Resist Artvin-Cerattepe, against the capitalists! This fight is for freedom of forests and nature!

Artvin-Cerattepe, Turkey

Two days ago I had made a post about the pro-government mining company in Turkey wants to build gold and copper mine at Artvin, Turkey. This is my second post about this subject.

The people of Artvin-Cerattepe, Turkey have been resisting against to mining company and government and its police forces still.

Yesterday, Artvin governor issued a circular about ban of entering to the city of Artvin, and most people who wants to join resisting are preventing from the enter of Artvin.

Police forces have made control points at highway to check the vehicles which want to go Artvin. And they make identy control in many point. Yes, I know, it sounds like dictatorship era. When see these events who can claime it is not! If you are living in Turkey it must be possible to go anywhere what you want. But right now, the government ban to go to Artvin! Like a kidding! If you could achive to come Artvin, in this case, you can’t go Cerattepe, because police made barriers to the Cerattepe-Artvin highway. And when you want to move forward, the police is using gas and violance to the people, like this:

CbvJvS7W4AAXIdH.jpg large

And the women are in the front lines of the resist!


But after, the police attack to them. So many women were injured at the protests.


Not only in Artvin, most people who against the government policies of Turkey have been making protest meeting at the other cities of Turkey. For example this one has been made at capital city of Turkey, Ankara. At the following video, the people want to walk towards to the center of mining company at Ankara, but the police forces are using unbalanced force to the people. Even if one of the protestor warned to the police about there are the women and older people inside them, the police don’t listen to him!

The public of Artvin is making protest in front of governor of Artvin:


And Istanbul, Taksim, the people are making protest to show their support to people of Artvin, right now, into this hour.

While the resistance in Artvin is continuing, the AKP government seems worried, because of this resistance can turn into Gezi events, occupy Gezi in a moment. And pro-government media make lie news like “the protestors are terrorist”

If the meaning of the defense of lives of forests and animals is being terrorist, I am also extraterrestrial terrorist in the eyes of this media! Yes, I declare this, right now! I am side by the protestors, I am side by the people of Artvin, and creatures of the Cerattepe forest!

And if you want to help please you spread the news about Artvin, Cerattepe, and if you are using twitter, you can use #cerattepe or #Artvin.

My first post about the subject:



14 thoughts on “Resist Artvin-Cerattepe, against the capitalists! This fight is for freedom of forests and nature!

      • “We’re all in this together”, what a right determination, my dear Earthling friend! This forest belong to everyone at the Earth,actually. Cerattepe forest is in the list of 100 natural forest of world. And this area my friend, so Black Sea coast has lived many suffer because of the Chernobyl disaster. So many brilliant people has been sick and died. And these forests are the breath of the people of Artvin and the other places. But capitalists don’t understand, don’t want to understand. What a greed! They don’t aware they are not able to spend this money when they die!

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      • Immense greed and power (capitalism) is an illness of the mind and soul, it turns human beings into monsters.

        This disease, in all of its forms, not just capitalism, needs to be eradicated, or humanity and this planet are doomed.

        And the responsibility for this disease being defeated is ours alone, even though the majority of us, and our ancestors, had nothing to do with this evil system’s creation or it being sustained throughout the ages.

        The time is now, or there might not be any time left!

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  1. We true Americans who really believe in free speech and justice support you! Many things out government does gives our country a bad name and we are ashamed of their actions. Just the same, the actions of the Turkish government are shameful at this time. All governments must realize that they can no longer operate in such barbaric ways because the world is watching. Yes, we stand with you because the humans of Turkey are humans just like us in the United States. And we sympathize because we have also experienced such abuses of power by our government.

    It seems there is no longer a single government on Earth which still has any credibility with their people. This situation cannot hold. The world has learned too much because of the information of the Internet and our sympathy has been aroused to the maximum level.

    The protesters have already won because they have been injured for their cause. The government has already lost because their logic requires violent force. Such logic and justice is illegitimate. The people do not support the fundamental propositions of their governments.

    The violence is from fear. The people are powerful.


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    • Thank you for your support, it is very meaningful my dear Earthling friend, Paul! And, yes, all governments are doing barbaric things, but they show that tthese hings are like a result civilization. If this is a civizliation f**k this civizilation! I know there are the people like you, and the other my friends on this planet. And you are very generous and protective about the nature rights, people rights, and you all are the people who want to help to the others who are helpless or in bad situation. But there are the others beside yours, so there are the people who gave vote these governments policies. Actually they are real problem more than politicians or capitalist-imperialist elites. They are standing in front of all problems, and because of them the problem cannot be solved. And yes, all people and extraterrestrials:) are powerful despite them! And we should be more powerful in solidarity!

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  2. In New Zealand, activists are in constant struggle with companies that want to destroy our pristine green environment through coal and gold mining. One multinational company even wants to destroy our surfing beaches by mining our black sand for iron!

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  3. Reblogged this on Ivar Jørdre and commented:
    Struggle for self determination and freedom of the people are the same all over the world: THE PEOPLES FIGHT AGAINST MISUSE OF POWER, GREED AND CAPITALISM! So also in this case from Turkey. Where not only locals from Artvin, but also nation wide people are protesting against pressure methods of stopping resistance. Even internationally people will know how the Sultanistic regime works for the Turkish nation: Destructive, abusive and inhuman. What a regime! Keep on fighting Turkish people, we support you around the world!

    To read more of what I’ve written/posted earlier on this despotic and corrupt regime, and their “friends”, see:

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