There is no hope, unless we learn to mourn also the others’ innocent dead…

Quotes from the article: “There is no hope for any real positive change, unless the American and European citizens learn to mourn also the others’ innocent dead, and to condemn also the terror acts of their own leaders.” Briliant article, thank you for sharing with us!

12 thoughts on “There is no hope, unless we learn to mourn also the others’ innocent dead…

  1. “Innocent dead” is a presumptuous term. Those people should not have been killed – no question about that. But we purport to live in democracies. Are we not responsible for the actions of our governments? And are they not responsible, in turn, for the almighty mess the Middle East is in?
    It is so easy to dismiss terrorism as inhuman and brutal. If you are a citizen of Syria or Iraq or Palestine, how should you address your grievances? Not by killing folk, I hear you say, and I agree. But do we really offer any alternative?


    • Of course, the people in the countries which governed by democracy are responsible. Even I want to add here a great poet Nazim Hikmet words. He says at his “the stranger creature on earth” poem:
      “…And if we’re hungry, tired, covered with blood,
      and still being crushed like grapes for our wine,
      the fault is yours-
      I can hardly bring myself to say it,
      but most of the fault, my dear brother, is yours.”

      But like you said mostly we purport.. But it doesn’t wipe out the responsibility. And for me, the best alternative is socialism. Yes, I am a socialist extra-terrestrial:)

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      • Socialists are a dying breed. Have you seen the vilification slung at Jeremy Corbyn for suggesting there may be a better way?


      • Why? Because of they are a few, they are minority? At the history of the planet Earth, socialists had have never a majority. This does not indicate that they are not a answer. The conscious minorities are more important than unconscious majority. Because they do have routing capabilities of history at key points. I do not have too much knowledge about Jeremy Corbyn. But in general, I think the socialism hasn’t completed own evolution; it is the same about communism. They didn’t have such a chance for this. If we look at capitalism, capitalism completed own evolution, capitalism cannot take more shape. Because the planet’s natural resources will be annihilated almost in next 50-75 years. And during this time, the capitalism which is the system of exploitation will reach its natural borders, and it will begin the downsizing. It will be forced to begin. The important thing for me, during this period, socialism is the only address that will give the remaining natural resources to human beings in fair way and continue. And not only for human beings, for all living creatures on the planet. Because wild capitalism is destroying their habitat quickly. The harm which has given to them by capitalism reached irreversible in many areas. And yes, the socialists are few. But, unless the human being cannot put better system against capitalism, should give it the opportunity to complete the evolution of socialism.

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      • I agree with everything you’ve said. The bit missing is how we will wrest power from those who own it. The fat cats will NEVER give it up willingly.


      • They never leave the power. For example, since when I came this planet, I’ve not seen any earthling politician or boss who left power willingly. Actually a few Japanese politician left, but I think they are not from this planet – secret information:)- The collapse will begin, first it will hurt to the capitalist elites. Because, their main veins to be cut in real means. The source of ordinary citizen will not be cut. They will turn into the cats which diet mandatory:)

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  2. Agree completely! Where is the outrage for the Palestinians and those fleeing to Europe?

    The West ( whites in particular) looks at other people as being “inferior,” it’s a European trait, and the US is primarily made up of transplanted white Europeans.

    And unfortunately, this racist trait in white westerners isn’t just limited to the wealthy and powerful elite, it exists among the least educated and poor whites as well.

    Until my generation (baby-boomers) and my parents’ generation, as well as a large portion of generation x are gone (dead), I see little hope for this changing.

    The y and millennial gens, however, seem to be rejecting this age old hatred of people who are “different,” so maybe our hope lies with them?

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    • “…this racist trait in white westerners is not just limited to the wealthy and powerful elite, it exists among the least educated and poor whites as well.” It’s a really good point, my Earthling friend. It’s like a genetic condition. So think about, 1000 years have passed since the crusades. So, a tendency to see own selves superior would have advanced and evolved during 1,000 years? I do not know is there any scientific study about that.

      By the way, I’ve read an article today. Important writing which belongs a Turkish journalist. Even he didn’t add any source I’m sure his knowledge is true, he never gives false news. He says that, France is still taking “colony tax” from the 14 Africa countries which were former France’s colony. So it’s not possible to go crazy on this planet!

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      • Yes, our hatred for each other has evolved and strengthened over time. But we can still change, if we choose to.

        I did not know this about France and Africa. It is disgusting and criminal.

        Some days I feel crazy, my friend!

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      • I guess, we have to spread this choice to the public. And absolutely disgusting, these Africa countries are already poor! Anyway, if I would continue to talk I can be really crazy extraterrestrial, which is my kind’s craziness would be very absurd, noone wants to see:)

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    • In May 11, 2013 Reyhanli in Hatay, Turkey; 52 people were killed in a bomb attack by ISIS.
      July 2015 Diyarbakir-Suruc, Turkey; 34 young people were killed by ISIS with bombs.
      The last, Turkey capital Ankara, October 10, 2015; 128 people were killed with two bombs by ISIS.

      I think my Earthling friend stuartbramhall, eastern countries, like Turkey and Russia, the elites know that they cannot handle the death of people of these countries as mainstay of their terrorism politics. For example, if Turkey or Russia makes film related events, it is shown in the independent film festivals. But high-budget Hollywood movies are made about the massacre of Paris and used as a propaganda tool. And for what? For collecting votes from the public for more imperialist wars. I think the important thing here already are the people of Europe which are the main target audience of this propaganda. First, they need to specify that they see these and they do not want this policy. I think they live a trauma in these days. Especially after the massacre of Ankara, Anatolian people were not able to get over same trauma for a while. When European people get over this trauma, I hope they can do more effective things more than singing Marseillaise in football matches.


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