“3 Signs Corporate Work Culture Has Become Toxic to the Human Spirit”

Quote from the article: “What we are told to believe is prosperity, is really just an elegant trap, an illusion. And at the very top of this pyramid of lies is the dark secret as to why we all have to work so hard in order to experience life on planet earth.” It is quite right! Thank you for sharing this article with us my dear Earthling friend!

8 thoughts on ““3 Signs Corporate Work Culture Has Become Toxic to the Human Spirit”

  1. Hi Migo,

    I need your help, but please don’t feel obliged. Only if you can find the time and feel up to it.

    I’m reading two posts on Turkey which seem to be expressing somewhat different views about the government cracking down on what it deems to be “its” opposition and the press.

    The first blogger (here: https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2016/03/06/the-alternative-press-doing-nato-and-obamas-bidding-on-regime-change-turkey-operation/ ) seems to believe that Erdogan and Co. are eminently justified in their crack down on the press and the second (here: https://theburningbloggerofbedlam.wordpress.com/2016/03/06/shameful-day-as-turkey-slides-further-into-dictatorship/ ) seems to think not.

    What do you think (and I do apologize if you have already posted on this subject and I missed it. I’ll have a look and see . . .)

    Kind Regards,


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    • No, I haven’t made a post about it my Earthling friend, because this is a huge subject, and it cannot be explained easily. Before I and Paul(pauldeathwish) made a conversation about this, and I had said to him I will write. (Hi Paul by the way, if you read this, you see I don’t forget:) But I couldn’t find a time for doing this.

      But if you ask me I can summarize what I think over the last news.
      Zaman newspaper and press group are known an arm of Fethullah Gulen society. And this name is Gulen society. Fethullah Gulen society and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s political party AKP have been very good relaitionship. Even, like most true opposition press said, “they walked on the same roads”. So they were very very close. And this is not 1 or 2 years relaitionship, almost last 15 years they have been into it.

      Fethullah Gulen is not secular, he is already a leader of a community which based on islam, he and his society members never liked the republic part of Turkey. For examle there are a lot of speech of Fethullah Gulen, and one of them he said to his community:

      “Every step that you will make without taking all the powers of Republic of Turkey including the constitutional powers, is considered early step.”
      The members of his community, so Gulen community with this idea and aim, during last 15 years settled almost every public and bureaucracy areas of Turkey Republic. They aimed always an islamic community country for Turkey.

      F. Gulen has been living USA in decades. And while he is living at there, he manages his community in Turkey. Actually not in Turkey, he has the schools at the most country at this region, even Kazakhstan banned his schools, Russia banned his schools, and there are more his schools at Africa countries. So while talking about Gulen society we talk about huge community, not simple one, we talk about such as catholic church and Vatican:))

      And do you know my Earthling friend, the cases of Ergenekon and Balyoz? These cases have been established over the claim of “Turkish army will make coup to the government”. And so many honoured officers have been arrested and send jail because of this. And the common part of almost every one of these officers are secularist and Ataturkist. They made cleaning with false evidences to the Turkish army. Even the leader of the army, chief of general staff of Turkey army has been arrested with false evidence. Many honoured officers died(mostly they have been cancer in prison) or killed himself at jail. And actually everybody knew these false evidences have been created by the people of Gulen community, because they had huge power for controling everything.

      While these cases are continuing, for example, almost every high-ranking admiral of Naval Forces of Turkish army was send to jail. And they brought the officers what they want instead of them. And in a way, they changed the Turkish army management. All has happened into last five years. And you know Turkish army is very important power at the region. And we see that Turkish army is non effective in Syria crisis and has been become totaly addicted to USA. Why? Because most officers who believe in the independent Turkey in army, have been eliminated.

      June 2013, in the days of occupygezi at Taksim, Istanbul, Zaman newspaper was making the news like:

      “The protesters want to destroy the government”
      “This is a civil coup against the government”
      and more many news. Gulen society and his press was side by side with Tayyip Erdogan. Youngest people have been killed by police, and Gulen community and its famous press Zaman blamed always the protesters like helping the fascism. Their hands are covered with the blood of innocent young people!

      But suddenly two years ago everything changed. 17-25 december corruption files has came out the light. And Gulen and Erdogan sides have started to fight. The money was huge numbers, billions euros have been spoken. My guess is like many opposite in Turkey, they couldn’t deal while sharing money, and they started to blame each other.

      And one more thing about Gulen society.
      American lecturer and former FBI consultant Paul L. Williams wrote an article about it. And he had asked that why CIA is protecting to Fethullah Gulen. Williams had said the following:

      “Fethullah Gulen who is called the most dangerous Islamist on Earth, has took the permanent residence permit due to former CIA agent Graham Fuller and the members of foreign affairs of United States, and he can stay in his castle in Pennsylvania until the end of his life.”

      I know my Earthling friend it seems so confusing. But this is not a simple situation. And actually if we read the right way what happen at the Middle East, actually it is very connecting the happening in Turkey last decade. And if today Tayyip Erdogan is very powerfull, the first reason of this is the support of Fethullah Gulen and his society. So, Gulen was never opponent for the government of Turkey. And I am waiting like many people of Turkey what will happen next. Actually I am enjoying, because they made target the leftist people in front of government, and the police was hunting leftist people at the streets, but now they have been target. But I guess, they(Gulen and Erdogan) will make peace when the they will come. At least my friend, until that day, I will enjoy while watching their fight:) And yes, my certain idea is Gulen and his society and his press group like Zaman newspaper have never been opponent people against government.

      And these all are just summarize:) also I hope I could help you, my Earthling friend:)

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      • Yes, the situation seems to be somewhat complicated.

        So if I understand you correctly, Gulen and Erdogan were once political allies working together to elevate themselves to the height of absolute political power in Turkey through the subterfuge of Islamization. AT the moment, they seem to have fallen out, but not because Erdogan has taken a genuinely democratic turn or has suddenly decided to work in the interest of the people Turkey. He, like Gulen, is all about power and money.

        In part, then, the blogger Scott Creighton (American Everyman) may therefore be correct in presuming an allegiance between Gulen and the American establishment: after all, the latter has a track record of siding with political Islam to consolidate its control over the Middle East. Thus it may be that at the moment the spat between Gulen and Erdogan is really the result or more indicative of tensions between Erdogan and the American establishment, which is not to say that Gulen doesn’t have his own ideas about aggrandizing his own influence and status.

        On the other hand, The Burning Blogger of Bedlam is also correct to emphasize and suggest that Turkey seems to have fallen into the grip of a regime that is becoming increasingly autocratic or dictatorial.

        The contending factions, then, seem to be: on the one hand, Erdogan and Co., Gulen, and foreign interests (such as those of the Americans); and on the other, the left leaning popular masses of Turkey even if not monolithic in political and cultural terms. Is that about right?

        Many, many thanks for both your reply, Migo, and helping me try to sort this out . . .


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      • You understood correct totally, and I am sure it is not about my telling capacity, it is about your understanding capacity, my Earthling friend:)

        And you’re also realised that this is very complicated situation. And it is not just about Gulen and Erdogan conflict. There is a big cake in the middle, and if we want to give a name, it can be “the new shape of Middle East and region”.

        They have been working about this situation since 1955, so western imperialists have been working on. For this, they created green belt project after cold war. Islamisation of the region is the big part of this project. And many times ago before Erdogan, there was Gulen’ society in Turkey. It is very interesting that Gulen movement was established in 1960, so it is almost same with starting green belt project. And even sometimes they seemed to separate to the parts, they have been always together.

        Turkey is important and very important, because it is only secular islam country on constitution based at the world. Even there are some strict laws about secularism in Turkey’s constition, even France doesn’t use them. And they knew that if they are able to break the secular base of Turkey, everything will be so easy for the aim of western imperialism at the Middle East and region.

        These islamic communities have came out because of this in Turkey. And especially last 10 years, with AKP government and communities such Gulen society, tried to changed the constition with the laws practice. But they cannot achive their aim complately.

        And the important part is coming right now in here,

        Erdogan wants the presidental system in Turkey. And he wants to be first president. It is spoken that it will be referendum in Turkey at this october. Actually not one, two referendum.

        In the one of them, they will ask the public “do you want to presidantal system?”
        The second one, they will ask to the public “some article of the constition will change, do you accept that?”

        These some articles are about the secularism about Turkey, and it is in first three articles at the constition.

        So, if the public accepts these, Erdogan will achive his aim, so secularism will die, and he will be a president. But please don think such as USA presidantal system, it will be more Sultanic:) It is spoken that he likes most Mexican system.

        This spring and after summer is very important my Earthling friend.

        The big problem is the media. Main stream media is not broadcasting what happen in here. For example, Zaman has big power, and their voice is heard by world public. But believe me, they don’t have any experinces like leftist people. Real oppositive people have been living this dictatorial structure last fourteen years, but this community lives last one year. It was the same, there was the same dictatorial structure last 14 years, but when it comes to Zaman and Gulen movement, they gave a name to the sitiation. Do you know how many people arrested every single day in Turkey, because of they are leftist. But noone knows about them. Almost every week, one or two members of communist party are arrested in here, or any real oppositive people. But the mainstream media doesn’t show them on the newspapers. They show right now Zaman newspaper. Why? Because Zaman and Gulen community do have money, and they do have interesting and wierd relationship and tie with USA govern.

        The main problem is media my Earthling friend, and we don’t have so much money to be heard of our voices. But we do have the power of knowledge and solidarty, and it is probably more important:)

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  2. Somehow my following your blog got turned off, and I don’t know how?

    So I am following you again, my friend! And thanks for reblogging this. But I didn’t get notice of this either. Very strange!

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