5th anniversary of Fukushima, even the robots have died

The robots sent into Fukushima have ‘died’

Not good…

The remote-controlled robots that were sent into the site of the 2011 meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan have reportedly ‘died’, thanks to incredibly high amounts of leaked radiation destroying their wiring.

The robots – which take years to manufacture – were designed to swim through the underwater tunnels of the now-defunct cooling pools, and remove hundreds of extremely dangerous blobs of melted fuel rods. But it looks like that’s not going to happen any time soon.

As we reported in January, Tepco successfully removed 1,535 spent fuel-rod assemblies from the cooling pool in the reactor 4 building, which was a relatively easy job because that reactor had lower radiation levels, so human workers could oversee the retrieval process more closely.

Reactor 3, which is where our poor, recently deceased robots had been sent, contains far higher levels of radiation, and humans can’t get near it. It’s estimated that there are 566 fuel-rod assemblies that need to be removed from just this one reactor.

“The fuel rods melted through their containment vessels in the reactors, and no one knows exactly where they are now,” Reuters reports.

As soon as the robots got close to the reactors, the radiation destroyed their wiring and rendered them useless, causing long delays, Masuda told the press organisation, adding that because each robot has to be custom-built for each building, it takes two years to develop every single one.
quotes from the article… and for full reading:
I am really wondering when humankind will destroy itself completely on this planet!

7 thoughts on “5th anniversary of Fukushima, even the robots have died

  1. My friend,

    I read an article the other day that claimed Fukushima has destroyed Japan.

    I would not doubt it! And the ocean is being destroyed by this as well.

    So yes, it would appear that we are committing mass suicide, unfortunately!

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  2. I think there was much “cover up” about Fukushima. It seems the mass media of the world suddenly decided to stop talking about the problem. Maybe they don’t want to panic people, but people have a right to know the truth so they can live their lives the best they can. There have been so many times where companies and governments lie until it is too late for the people involved. The innocent people have no chance because they trust the messages they are receiving. Or, they stop receiving news and they don’t know the situation.

    Thank you for reminding me! I get very upset by these things. So frustrating!


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    • Already, one of the biggest problem of this planet is mainstream media. So many people with many reasons follow, or at least read them.

      Besides, such important issues, especially environmental pollution and the issues which are danger for human health, there must be free and independent institutions, and they should share the reports and what they do with the world public.

      You know dear Paul, some cancer types have risen almost all the countries which have bordering to Black Sea after Chernobyl disaster. And the authorities tried to cover up this problem. Okay, maybe at those days the world was inexperienced about nuclear disaster like that. But now, world public doesn’t know what are the exact measures, what is the result. I hope my Earthling friend, these disasters will not be repeated. Because as long as they repeat, worse things happen in every next time.

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