The inhuman and brutal attack in Paris – Friday 13th of November 2015

I would put my signature under your words my dear Earthling friend, Ivar. Unfortunately, this planet is full of hypocrisy. I do not believe that when the governments take new decisions after this horrible event, non of them would not think the public benefit in reality. Already most people couldn’t save ourselves from their mentality. They cannot get over barbaric racist thought. I shudder to think this massacre will create more gaps between the publics. Already, most people, even if they don’t seem like that, their real hatred faces are leaking in a way. Unfortunately, a world which the people did not define to the others within the boundaries of countries, or with their race or etc, will never be; and they will continue to humiliate each other. And I do not now did you heard, KKE, Communist Party of Greece made a statement today. It said that: “History has demonstrated that these types of terrorist attacks add fuel to the fire and are utilized by those that are planning imperialist military interventions and new repressive measures against the peoples. For this reason the peoples must be in a state of readiness as regards the dangerous developments.” I agree with them too.

Ivar Jørdre

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As a citizen of this planet and as a socialist who believe in human solidarity, equality and collective cooperation between all peoples, I will, in the strongest way possible CONDEMN this cowardly and insane act of terror done by distorted and criminal extremists!

I send my deepest condolences and solidarity to the French people!

129 innocent people have so far been confirmed killed and around 100 seriously injured in five different incidents in Paris in the evening of 13th of November. Seven attackers among them several suicide bombers under the age of 18 was behind the terrible deed. Bombs outside a sports stadium where an amicable football match between France and Germany took place, killing randomly of people in and outside cafes and restaurants and the worst attack came at a concert with a heavy metal band where 1500 people attended. Here over 80 people where massacred. The so called IS have taken…

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13 thoughts on “The inhuman and brutal attack in Paris – Friday 13th of November 2015

  1. We need more control on the Turkish and Greek borders an d control the refugees who enter Turkey and Europe. The Syrian drama now becomes a european one from Paris to Istanbul and that’s terrible. But these people have orchestrated all this plan and France was sleeping … Erdogan should take drastic measures against ISIS and help to push them away the turkish borders. This could weak them a lot. Turkey must do more controls of european jihadis entering North Cyprus to reach Syria. Terror is not a political or religious ideology and Europe ,Russia, Turkey ,Iran and US should make a common plan to #stopdjihadisme

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    • This is not an issue about controlling the borders, my friend. If we see in this way then we would hush up the matter. For example, you had asked under your post after Turkey election: Why America and European Union do not see? When Merkel did come to Turkey before the elections, did she support to Erdogan in her visit; yes she did. She even said that this election was important for the solve of Syria crisis. Even left-wing parties in Germany, before her visit, warned her. They said that to her you should talk with the opposition parties. But she did ignore it, and she didn’t. These are clearly the given support to him, aren’t they? Turkey and Greece will turn to the two countries which can play in their eyes. Because she said that in same visit: Turkey and Greece are the “key role” in Syria crisis. If “a key role” is said that, in all probability there is very intresting plan which we won’t like it. We all will see it, unfortunately.

      And do you really think that all intelligence organizations at world were sleeping when this massacre happen? So they made such a massacre in France, and any intelligence organization didn’t aware, is that so? So that’s the business which was made three- five barbaric maniac, and these maniacs do have such a strenght in the heart of Europe in France, have they? I wrote a sentence which belongs to very valuable journalist in these pages after Ankara massacre, “if the bombs are exploding in the capital of NATO’s country, behind it there is Gladio.” France is NATO country as same as Turkey, isn’t it? See also there is a link about how did Hollande send weapons to Syrian dissidents.
      I’ve read it’s translation in solhaber. You know French. It would be easy to read for you. Nobody knows Hollande also helped to the Syrian opposition groups. Actually everybody like to read the main-stream media. And this is not main-stream media news! France made these helps, because Assad would have been gone and Middle East would have been shaped for imperialists benefits. You know the news that weapons were sent by trucks from Turkey government and helped terrorists, they said they were sent to Syrian dissidents. Now I ask, who are these oppositions that helped by Hollande, France? It is not the same? They are also terrorists. And any government is not innocent in this issue on the basis.Also you remember, when Hilary Clinton said when she went to Friends of Syrian people meeting in France in 2012:

      “I do not believe that Russia and China are paying any price at all – nothing at all – for standing up on behalf of the Assad regime. The only way that will change is if every nation represented here directly and urgently makes it clear that Russia and China will pay a price,”

      And now Russia became more effective about Syria issue since when she said this. At those day that Russia was not effective as in today’s, the ones who talks as Clinton or thinks as Clinton, what would they think and do in these days that Russia is clearly effective?

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  2. “History has demonstrated that these types of terrorist attacks add fuel to the fire and are utilized by those that are planning imperialist military interventions and new repressive measures against the peoples. For this reason the peoples must be in a state of readiness as regards the dangerous developments.”


    This is exactly what each one of these false-flag events is all about, whether 9/11, Paris, London or the school and theater shootings in the US.. These innocent people in Paris were sacrificed so the elite powers that be could gain even more mind-control over the people of this world!

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    • I agree ver much in what you here wrote my dear friend Migo. F. ex. Clinton and the so called soft power is a nasty hidden agenda for regime change. One particular example is the coup in Honduras in 2009. This strategy has been used in Georgia and Ukraine as well. By supplying darker forces within the military and wright wing opposition with money, weapons and using advisors the foreign intruder can change things rapidly or make chaos for a long time. Like in Syria. And let us not be naive and foolishly accept our own governments storytelling about measures that should be taken, when we at the same time know they them selves have created this mess in their imperialistic approach, and bombing their victims into our, and ONLY our form of democracy!

      It is time to read again two articles I posted a while ago, written by the eminent writer and journalist Nafeez Ahmed:

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      • Almost all imperialists do have a hidden agenda constantly. History repeats itself continuously. Nothing has changed since the Cold War in particular. How can people still constantly deceive themselves; this is really irrational, my dear Earthling friend Ivar. So once they live event, after they live twice, but this is not one or three experiences, even not five times, not ten times. There are so many coup which happened exactly in same way. When this blindness of humanity will be end?


    • Indeed you’re right,my Earthling friend with your words: “These innocent people in Paris were sacrificed so the elite powers that be could gain even more mind-control over the people of this world!” People must awake anymore.

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      • Yes, they where sacrificed in that way that the imperial powers use this terrible event to further tighten our freedom and democratic rights, at the same time as they are continuing the geopolitical agenda for expanding capitalism and free market economy where ever it is possible. And let us not forget in all this that the major power and elites are continuesly afraid of their own people one day will raise up and protest against the system. Our elites are or have in the past supplied extreme groups in their strategy for control, where a very good example is the Middle East, and this estranged policy are now backfired by like IS brings the war to us. The war in Iraq alienated the Sunni population and further on in this process created IS. This world situation is the important issue we as socialists also have to find solutions for resolving.

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      • The U.S./NATO created these Al Qiada/ISIS type monsters in their continuing campaign of “regime change” in country after country, starting with Afghanistan then Iraq, Libya and now Syria by funding and arming these extremist thugs that have now gone out of control and are “biting the (Western)hand that is feeding them”. U.S./NATO has brought this on themselves and now U.S., at least, has conceded that it will need the help of Russia and others to contain it:

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  3. Thank you for your contribution amonverite. Putin behaved outspoken. These words evokes Snowden’s words. And, who makes profit from these illegal trade oil? The determination of this should not be so difficult. The ones who profitable from these, are responsible of it. By the way, the most interesting event at G-20 summit, is the cats pass through the tight security of the summit.:) If you want to look, yesterday we talked about all under my Earthling friend sojourner post:


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