The year of 1930, the day December 23. The second fundamentalist uprising experienced at the west of the province of Menemen in Anatolia, while Turkey was young republic. (The first one had been experienced in 1925, and it was fundamentalist Sheikh Said uprising.)

The pictured Kubilay, a young lieutenant, was killed into the hands of a group that wants sharia. Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay was 23 years old. He had graduated from teacher’s training school. After completing his compulsory military service he was going to serve as teacher. He had dreams…

But after the abholisment of caliphate by Ataturk, the ones who wants sharia and the caliphate did not stop. After a long period of preparation, a bigot which called as Dervish Mehmet and 28 men who supported to him have provoked public in Menemen where Kubilay made military duty. Kubilay was injured by them. After then they captured Kubilay while he was alive, and they cut Kubilay’s head with a knife. Kubilay’s cutting head has been impaled and showed around at the end of the stick at square.

After, these bigot people were arrested by troops that come in here.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk has asked immediately the establishment of a court when he heard event. The court was established and the 29 people were executed in the same place where they cut off the head of Kubilay in Menemen.

According to a rumor, Ataturk was so angry and upset for young Kubilay’s death that even he had wanted the deletion of Menemen over the map.

Kubilay is first martyr of the revolution of secular Republic of Turkey. I’m sure if he had lived, he would have added many beauty to the children. And he would have been an immortal in the children minds, but he has been immortal for all country.

Each year, mainly including Izmir in Turkey, the commemorative ceremonies are held in many cities on Kubilay’s behalf like today. And, the brutality of his death, the bloodlust of bigots and what have been sacrificed for a secular republic, are remembering.

Look carefully into his eyes at the picture. There is a beauty that the bigots wanted to destroy in his eyes at Middle East, Turkey and elsewhere in the world today; the beauty of light. Today, as same as nearly 90 years ago, the darkness wants to drown light. Indeed there is nothing change.

8 thoughts on “Immortal

  1. “Today, as same as nearly 90 years ago, the darkness wants to drown light.”

    Nothing has changed is right! “Same as it ever was…”


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  2. Yes, we need to protect human choice. It is the most brave thing to stand up to ignorance. We cannot keep silent about any injustices. Men and women should have the right to think for themselves without fear of reprisals. Any religion or philosophy which would strike down a human being for being different is a cowardly ideology. We stand with you in the quest for a secular Turkish government which respects the rights of people to worship in their own ways (but does not recognize the right of religious fanatics to kill). It is a very sad and difficult situation. People must beware of the potential brainwashing effect of religion. Best wishes, comrade friend! –Paul

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    • All religion is same with each other, all of them wants to people live for the other side, not living world. This idea is very proper for the exploitation of humankind, my dear Earthling friend. If you live for the other side, what can you expect for the layout of the living side? You can accept the all wrongs, pains, warps willingly with this idea. Even the religions add a formula for these, “if you live in a pain on this world, don’t worry, you will be awarded a gift in heaven”. So, you should be in more pain, your prize will be more big. It seems to me sort of sadism! Like a kidding! And there are the people who believe in this nonsense in all religions!

      And, you know some countries are living more religious. Some of them are forced to live in religious. Turkey is one of them. Yesterday, at Kubilay commemorative ceremonies, the people who wanted to parade for Kubilay were blocked by police barricades. Some young people who wanted to hold banner against fundamentalism and government policies, were arrested. The world doesn’t know actually what really happens in here. Already, any government authority didn’t join the Kubilay’s ceremonies in nowhere. But the governing class has no idea; the governments are temporary; and when they gone, Kubilay will be remembered on the name of brightness again and again maybe 100 years later from today, but they will not.

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      • Yes, we in the West think of Ataturk’s Turkey…the enlightened Islamic country. It seems you are experiencing something analogous to the U.S. from 2000-2008: the Bush nightmare. We had great hope with Obama, but he tricked us. He just continued the same global policies of Bush.

        I think you are right. Turkey has the most difficult job. Maybe there is some freedom in Turkey (compared to Iran, for instance), but the freedom will gradually slip away if no on speaks up. And I sympathize. I know the penalty for being an activist can be severe. It is a sad time. Somehow the enlightened Turkish people must find the hope to live free. I don’t know the easy answer. Maybe we need intergalactic help?

        May you have strength dear comrade,


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      • The worst thing my dear Earthling friend, I think, all the world lives under the rule of the ignorant of dominance. Almost everywhere in this way. Perhaps there is nothing so difficult to be ruled by ignorance. Majority is ignorant, and humanity is ruled by the choice of the majority of mankind in these so-called democracies. There are factors such as nationalism, religion that ignorants hold on. They are profitable for both sides, both on this world and the other side for them. But there’s only one place for non-ignorant, and at this world there is nothing they can do in these circumstances. The ignorants choose voluntarily ignorance. I don’t mention school traning or how much degree the people have. I mention self education with questioning of the world. In an era of communication and information it is so obvious, almost all is volunteer of ignorance.

        And, Turkish, Americans and the others who see the reality, I think that any non-ignorant doesn’t know the answer of “what is the solution?”. This answer would be mystery for more many years. And Galactic Council never involve in anything at universe, they just observe. And when thinking now my tovarish, I guess, they sent me for joking to this planet. I am a victim of cosmic-joke:)

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