“For Erdogan, Gollum is on trial: even an expert has been appointed”

Turkey has turned into ‘Middle-earth’ by president of Republic. Due to defamation case to Erdogan, justice will explore how Gollum’s character is through an expert.

The doctor Bilgin Ciftci who lives in Aydin city of Turkey, had shared the caps which Tayyip Erdogan’s photographs in different moods likened to Gollum in Lord of the Rings on social media. The doctor was on trial for this yesterday. But the court decided to appoint an expert to determinate “Is Gollum a bad or good character?”

This seems like a joke. But it is not 🙂

If you are dissenter you can see how much tragi-comic this issue is.

Already in Turkey, the people do have more politic sense of humor than the other countries. As long as the managements like him who Anatolian people do have, there will be a lot of humor ingredients..

Just yesterday, 10 defamation cases to Erdogan have been in Turkey. As you can see, not only people, including Middle-earth characters can be seen inside of them.:)

the title and news have been quoted from:



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