A Turkish soldier has been killed by jihadists at Hatay, Syria border on Turkey

It has appeared that a Turkish soldier who wanted to prevent illegal crossing Yayladag district of Hatay border, has been cut his head in Turkey.

Hatay governor tried softening with the phrase “as a result of a struggle, his neck was cut”

The pro Turkey government media was making flagrant propaganda last one week about the border-post where this soldier served his military duty.

According to these media, the soldiers were making torture the ones who were captured by the military.

here their flagrant propagandas:


It appears that Guvecci station post-border where this soldier made duty has been targeted by the jihadists.It has been seen that some jihadist accounts shared tweets by making target to the soldiers at this station.

There is also Al Jazeera correspondent Yılmaz Bilgen among the ones who made these soldiers a target. Most accounts were deleted by themselves after the soldier was killed.

On a side a government, the other side global imperialism, and an another side the crushing public honour by almost every side because of the government and their supporters policy, and in the middle of the people who struggle against each of them while they are struggling to live under bad economic conditions in the same time.

Turkey is on the place where the words fail. Maybe 3 or 5 years later one a man of letters will come out and write the stories of the people of Anatolia…

news quotes from: http://haber.sol.org.tr/turkiye/hatay-sinirinda-bir-askerin-kafasi-kesildi-145925