Justice for humanity

The lawsuit against the refugees’ deal: It was sued to EU Court of Justice

The consensus which was made between Turkey and EU to get under the control of immigrants which the majority is composed of Syrian refugees, went on trial. AYVA foundation which has established in Izmir city of Turkey and STOP ngo, within the scope of the understanding of stopping migration at EU borders and locking inside Turkey, and on demand the determination of measures including administrative and the lack of political solutions, has litigated.

The representatives of AYVA and STOP have made a call to EU commission and European Council about the refugee problem in the meeting hall of Izmir Bar Association with a press conference.

One of the AYVA representatives journalist Feyzi Hepsenkal said in his explaining:
“Refugee issue is a matter of human rights first and foremost. You cannot solve Syrian refugees issue by locking them inside Turkey. Your thoughts that you inflict the problems related with social and security created by refugees on Turkey, are showing that you didn’t understand the issue and you’re in big wrong. You cannot stop the refugees’ flow with this way. You made the connection between the problem of Syrian refugees and visa liberalization for Turkey citizens and EU accession process of Republic of Turkey; this is problematic in terms of ethic. You should see this frame that you wanted to create over human life, damages to positive perception of EU values which occured in many years.”

Hepsenkal said that the refugees die with fluttering as well as the latest example in Ayvalik and Dikili(*), the humanity is drowned openly and it is seen that EU is accepting the understanding of irregular migration is stopped at EU borders and locking inside Turkey. He continued to his explanation:
“We are warning:
Exhibited approach is contrary to,
– The relating to Status of Refugees (Geneva) contract, 28 July 1951
– The protocol relating to Status of Refugess, 1967
– The principle of “refoulement” which has been accepted by UN High Commissioner of Refugees as a mandatory rule of international law
– Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 14 paragraph 1, 10 December 1948
– European Convention relating to Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, 4 November 1950, Rome

With this reason, we make an application to Presidency of Court of Justice EU by examining the inadequate solution which was found by political leaders and with the thought of creating jurisprudence decisions. In the process that we started, we call everyone for solidarity.”

The representative, lawyer Senih Ozay said that Europe entered into shock because of refugees. Ozay said: “EU said let give 3 billion Euros to Turkey. They say that they would provide the visa facilitation and the refugees stay in Turkey. EU agreed with Prime Minister of Turkey, Davutoglu. We also prepared our application to international court. We’re hopeful. Maybe with this sued, it would be taken an important decision for solving the issue of refugees.”

(*) at Ayvalik and Dikili of Turkey only yesterday 38 Syrain refugees died at Aegean Sea. Many death bodies were on shore. This is link about http://www.sondakika.com/haber/haber-ayni-gun-ikinci-gocmen-faciasi-kiyida-7-ceset-8032112/

Besides if you want to see what happen at Aegean Sea, you just write “Aegean Sea and refugees” or in Turkish “Ege’de multeciler” at google. You can see how the horror continues boths side of Aegean Sea, so at coast of Turkey and Greece despite cold and rough sea. This tragedy was never decline, it continues to increase day by day.

As you can see, any deal between the politicians cannot work for refugees problem. I hope with this sued EU Court of Justice would make realistic and constructive decision for humanity.

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6 thoughts on “Justice for humanity

  1. Absolutely disgusting! It is the EU and US that caused this refugee crisis. If the West hadn’t been destroying these peoples’ home countries, in the name of greed and power, these people would not be refugees.

    The EU and US need to take full responsibility for the care of these poor people.

    But we both know they will not. And a court will not change this atrocity to something good for these poor people. The entire ‘justice’ system of this world is owned and operated by the same elite who have created this nightmare!

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    • Yes, my Earthling friend, it is really disgusting. And unfortunately not just because of EU and USA politics, including Turkey and S. Arabia and many country politics, these people are homeless now and dying on the roads and seas.

      I agree with you, this court will not bring big difference. But I hopefull. Because, there are too many decision which was taken by EU Court of Justice against the politicians’ deals. And I think that even if the decision of sued wouldn’t make big differences for the countries, the result of the sued will be reference point for Syrian refugees. After the court, they can use the decision when they would be face of any injustice application. And they would have power even if it is tiny.

      And I think that this will be one of the important things for 2016. It will be exciting. When the court gathering for sued, I will write as post, and I think entire world will pay attention the court that day. Let’s we see, the justice does exist or not on this planet.

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      • Yes, my friend, it is getting down to where the rubber meets the road. If there is any justice left on this planet, then it will be revealed in the coming days, and not just with the plight of these poor refugees, but with how humanity, worldwide, is going to be treated by the powers that be.

        I have to admit, I am not very hopeful. But I do hope I am wrong!

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      • I understand, believe me! But I have been wrong more times than there are stars in the heavens, my good friend!

        So the odds are in your favor, and mine as well;-)

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