that there were at least two shooters, who may have opened fire in a bar, before fleeing. Paris…

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