“…maybe the moral is that sometimes, to prove something, you have to die.” Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco


I had written following lines at my new year beginning post at December 31, 2015:

“I do not believe the religions’ god, you know. Religions’ god seems to me as fantastic hero. Maybe worse, because he doesn’t answer any help calling of human being… But I believe there are some gods on this planet. Iron Maiden is god of Heavy Metal like Judas Priest for me… And much the same music there are the some literature gods like Isaac Asimov, Umberto Eco, Aziz Nesin or etc for me. And my music and literature gods always answer my call in everywhere I am. Thank you all!”

Umberto Eco died today…

I don’t know what should I say… Actually, I feel anger! Why he died! While all f**king men and women (especially politicians) are living, why the people who give a force to moving forward of humanity are dying!

I feel that an another fortress of humanity’s fulcrum has fallen down…

When Umberto Eco was discussant of a symposium at Bosphorus University, Istanbul 150. years establishment anniversary at April 10, 2013, he had said that day:

“I believe that most people in the world is stupid. It’s very important feeling. To be ready to die, if I am convinced at the point of death that all people are stupid, then I can die.
Step by step you can think of in this way every day at your belief. But at the point of my life I think only 50 percent of people are stupid.”

I guess, he was convinced anymore that all people are stupid into last 3 years and he could died. How wouldn’t he convince? The wars, injustice and all stupidity to be made for greed and money! And the people are sleeping still like sheeps!

Anyway, I feel still anger, as you can see…

With all my respect, rest in peace great human Umberto Eco! And thank you for all your brilliant words and ideas which lightened my life on this planet!