A huge explosion hit central square of Istanbul, at least 10 people were killed and 15 injured

A huge explosion hit central square of Istanbul, Dogan news agency reports. At least 10 people were killed and 15 injured, a statement from the Istanbul governor’s office said.

source: http://sputniknews.com/world/20160112/1032984535/turkey-istanbul-explosion.html

 Latest update: Pirime minister Davutoglu made an explanation: Suicide bomber is member of ISIS and citizen of Syria. And exploding happened when German tourist group was at the square. All people who were killed are tourist. Probably all are German citizen. And the number of victims is 11.
Four hours later, vice prime minister made an explanation about bomber: Citizen of Syria and born in 1988.
Turkey main opposition political party CHP leader Kemal Kılıcdaroglu blamed the government and Erdogan after event:
“We have been warning many times to this government, we said that don’t drag this country to swamp of Middle East… AKP government cannot manage Turkey, it doesn’t manage. Turkey cannot be managed with third-class personell. We waited until yesterday, but we’re out of patiance. If you cannot manage you will go and the ones who can manage this country will come. The things that they do; without getting ambulances, they impose a broadcast ban on the news about bombing. What do you hide from the people? All world is watching already. In a place like the heart of tourism Istanbul, a suicide bomber will explode and you will not take any precautions! Where is your intelligence service? But this government cannot find opportunity to listen terrorists, because of the government listens to us! And again our dictator image is speaking! The things what happened in Hitler’s Germany, today same things are making in Turkey.
 source: http://www.sozcu.com.tr/2016/gundem/kilicdaroglu-konusuyor-86-1039507/

3 thoughts on “A huge explosion hit central square of Istanbul, at least 10 people were killed and 15 injured

  1. The bomber blew himself up, yet they knew his nationality and year of birth four hours later? How is that possible? Wouldn’t he be obliterated by the bomb? What kind of Sherlock Holmes skills allowed the government to announce the case “solved” a mere four hours later? It seems, rather, this bomber was well-known by authorities beforehand (the only possible explanation for such a speedy and successful criminal investigation). –Paul

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