Russian Warplane Down: NATO’s Act of War

The escalation is “long feared” not because the Turkish government actually fears that Russian warplanes crossing their border pose a threat to it or its people, but because Russia has ended NATO’s proxy war, a proxy war spearheaded in part by Turkey itself, amid Russia’s joint military operations with Syria against the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (ISIS) and supporting terrorist factions.

Source: Russian Warplane Down: NATO’s Act of War

14 thoughts on “Russian Warplane Down: NATO’s Act of War

  1. Russia needs to take control of Syria and put an end to The U.S./NATO’s strangle hold on the middle east and world!

    I just hope you and your countrymen don’t suffer, any more than you already have,.while this is being accomplished!

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    • Thank you my Earthling friend! What happened today is like a joke. My head which is more big than the Earthlings seems to explode because of these events of today.:)
      The tragic side, Russia is making moves at Syria to protect the territorial integrity of Turkey. But Turkey hit it’s jet fighter. What kind of planet this is!

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    • I replied to your email. No need for sorry, my friend, you did nothing wrong! Nor did I think you were angry with me. I just chose to take it down, which I have done many times before.

      I explained more in the email.


  2. Turkey violates Greece’a airspace 40 times a day and that doesn’t pose a threat. There are a lot or things that Turke’s Sultan Erdogan and his band don’t reveal. Turkey needs cheap oil… ISIS has it, why Turkey doesn’t close its borders with ISIS? Is not a long territory… If they really wanted to do so they could have put special forces on the borders. Erdogan was such a dream for helping the democratization of the country back in 2003-2005, now he wants to make Turkey as Saudi Arabia but in the wrong way… I feel lost with Turkey’s politics this week. If Russia and Turkey continue this way is going to affect only negatively all the region.

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    • As I’ve written at my post “chronology of insanity”, Turks and Greeks jets are doing dog-fight everyday. If you ask Turk side, they said that Greeks violate everyday 40 or many times to Turkey’s airspace. Even they announce every day on the Turk General Staff web page these violates. Already this is not the important part you know that my Earthling friend. Two sides are the NATO member. Why don’t they hit eachother. Because “uncle sam” says to them “do not shoot each other, you should shake hands”. And there are so many things about Turkish policy and the region policy of imperialism and it’s puppets. I had never dream or thought about democratization of Turkey with AKP policy. It was the same 2003 it is the same 2015. And I cannot really understand how the people cannot see that any political party which had the speech and mentality of any religion on this planet is not able to bring to democracy or any goodness to the humanity. AKP and Tayyip Erdogan have been always even before 2003, made speech and directon over Islam. And this is result of “Green Belt Project” which created by US government in cold war years against communism and Russia. But we see the game, and I know that so many prudent people of Turkey and Russia see the game.

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      • All that does not explain why Turkey shot down the Russian plane, Turkey hides how they help terrorists, ISIS oil even goes to Israel, Turkey considers that the Aegean sea belongs to Turkey as well but this is internationally recognized as not and personally i don’t want to see Erdogan’s Turkey in the Eu as new chapters are opening for Turkey despite the fact that all terrorists go through its territory to reach Syria: putting journalists in prison and imitating Qatar’s & Saudi Arabia’s policies. Turkey and Greece should make a plan together to protect their borders and fight terrorism: I don’t see today any concrete plan to this direction: Paris attacks’ terrorists went through Turkey and Greece 3-4 times without any serious control. These people probably are planning chemical attacks as well.15- 25% of Turkish support ISIS according to researches. United States are not helping the situation, il they really wanted ISIS wouldn’t exist today… i watch their conferences etc :full of stupidity, let’s just consider that they destroyed Iraq without any real threat: Isis is their fault. Russia and France helpfully they might smash ISIS without uncle Sam’s help. It is up to Turkey to decide if they want to make Turkey a state of terror or not…

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      • Why it does not explain? I guess I could do not tell my Earthling friend. Look, as I’ve written my post “chronology of insanity” Turkey governments are not able to scratch even own nose without permission and influence of NATO and US government. Here you are writing, you writing good, but you don’t attention too much. I constantly say ” there are too much things can be told…” You don’t realize why this extraterrestrial have to cut this sentences and where are the rest of this. As what I’ve written in same post about what prudent people live in Turkey:”They know that if they talk they will go to gail, but still they talk! They know that if they make a rally, they will go to jail, but they still try to do! They know that if they make anything against this government, they fired job, but they still do! They know that if they make against more, even they can be killed, but they still do!” Do these lines mean for something to you?

        And this plan in Syria is not a plan that Turkey government could create and follow. As I mentioned the same post, Turkey governments are not able to scratch even own nose without permission of NATO and US governments last 50 years. And you say, France is helping. Which France is helping! This France government which is another puppet of NATO and west imperialism is helping! The being more big apple of France doesn’t change the fact it has the puppet government. And you’re right Greeks and Anatolian people have to act against this plan, I have really hope for this situation from Greeks and Turks Communist parties. They are the only people who see the plan of Merkel, Obama, Hollande, Erdogan and etc on this region. I have hope! And one more thing my Earthling friend, you have written:”It is up to Turkey to decide if they want to make Turkey a state of terror or not…” Yes it is up to. But what we mention about, people or governments? When we sperate the governments and public. I am contuniously trying to sperate the all public from all governments. This should be peace of language. But I guess, I couldn’t explain enough, but I am tired to explain myself and the subject about this to the people on the planet anymore.

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      • And Turks side says that this is our legal airspace area. But I am not the spokesman of Turk side of any side. If you attention, I didn’t right “one side is right or the other side is right.” And still I am not writing “one side is right” after you comment. I don’t have to do this, because I am not spokesman.

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      • One way or another NATO’s policies failed the Middle East, and EU should stop playing the US’s satellite. This policy only harms EU. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania should open their eyes as well… My fear today is that we might be closed to an imminent war beyond Near-Middle East i hope that i’m wrong but this month’s events shocked me a lot

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