What are they doing on the streets at midnight?


No,they don’t give a party. They are the public of Artvin Cerattepe Turkey. And they resist against to a mining company right now. Yes, right now into these hours!

For a short video for this resist, here is a link:


The people are saying in Turkish at the video: “Artvin is ours, and it will be ours forever.”

I shortly explain what is happening in Artvin-Cerattepe, Turkey.

Artvin Cerrahtepe is near to coast of Black Sea and the border city of Georgia. Artvin is rich of trees and habitat. Artvin Cerattepe is at the list of 100 natural forest of world. But a mining company  wanted to build a cupper mine before two years ago. This company is known pro-government, also the owner of this firm has been inside the tape recordings at 17-25 december of the government corruption. And this company will cut 3500 trees for this mine. Artvin public is resisting to them.

The company wants to build copper mine at marked peak in the picture below

They want to destroy this beauty!

The public of Artvin (yes I mention about all city) applied to court to stop this company. And the law period continues still. But this company doesn’t know any law and they made a construction site for mine two days ago. And for last two days this public has been resisting against them and injustice!

Yesterday the people were face to face with the police and many people were arrested. Although it is not yet a definitive judicial decision, the police forces made a set in front of the people, and they attacked to the people.

 More photos in here:


So many people injured and police forces used many tear gas.

And during last two days many people are on the streets at many big cities at Turkey for supporting to the people of Artvin.

I believe that after you read this news you felt sorry right now like me for the forest and the animals in it. If you have any twitter account, please add #cerattepe or #Artvin hashtag to your tweets. Not only the people of Artvin, the animals and trees would remain greteful to you forever!


5 thoughts on “What are they doing on the streets at midnight?

  1. I was reading history of Turkey and learned about these rare forests near the Black Sea…temperate rain forest, or something? Yes, it is a shame…just for some more copper. The people are doing the right thing to love that land. It sounds like the government is short-sighted (as always). Our government is also this greedy kind. Maybe every government in the world. But some are worse than others. So we resist with you in solidarity! I’m sorry I don’t have better words to say. We cry tears when you cry tears. We are simple people and poor. All we have is to say, “Be strong! We are with you in our spirit! –Paul

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    • This government has been building hydroelectric energy santrals at the cities which are the coast to Black Sea. And they announced until 2025 they will build about 270 hydroelectric energy santrals at the river of 5 city of Black Sea, and one of them these cities is Artvin. So they destroyed and still destroy the rivers and nature. The other side they want to destroy the areas which are out of the rivers, so mountains and forests for mining!

      You are saying “We cry tears when you cry tears”. Actually my dear friend, all we cry when we see that nature, animals, trees are hopeless and helpless. For example all we cry for the “caucasian bees”, because if this mining will be run, the caucasian bees will die or try to find another home except Artvin, all the other beatiful trees. They all cry my friend! All trees are cring right now, because if this mining will be run, 53,000 trees will cut.

      While these 53,000 trees are crying, you and me and the others are crying for them, cry with them….

      Even if we are simple and poor, we are strong as you said! Because we have to be strong not for us, for the trees and animals! They cannot talk in known ways because.

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