Turkey Has Destroyed Russia’s Hope of Western Cooperation

From the article:”Obama is not specific about the “blood on Assad’s hands,” but we can be. The blood is the blood of ISIL forces fighting the Syrian army. Obama doesn’t refer to the blood on ISIL’s hands, but even the presstitutes have told us the horror stories associated with the blood on ISIL’s hands, with whom Obama has allied us.

And what about the blood on Obama’s hands? Here we are talking about a very large quantity of blood: the blood of entire countries—Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, and the blood that Obama’s puppet government in Kiev has spilled of the ethnic Russian inhabitants of Ukraine, not to forget the Palestinian blood spilled by Israel using US supplied weapons.

If the blood on Assad’s hands disqualifies Assad from office, the much greater quantity on Obama’s hands disqualifies Obama. And Cameron. And Hollande. And Merkel. And Netanyahu.”


Source: Turkey Has Destroyed Russia’s Hope of Western Cooperation

Russian Warplane Down: NATO’s Act of War

The escalation is “long feared” not because the Turkish government actually fears that Russian warplanes crossing their border pose a threat to it or its people, but because Russia has ended NATO’s proxy war, a proxy war spearheaded in part by Turkey itself, amid Russia’s joint military operations with Syria against the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (ISIS) and supporting terrorist factions.

Source: Russian Warplane Down: NATO’s Act of War

THE BEADY EYE SAY’S : Most violence remains unfathomable.

The human species is a kind of barbarian, let’s face it. Besides it is hypocrite. Because it is constantly putting forward reasons for own barbarism. No species in nature does not show reasons for practicing the violence to another creatures. For example, an eagle does never say “oh my great mountain god, gave me reason to hunt for other animals”.:) For example, tiger types. You may have seen them in documentaries. Tigers capture an animal and share it with family, after than they leave the rest to the hyenas and vultures. As if there is a secret agreement between them. In fact, it is the agreement of nature in this cycle. But human beings are devastating, and it only works to produce continuous excuses for own devastation. As long as the human species could not reach a certain level of consciousness and spread its to general I think it will continue this way. And thank you for sharing with us your article, my Earthling friend!


In light of the recent events in Paris this post is sure to touch on some

very raw nerves but if we are to honor those who lost their lives

we  must come to some understanding of the horrification or

glorification of killing other than the frenzy of fear now being created

by the media. 

Television is an energy drain and a large source of fear and negativity for many. Watching violence, diminishes the harshness and reality of these acts, by gradually numbing us. Along with Social media it is one of the fastest ways to disconnect yourself from the world.

Most people just want to live their lives in peace.

however this is completely undermined by modern day, which would make you think that most people are violent and destructive.

Violence on television is however part of our societal experience.

The number of murders seen on TV by the…

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The inhuman and brutal attack in Paris – Friday 13th of November 2015

I would put my signature under your words my dear Earthling friend, Ivar. Unfortunately, this planet is full of hypocrisy. I do not believe that when the governments take new decisions after this horrible event, non of them would not think the public benefit in reality. Already most people couldn’t save ourselves from their mentality. They cannot get over barbaric racist thought. I shudder to think this massacre will create more gaps between the publics. Already, most people, even if they don’t seem like that, their real hatred faces are leaking in a way. Unfortunately, a world which the people did not define to the others within the boundaries of countries, or with their race or etc, will never be; and they will continue to humiliate each other. And I do not now did you heard, KKE, Communist Party of Greece made a statement today. It said that: “History has demonstrated that these types of terrorist attacks add fuel to the fire and are utilized by those that are planning imperialist military interventions and new repressive measures against the peoples. For this reason the peoples must be in a state of readiness as regards the dangerous developments.” I agree with them too.

Ivar Jørdre

liberte, equalite, fraternite111979098

As a citizen of this planet and as a socialist who believe in human solidarity, equality and collective cooperation between all peoples, I will, in the strongest way possible CONDEMN this cowardly and insane act of terror done by distorted and criminal extremists!

I send my deepest condolences and solidarity to the French people!

129 innocent people have so far been confirmed killed and around 100 seriously injured in five different incidents in Paris in the evening of 13th of November. Seven attackers among them several suicide bombers under the age of 18 was behind the terrible deed. Bombs outside a sports stadium where an amicable football match between France and Germany took place, killing randomly of people in and outside cafes and restaurants and the worst attack came at a concert with a heavy metal band where 1500 people attended. Here over 80 people where massacred. The so called IS have taken…

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120 dead at least (according to AFP) in French capital as shooting and explosions heard//Plusieurs fusillades éclatent dans Paris : au moins 120 morts selon la préfecture.

Step by step towards fear states!

Observer of the Near East

Police officials confirmed that there had been a shootout at a Paris restaurant in the 10th arrondissement amid busy Friday night bars and cafés. Then another shootout took place near the Bataclan concert venue in the nearby 11th arrondissment. Hostages have been taken at the Bataclan, police confirmed to AFP.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsUpdate: French police: At least 39 people are dead in a spree of violence around Paris. There is also a hostage taking under way in a theatre. The French paper Libération reports that several people were killed in one shooting in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, an area to the north of the city. Its reporter on the scene says that there were at least two shooters, who may have opened fire in a bar, before fleeing. Paris…

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Our Journey; to our friends who are always with us, and will be

Immediately after the decision of Migo, we came next to it’s rattletrap spaceship. Migo told about going a planet which is far far away to Earth. I have to confess, it scared me. I’ve look that junk ship and after Migo’s face. How could this junk ship lead us to another galaxy! Even it would be miracle if it can go to next street. It wasn’t any way to go with Migo under these conditions. But it seemed sad. Being an intelligence, smart and sensitive dog I had to be with Migo. But it still, I had to be prudent.

-Migo, how will we go, so with this ship? Can it fly, are you sure? Do you remember last time when you check this vehicle inspection? Do we have enough fuel? Is there any automatic pilot? If anything will happen to you, how can I go back if there isn’t any automatic pilot? You know there is a limit of my trust to aliens. How can I be sure you will not any test over me!

Actually I had tons of question, but Migo interrupted and said me “don’t worry, we won’t use this ship during all our journey.”

-What! Are you crazy! I know every alien is little bit crazy but… Do you know any idea what you talked about! If we won’t use this space ship, what do you expect? Oh no, you, you mentioned about space walk, didn’t you! No way! To walk at space with any alien including you! Are you crazy!

-Think WD, that planet is not close enough with any space walk, just think. Already any celestial body is not within walking distance with each other. This would be ridiculous. Please be patient. You will see.

Obviously, Migo had a plan. Although I don’t trust, I should have been with Migo with this journey. And I’ve stopped asking.

We boarded the ship. Migo pressed a few buttons. I heard a small shock. We passed through a vortex and came on top of a huge comet after. Yes, the screen was in front of me, I knew that this was comet. But what the hell is that!

Migo turned to me and smiled.

-WD, this is our second vehicle which we will use to go at this journey.

-What! So, we will go over a comet?

-This is a cheap way to travel to planets. Right now Earthlings don’t know to do this. Already they don’t have any tech about this. Besides this is a very special comet. This is Lovejoy with describing of Earthlings.

-Is that alcoholic comet! Wow Migo! Why did you say anything? I would have prepared myself.

-Don’t worry, there is nothing necessary to prepare yourself. You will see.

According to scientists Lovejoy is releasing as much alcohol as in at least 500 bottles of wine every second during its peak activity. This had been my dream, when I’ve heard this news first. If I came close very enough to lovejoy, I would make the most of it. Free alcohol: this is a dream of every smart dog on Earth!

When we landed the lovejoy, two aliens showed out immediately. They seemed like harmless, but when they flushed some kind of gas to our faces, I remember that I yelled to them .”What the hell you doing!”
-WD, you should be calm down. If they do not flush this gas, we cannot take breath on this comet. This is for our goodness.

They may have changed my genetics with this gas? Or even now, DNA of world’s most handsome and intelligent dog could have been sold at the space’s black market. But on the other side, I was on a comet that gives 500 liter free wine per minute. So the choice was not difficult, and I didn’t yell more.

Then Migo and I sat down a bench in an open area. It looked like bench, but the flexible pipes were poking out of it’s sides. They were connected to ground. When we seated, I knew immediately that we can drink as much as we want from these pipes. It’s like, you think like hookah. And, at the area except of us, there were dozens of different types aliens. We were aliens for them also. As if we were the hundreds of aliens who came to twenty-four-seven open bar for buckshee drink.

-The services of this spaceline is great, Migo! Such a customer satisfaction would never be at your junky spaceship.

But, Migo did not answer me. When careful looked I noticed that Migo already started drinking and singing. Yes voice was terrible but at least it was trying to sing.

“As I was a-walkin’ down by…
Early the morning though warm was the day,
When who should I see but one of my comrades…”

“Then beat the drum lonely and play your fife slowly
And sound the dead march as you carry me along…”

And I accompanied to Migo by changing some of the lyrics.

“His brave mind was still shining although his heart didn’t pulsate,
This my young comrade cut down in his prime…”

After the song, Migo started talking.

-An extraterrestrial shaman had told me one day that any creature doesn’t disappear in real means from this universe.

-Alien shamans!

-Of course WD, the human beings shamans are the people who actually follow the teachings of the alien shamans. Shamanism is an universal doctrine. Probably, this is the only true universal teaching among the people at Earth.

-Well, where they are going, if they don’t disapear?

-Here comes a number of physical arguments, WD. Time and space are not known-notions that Earthlings could not fully understood yet. In fact, at the space area we pass through inside the time, so all creatures do have transitivity. To understand this, we need to look the universe which is perceived in quantum physics and much larger universe more than this one.

-Too much scientific! Is there any movie which can tell us about this subject in 90 minutes, Migo?

-I don’t know, if there is one.

-So, briefly, what do you mean, Migo?

-The presence of people we reached, is not limited the universe we perceive. They still have a place with us in space and time, even if they lost their physical assets. Their traces are available in a way with our traces at this universe.

-If they are with us, why we make this journey?

-Because we can still leave traces without their physical assets. Also still, at the begining it’s hard to accept their physical absences. Plus, I wanted you give a travel gift over Lovejoy to you, WD.

-You should have said this at first! Migo, if you were not an ugly alien, I would kiss you right now! Then let’s change the song. Look here, there are song records, how about this one?

I chose the first song, it was amazing the guitar solo.

After that mostly we listened dozens fun song like this:

and we drank to the bottom. The universe above us was flowing by glittering. However, we had to turn back to Earth. Also, we should have left more trace together with our friends. We missed them. And I knew that Earth needs to my brilliant wisdom. Already, there wasn’t around a beautiful female alien dog on this comet. If it was, it could have had more fun. Anyway, maybe next time;)

A Black Day On Behalf Of Friendship

I don’t know what I should say. Right now, I checked my emails and I saw an email came from our best friend newsfortherevolution , so our NFR. His fiance had written about him this line,

“He passed away today at home with his family beside him”
It is hard! It is very hard for me, I am sure and I know that it is very hard for yours also.
I am not sure what should I say.. Do you hear me, can you?
I don’t know… I can’t write anymore right now… I need a vodka.

You believe in humanity, the good times will come, goodness and Socialism!

One of Communist Party’s posters about November 1 elections; Translation in English: You believe in humanity, the good times will come, goodness and Socialism! “Evet” means “yes” for voting.

A week before November 1 elections in Turkey, the representatives of Turkey’s political parties started to make own party speech in official state television TRT. The majority part of speech of the representative of Communist Party which was made yesterday evening as follows.

The bloodbath that we were pushed into and what we live in nowadays, are the political style of capital layout and imperialism. Unless this order does not change, both peace and war will be shaped in bloody politics and in large massacres which is public enemy. For brotherhood, for peace, for unity this layout must be changed. This is the way.

Disbelief, despair, indecision and cowardice have no place in the future of humanity. Our country is going to 2015 November elections with an insane. The part of the country is almost worshiped to him. He has became the partner of murderers, war crimes, gave orders, weapons, approval to these. But still, his support does never decrease easily.

Another part of the country is considering that everything in the country was made by him. While dealing with taking out the stone that he threw into the well(*), they believe he is a very strong and it needs to do whatever it takes to get rid of him. The problem is not that we cannot deal with an insane. The main problem is the people lost their belief about that the country needs the layout change and this is possible and even must.

The people who lost their belief in intelligence, enlightenment, equality have handed this country in to the bigotry. As we Communist Party, we can not come out of an affair by picking up the cost of the problems we had, to the other politicians. But we will highlight insistently the portion of the politics “so called, side by side with the people” inside what we lived.

The problem is CHP which sentenced itself to public opposition. We cannot forget the faults of this constructive opposition organization which kept the millions away from the idea of layout change for a long time. This party, even if our working people show regardless to it, it is a capital party. The opposition way that it has choosen as “constructive and soft” and not baiting of capital, imperialist centers, has worked up both AKP and the dictator of its head. While CHP was saying “hijab expansion, mufti candidates, relationship with religious sect”, we thought that “CHP cannot sheer more than this anymore”, but again it could confront of the public who binding own hopes with MHP’s presidential candidates. CHP which is watching subcontracting, privatizations, concessions that made to capital, it has succeeded to give more damage by own municipalities with the politics of worker’ enemy. This party needs a good lesson. The people opposition in this country needs to be rescued from the hands of layout and capital parties. That’s why, from another angle the problem is that we couldn’t tell to the public that how much important a strong Communist Party we need.

The problem is HDP which is looking for a solution about the Kurdish issue on the negotiation with the powers of layout. The Kurdish politicians who showed that the working class movement hadn’t been able to exert own power as reason for their position, they can say “there are no socialists, communist around here, and we are looking for the solution with AKP and TUSIAD” (Turkey Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association, also is known as Bosses Club by public)

However HDP which cannot tolerate even the existence of anti-layout political movement out side itself, it determines own partners by own. While HDP is fighting and negotiating with AKP at same time, at the other hand HDP is proceeding on the negotiating table with NATO and USA.

That’s why, Communist Party should be strengthened. The communists who will solve the problem should reach a power that Kurdish issue won’t leave to the mercy of both the fascists who said “hit and get rid of” and the liberals who said “give and get rid of”.

Both sides is using the sentence of “Mothers don’t cry anymore” as being a wish or propaganda. If Communist Party will be strengthened, this will be over.

The problem is inside us, but the solution is in our hands. We have to believe in our own strength. We should know that this power can change the country.

In the heart of Middle East, in the war geography, the though that the war is provoked by an insane and he started the war inside and outside to rescue himself, is wrong. It needs to see the imperialism, international reactionism and how the publics were surrendered to them and needs to know the source of bloody war tunnel are these. In our region, if Communist Parties would be strengthened, and if they can lead to Turk, Kurd, Arabic, Greek, Caucasian and Balkan people, this bloody chaos could be ended.

All sorts of nationalist parties, ethnic movements, proponents of imperialism, the parties of money patrons have to be isolated. Is it possible to not seeing the work accidents, over exploitation, poverty? Or murders of women and deep injustice? All these were created by the exploitation layout which has to be changed and must fall down; also this system created that an insane who walks around like “cocky as the king of spades”. As long as this layout continues, an insane gone, another one would come. However, the fear of change of layout will align the rotten structures and even the dictators.

Communist Party of Turkey says that,

Our intellectuals, our young people, our workers shouldn’t seek the future at the rotten structures and at the parliament which turned into a historical lie already. The ones which will change the layout and will bring the equality and freedom country, is this country’s Communist Party. All other recommendations, it only reinforces the layout. In these circumstances, can we say “AKP does not go, at least it should be coalition”!

The bloody politics of capital is based on intimidation, blackmail and the bloodshed. To manage by releasing fear with exploded bombs is their business. It’s not just the AKP, the national and international evilness power elites wash people’s brains with blood to persuade to lesser of two evils. When the people who were terrified are hugging the ballot box, this situation suits everyone’s book. In 2015’s Turkey, we think we should start by getting rid of these liar savers.
In June 2013, there was a public who went out the streets without long calculations. That people was the public which burned own bridge with the layout and not care about AKP’s statements “will of the people, the majority of the polls”. No one never thought “when the election comes, we give our votes and if we take a lot of vote we would win,” while were yelling “goverment resign!” at the squares at that time. In today’s there is the thought about account which coalition would better and can not breathe in the mind of public.

It needs to settle accounts with reactionism and defeat it. The reactionism cannot be turned back one or two step. Because of that the reactionary party falls down over absolute power, and it turn into coalition, the bigotry cannot be defeated. The Communist Party says that the first necessary is a strengthened revolutionary party to overcome the bigotry. Voting to Communist Party means that strengthen this commitment. Today, there is a new fear wave which spreads to the country before the 1 November elections: fascism.

How will we stop this fascism with CHP which couldn’t say “we don’t belong to this parliament, this parliament is not the public parliament anymore, it is the parliament of bullies” when the fists began to speak at parliamentary commision and the attorneys were attacked by AKP deputies.

There is also HDP. How will we stop this fascism with HDP which has got only strategy that to force AKP and Erdogan to make a constitution with them almost during last ten years?

Can we stop this fascism with HDP which has been greatest support of AKP’s democracy demagogy “solution process”, even supported AKP with negotiates which made behind the doors all time; really!

Since 2002, Communists have got one policy in all elections they joined as party: What we said during the election period, we established our struggle over it both before the elections and after the elections. Turkey’s Communists entered in 2002 elections with challenging to the reign of money. We said that “We are here!”. If there is reign of money, the only public struggle against it is the Communist Party. That day we said this, today we say still.

While we have been fighting with the bigots who admire the reign and Ottomans, we have never forgotten our promise. One land lord goes, Tayyip sultan would come. Even if sultans change, the reign is always the same: the reign of money. There is no place to the lords, sultans or generals in our government. But our real fight is with the reign of money. We do have a lesson which we will give to the bosses and rich exploiters team who are the source of hunger and poverty and cause of the darkness and bigotry.

Those who have forgotten the first rule of leftism are the kind of leftists who consider TUSIAD as charity organization which approaches to Kurdish issue in moderate or who consider Soros is cute old man who uses his money to bring the democracy to the world. We are Communists. And we will destroy the reign of money.

Communist Party of Turkey which was founded in September 10, 1920, we are going to elections 95th years of ours.

And we say that “We have made our choice.”

You make you choice. You choose the Communist Party’s organizations which is spreading throughout the country; not factitious deputies who will be brought to the parliament.

You believe in humanity, the good days will come, goodness and Socialism!

(*)Turkish proverb: “One insane throws a stone into the well and forty wise men cannot take it out.”

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Europe’s refugees crisis -news and numbers :EU-Balkans Summit must avert a looming refugee disaster as winter nears

That Europe will not live the difficulty of this problem. Actually, I should say, fiscally strong states in Europe will not experience this problem. For example, Germany would deported refugees with a large cargo plane. They separated qualified from the rest of the remaining. They make benefit labor and workforce over them. A kind of slave trade! Already big bosses wanted cheap labor! Syria was a great blessing for them. The main problem here will occur in the Balkan countries and Greece and probably little bit in Italy. Of course, none of them doesn’t need to overcome with a great figure of 2.5 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, but still they cry with saying “upps, we have got big issue”. Really!