Quite simple again for EU leaders, Greeks are to blame for the ongoing refugee crisis

If only it were all so simple :On Jan. 27, the European Commission issued a report saying that Greece “is seriously neglecting its obligations” and that there are “serious deficiencies in the carrying out of external border controls.” Brussels gave Athens three months to improve its border controls, or risk being ousted from the passport-free area. But kicking Greece out of the Schengen zone will not have much impact on the influx of migrants to Europe since Greece does not share land borders with any other Schengen members as reported by Stratfor.

European  Union’s original strategies of cooperating with Turkey to limit the number of asylum seekers and redistributing migrants across the Continent have clearly failed. Now, EU member states are looking for alternative approaches as they try to stem the tide of asylum seekers flowing into Europe, and they appear to have reached an agreement on who is to blame: Greece.

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They’d always find a guilty to blame for every crisis! And mostly not one, it could be more than one guilty. What did Greece people do? While many many people died on the coasts of Greece, what was expected from Greece people? When these people tried to save the refugees from death, the real responsible people, so capitalist-imperialist elites were trying to find guilty, so the guilty for crisis which was created by themselves! They never mention that they created cheap labor and they choose the refugees in such the slave markets, most importantly, they never mention these capitalist elites are the main responsible of the war in Syria. For hiding all these from EU peoples, they cheat the people by making news and propaganda. When they raise racism in one side, the other side they make profits. They are very profitable in every respect, aren’t they? And the same thing is said for Turkey people by them. “You’re responsible!” They don’t see how much people are being saved from horrible death. They only like to blame and make advertising. I know two sides of Aegean sea, in Greece and in Turkey there are fascist people like in many country. But the figure of these is not much more than the fascists in many EU countries. And most people in Greece and Turkey are trying to save refugees and try to solve their problems as much as they can by standing against all politicians, all capitalists, all human traffickers, all real responsible. Capitalist-elites want to people should think, “if the Greece seals the northern border, the refugees are not able to cross the Europe.” Are you kidding! There are the refugees are passing the borders with bicycle from Russia to North Europe. So they would find the new ways in every prevention. Maybe these will be worse results, probably worse results. Maybe the capitalist-elites want this in reality. F**k them all!

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Racism, Equal Opportunity, and Capitalism: an intimation of a critique – written by Norm

Quotes from the article :”…So people are racists, xenophobes, and intolerant, and if they are not, then because we very much do live in a world of ‘cultural-isms,’ in a world made up of elites in competition with each other on the basis of the group allegiances that they can muster and command, in a world that often if not always privileges the notion of the group over the individual, people are at the very least most certainly susceptible to being racists, xenophobes, and intolerant zealots. So let us not pretend that things are otherwise than what they are…”
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Taking Sides

Racism, Equal Opportunity, and Capitalism: an intimation of a critique – written by Norm

Racism, xenophobia, intolerance – it is all around us.

The attitude – for we can speak of a singular attitude, of a single attitudinal posture, regardless of its basis, be that of an imagined racial purity, cultural identity, religious outlook, political orientation, historical national ancestry, and so on and on – rests upon the idea that one belongs by virtue of some kind of essential identity to a group and that the world divides into a multitude of such essential and potentially contending identities.

Ordinary people have no difficulty speaking of themselves as being Catholic or French Canadian or German or European or Jewish, as belonging to this or that group, or even to a variety of overlapping inclusive categories of groups, each conceived in terms of its defining folklore, its customs, its aptitudes, its values…

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There is a resistance at this blog!

My beloved readers, I am in great distress. If you ask why, it’s because of Migo and his fascist and wrong management of our blog.

I would like to explain briefly. As you know, at the end of every year, every WordPress blogger takes the annual report sent by WordPress. Yes I am talking about the report which set off fireworks! Many bloggers published these reports in own page. If you’ve realized, Migo hasn’t published. Of course none of you doesn’t know what kind a report was sent us.

Firstly, there wasn’t any firework in our report. I opened the report with the enthusiasm. My eyes had been locked to the screen. Migo didn’t care, but I had focused on it. In front there were drying and fallen leaves which seemed like zombi leaves, the background was dark as Gotham City. Death March was playing. Ok, I should admit that there was no music, but I could have sworn as being honest dog, I heard that moment!

And you know, as I saw at the notes which have been written by wp, there were metaphors such as Louvre Museum or NYC subway. Kind of “NYC subway train holds …. people ,this blog was viewed about …. times, if it were NYC subway train it would take … trips to carry”. Do you know what was written for our blog?

Here it is what we’ve taken:
“Any ship cannot go to the North Pole during the winter season. But there is a ship which is able to do this, nuclear ice-breaking ship for breaking ice. Its crew also is 140 people. Unfortunatelly the figure of your blog view is even no closer to that number!”

At that moment I wanted to cry but I could not! I was so angry. Migo isn’t attentive to our blog. Every day I look at who’s reading to which post or visit. Thank goodness at least one article Migo wrote last year and it has got visitors in every day, its about Nazis and Lebensborn children. If this post wasn’t, any people wouldn’t visit. Even to cheer me up, I started to look at monthly visitors figure instead of daily. But right now, even it is deplorable!

For example, look at Migo’s posts since Christmas. All full politics, grief and pain. Who cares about these! People don’t want to read like these. It should be more remarkable things. I need to take the dominance in here for achieving my goals, so for showing of the dogs can be more popular than cats and of course for more lady dogs and beer and food.

I hope you hear my voice, my beloved readers. I boycott to Migo from beginning today. At least twice Migo will give me the right to write in a month, or I will open my own blog. But I do not want to leave Migo as very emotional and sensitive dog, because I don’t want to leave this alien alone on this planet.

Anyway, if you are with me on my resistance, step forward!

Putin: Lenin to blame for Soviet Union Collapse

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday Soviet revolutionary Vladimir Lenin and his flow of thought led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — During a meeting of the Presidential Council for Science and Education in the Kremlin, one of the participants quoted a work by Russian writer Boris Pasternak, analyzing Lenin’s revolution and his ability to manage his flow of thought.

“Controlling the flow of thought is the right thing, but it is necessary that this thought led to correct results, not like in the case of Vladimir Iliyich [Lenin]. Because this thought in the end led to the collapse of the Soviet Union…There were many thoughts, autonomization and so on. They put a nuclear bomb under the building which is called Russia, and it exploded. We did not need a world revolution. That’s what the thought was,” Putin said at the meeting.

quotes from: http://sputniknews.com/russia/20160121/1033519789/putin-lenin-soviet-union.html

This is also second honest explanation at this week after Israel Defense Minister. Thank you Vladimir Putin for you showed to the world clearly what you think about the Soviet revolution!

Israel Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon:”In choice between Iran and ISIS, I prefer ISIS”

Speaking at the Institute for National Security Studies’ (INSS) conference in Tel Aviv, Ya’alon sought to clarify that “Iran is our main enemy, after I heard voices saying different things.”

The defense minister was likely referring to comments made by IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot at the conference on Monday, who declared that “there are opportunities in the nuclear agreement with Iran. Hezbollah – that is the most serious threat.”

Tehran, he said, “is a rogue regime with designs on a regional hegemony. Hezbollah is Iran’s proxy, with the ability to declare war. Iran currently has terror infrastructure in place in five continents: Asia, Africa, Europe and both in South and North America.”

Ya’alon doesn’t put much stock in the Russians’ ability to retake Syria from jihadists- including ISIS – who took over large swaths of land. “The Russians thought they’d get to the Euphrates River in three months,” he said, noting the Russian army is not reaching its goals and failing to achieve much in the Golan Heights.

The strategy in Syria, he said, should be “to strengthen local forces with ‘boots on the ground,’ like the Kurds are doing.”



quotes and for full reading for news:


Actually these are quite honest explanations; if thinking in this frame, it can be seen what will come at Syria and Middle East.

Today every human being should be Bertolt Brecht


Bertolt Brecht, is described as German poet, playwright and theater director. His works are recognized and rewarded with respect for internationally. He is the founder of “dialectical theater”. Brecht is defined himself as “communist”.

Here, some of his works,


I see the system. Its surface
Has long been known, but not the inner workings.
I see some people, a few on top and many down below,
and those on top shout down to those below: Come up, then all
of us will be on top.
But if you look closely
You’ll see a hidden something
Between the ones on top and those below.
It looks like a path, but no, it’s not a path.
More like a plank, and now you see it plainly,
it’s a seesaw. That’s it. This whole.

System’s a seesaw with two ends
Depending on each other.
Those on top are where they are because the others
are down below.
And they will stay up top only so long as the others stay down.
They’d be on top no longer if the others, leaving their
old place, came up.
And so it is that those on top inevitably want those below to
stay there for all eternity and never rise.
And anyway, there have to be more people down below
than up on top to keep the seesaw in position,
that’s why the whole system is a seesaw.
(Brecht 1931)
One of the quote from his opinions about capitalism and fascism:
“Those who are against fascism without being against capitalism, who lament over the barbarism that comes out of barbarism, are like people who wish to eat their veal without slaughtering the calf. They are willing to eat the calf, but they dislike the sight of blood. They are easily satisfied if the butcher washes his hands before weighing the meat. They are not against the property relations which engender barbarism; they are only against barbarism itself. They raise their voices against barbarism, and they do so in countries where precisely the same property relations prevail, but where the butchers wash their hands before weighing the meat.”
A Worker’s Speech to a Doctor…
We know what makes us ill.
When we’re ill word says
You’re the one to make us well
For ten years, so we hear
You learned how to heal in elegant schools
Built at the people’s expense
And to get your knowledge
Dispensed a fortune
That means you can make us well.
Can you make us well?
When we visit you
Our clothes are ripped and torn
And you listen all over our naked body.
As to the cause of our illness
A glance at our rags would be more
Revealing. One and the same cause wears out
Our bodies and our clothes.
The pain in our shoulder comes
You say, from the damp; and this is also the cause
Of the patch on the apartment wall.
So tell us then:
Where does the damp come from?
Too much work and too little food
Make us weak and scrawny.
Your prescription says:
Put on more weight.
You might as well tell a fish
Go climb a tree
How much time can you give us?
We see: one carpet in your flat costs
The fees you take from
Five thousand consultations
You’ll no doubt protest
Your innocence. The damp patch
On the wall of our apartments
Tells the same story.
Bertolt Brecht
Another quote of his opinions:
“injustice does not justify, if those who fought against them have fallen down.
because our defeat, only proves of the our numbers of fighting against dishonor, only it proves we’re few in number..
and we expect from the remaining who stayed in quiet,
they should feel ashamed.”
And the last one;
“Who didn’t unite against the fascism, they would meet in the dungeon of fascism.”
While I was examining this great human being, I’ve realized Brecht’s works made me feel very rebellious and kind of stormy in Turkish and in Russian. I guess this was about my English lack. And, I am wondering if I knew the German language, what would I feel?:)


This is a riot lettering…


It cannot countinue like this, my friend…
We cannot live like this…
Every thought, every view is like a flover in the garden of freedom…
With this low pressure…
this northeaster…
this mistral…
This is a riot lettering…
The voices of our journalist friends are being heard from the prison loopholes. Even comedy shows were hanged by founding guilty. The father of martyr soldier was considered as traitor.
We cannot live an environment,
where the people who say own idea are lynched,
where the people who open their mouth are taken to behind the bars,
where the people who are not side with dictator are being dissipated,
eventually where everyone is silent…
We cannot live in like an environment like this, waterless, landless, breathless
in a flower garden that the flowers were plucked.
We’re alone…
Everything is between the two lips of the power who is lacking in political morality, democracy culture, legal system…
We are like waterless and ligthness tulips against his passion that he removes whatever is bothering of him and in front of mentality that is shameless of commiting crime with hatred and grudge,
in the garden without flowers…
We are crestfallen…
My friend, if you live in legal state, you run the judiciary. In a democracy, alternative opposition is there. If there isn’t any of them, you go to the bosom of the nation.
But if any of them wasn’t left…
We’re the victims of stupid oppositions political parties in parliament,
that are unaware of their treason against the democracy.
We’re victims of judiciary that is judging the people who are not guilty and have closed the doors to justice.
We’re the victims of a nation that is not aware of what happened and in deep sleep.
This is a riot lettering…
When the all values which you can die, have went and when your hopes slipped from your heart,
you twiddle your pen in your palm…
Should I broke my pen or not?

13.01.2016- Bekir Coskun, Sozcu newspaper

quotted source: http://www.sozcu.com.tr/2016/yazarlar/bekir-coskun/bu-bir-isyan-yazisidir-2-1040197/

Bekir Coskun is one of Turkey’s opposition journalists. In fact, he is famous for his humor and satire articles. He has been making honorable journalism for nearly 40 years in Turkey. Bekir Coskun was sued many times by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his politicians of AKP(ruling party of Turkey last 14 years), because of his writings about them. A part of the situation of Turkey, has been told by his own style in this writing. The size of those which are not telling about Turkey’ situation in this writing are enough to fit a thick book.

A huge explosion hit central square of Istanbul, at least 10 people were killed and 15 injured

A huge explosion hit central square of Istanbul, Dogan news agency reports. At least 10 people were killed and 15 injured, a statement from the Istanbul governor’s office said.

source: http://sputniknews.com/world/20160112/1032984535/turkey-istanbul-explosion.html

 Latest update: Pirime minister Davutoglu made an explanation: Suicide bomber is member of ISIS and citizen of Syria. And exploding happened when German tourist group was at the square. All people who were killed are tourist. Probably all are German citizen. And the number of victims is 11.
Four hours later, vice prime minister made an explanation about bomber: Citizen of Syria and born in 1988.
Turkey main opposition political party CHP leader Kemal Kılıcdaroglu blamed the government and Erdogan after event:
“We have been warning many times to this government, we said that don’t drag this country to swamp of Middle East… AKP government cannot manage Turkey, it doesn’t manage. Turkey cannot be managed with third-class personell. We waited until yesterday, but we’re out of patiance. If you cannot manage you will go and the ones who can manage this country will come. The things that they do; without getting ambulances, they impose a broadcast ban on the news about bombing. What do you hide from the people? All world is watching already. In a place like the heart of tourism Istanbul, a suicide bomber will explode and you will not take any precautions! Where is your intelligence service? But this government cannot find opportunity to listen terrorists, because of the government listens to us! And again our dictator image is speaking! The things what happened in Hitler’s Germany, today same things are making in Turkey.
 source: http://www.sozcu.com.tr/2016/gundem/kilicdaroglu-konusuyor-86-1039507/

The US Has Been Giving Afghan Children Violent Books to Indoctrinate them to Jihad – It Worked

By John Vibes The Unites States government has played a crucial role in the development of the complex and volatile political situation that now exists in the Middle East, and they have had a heavy hand in influencing the region since the first world war. From propping up dictators to funding rebel groups for regime change, the U.S. and their […]

Source: The US Has Been Giving Afghan Children Violent Books to Indoctrinate them to Jihad – It Worked

Justice for humanity

The lawsuit against the refugees’ deal: It was sued to EU Court of Justice

The consensus which was made between Turkey and EU to get under the control of immigrants which the majority is composed of Syrian refugees, went on trial. AYVA foundation which has established in Izmir city of Turkey and STOP ngo, within the scope of the understanding of stopping migration at EU borders and locking inside Turkey, and on demand the determination of measures including administrative and the lack of political solutions, has litigated.

The representatives of AYVA and STOP have made a call to EU commission and European Council about the refugee problem in the meeting hall of Izmir Bar Association with a press conference.

One of the AYVA representatives journalist Feyzi Hepsenkal said in his explaining:
“Refugee issue is a matter of human rights first and foremost. You cannot solve Syrian refugees issue by locking them inside Turkey. Your thoughts that you inflict the problems related with social and security created by refugees on Turkey, are showing that you didn’t understand the issue and you’re in big wrong. You cannot stop the refugees’ flow with this way. You made the connection between the problem of Syrian refugees and visa liberalization for Turkey citizens and EU accession process of Republic of Turkey; this is problematic in terms of ethic. You should see this frame that you wanted to create over human life, damages to positive perception of EU values which occured in many years.”

Hepsenkal said that the refugees die with fluttering as well as the latest example in Ayvalik and Dikili(*), the humanity is drowned openly and it is seen that EU is accepting the understanding of irregular migration is stopped at EU borders and locking inside Turkey. He continued to his explanation:
“We are warning:
Exhibited approach is contrary to,
– The relating to Status of Refugees (Geneva) contract, 28 July 1951
– The protocol relating to Status of Refugess, 1967
– The principle of “refoulement” which has been accepted by UN High Commissioner of Refugees as a mandatory rule of international law
– Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 14 paragraph 1, 10 December 1948
– European Convention relating to Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, 4 November 1950, Rome

With this reason, we make an application to Presidency of Court of Justice EU by examining the inadequate solution which was found by political leaders and with the thought of creating jurisprudence decisions. In the process that we started, we call everyone for solidarity.”

The representative, lawyer Senih Ozay said that Europe entered into shock because of refugees. Ozay said: “EU said let give 3 billion Euros to Turkey. They say that they would provide the visa facilitation and the refugees stay in Turkey. EU agreed with Prime Minister of Turkey, Davutoglu. We also prepared our application to international court. We’re hopeful. Maybe with this sued, it would be taken an important decision for solving the issue of refugees.”

(*) at Ayvalik and Dikili of Turkey only yesterday 38 Syrain refugees died at Aegean Sea. Many death bodies were on shore. This is link about http://www.sondakika.com/haber/haber-ayni-gun-ikinci-gocmen-faciasi-kiyida-7-ceset-8032112/

Besides if you want to see what happen at Aegean Sea, you just write “Aegean Sea and refugees” or in Turkish “Ege’de multeciler” at google. You can see how the horror continues boths side of Aegean Sea, so at coast of Turkey and Greece despite cold and rough sea. This tragedy was never decline, it continues to increase day by day.

As you can see, any deal between the politicians cannot work for refugees problem. I hope with this sued EU Court of Justice would make realistic and constructive decision for humanity.

The news quotes from: