THE BEADY EYE SAY’S : Most violence remains unfathomable.

The human species is a kind of barbarian, let’s face it. Besides it is hypocrite. Because it is constantly putting forward reasons for own barbarism. No species in nature does not show reasons for practicing the violence to another creatures. For example, an eagle does never say “oh my great mountain god, gave me reason to hunt for other animals”.:) For example, tiger types. You may have seen them in documentaries. Tigers capture an animal and share it with family, after than they leave the rest to the hyenas and vultures. As if there is a secret agreement between them. In fact, it is the agreement of nature in this cycle. But human beings are devastating, and it only works to produce continuous excuses for own devastation. As long as the human species could not reach a certain level of consciousness and spread its to general I think it will continue this way. And thank you for sharing with us your article, my Earthling friend!


In light of the recent events in Paris this post is sure to touch on some

very raw nerves but if we are to honor those who lost their lives

we  must come to some understanding of the horrification or

glorification of killing other than the frenzy of fear now being created

by the media. 

Television is an energy drain and a large source of fear and negativity for many. Watching violence, diminishes the harshness and reality of these acts, by gradually numbing us. Along with Social media it is one of the fastest ways to disconnect yourself from the world.

Most people just want to live their lives in peace.

however this is completely undermined by modern day, which would make you think that most people are violent and destructive.

Violence on television is however part of our societal experience.

The number of murders seen on TV by the…

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