You decide after seeing the video: which side is really poorer, PSV Eindhoven Fans or beggar women?

PSV Eindhoven Fans Throw Coins And Jeer At Beggar Women In Madrid
PSV fans throw coins at beggars in Madrid (Diario AS)

PSV Eindhoven fans in Madrid for the match against Atlético Madrid on Tuesday night were filmed throwing coins and jeering loudly at beggar women in the Spanish capital’s Plaza Mayor this afternoon. The mostly male Dutch fans, sitting on one of the central square’s terraces drinking beer, hurled the coins onto the floor in front of several women who rushed and scrambled to pick them up from the floor, and then cheered when the women did so. The fans repeated the stunt several times. One older Spanish man was filmed trying to stop them, telling the taunting fans that “that’s not right, you bastards”.

News quote from:

After the shamefull events some Madrid people reacted to the PSV Fans:

I don’t know what can I say for these fans of PSV! But after these events I will never watch any football match of PSV Eindhoven! (Except Galatasaray and PSV)

Yes, I am Galatasaray fan:)

10 thoughts on “You decide after seeing the video: which side is really poorer, PSV Eindhoven Fans or beggar women?

  1. Disgusting! And these creatures believe themselves to be civilized. I applaud the men and women of Madrid who stood up to these fascist pigs!

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    • Yes, I applaud Madrid people too,my Earthling friend! PSV fans behave is disgusting! While I was saying under your reblog of my post “I believe the some Europeans have high level breaking points more than USA people.”, I was mentioning to a mentality like that. This arrogance is unbreakable.

      But, Atletico Madrid win PSV Eindhoven at the match 8-7 with penalty kicks at extra times. And PSV fans turned back to Holland unhappy.:))

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      • See, I didn’t get it! These were fans from Holland doing this?

        I am completely ignorant to soccer, especially European soccer.

        I though these hecklers were Spanish!

        My bad! I’m old! So old!;-)

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      • No, you are very sympathetic, my dear Earthling friend:)) And yes, they are fans of PSV Eindhoven which is Holland football team. And they had came to Spain for match with Atletico Madrid yesterday. And they lost the match:)

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  2. Wow, middle ages never ended. 😦 I often wonder at what point one stops seeing another human being as human. Or any being for that matter as a holy creation of nature. I am reading two of Bill Plotkin’s books, “Nature and the Human Soul” and “Wild Mind” and he talks a lot about the brokenness of the Western society (and most of the world western these days), the emptyness of the soul and the lack of wholeness where these precise hateful actions arise.

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    • Yes! And maybe not limited middle ages, they seemed like the elites of Roman senate who thrown the coins to the poor people. Maybe all centuries beginning from the 100 BC (Roman Empire) until todays were illusion for the human development. And thank you mentioned about these two books. I didn’t know them. They seem interesting and I should add them to my book list, my Earthling friend, BeeHappee:)

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  3. The whole world wants to say how perfect are the countries like Sweden and Switzerland. How perfect are the countries like Denmark. And sometimes they will say Norway and Finland. And yes, NETHERLANDS and Germany.

    Always the leaders of the world want to use Scandinavia or Northern Europe or at least Western Europe as examples of perfect societies.

    But then the diversity of the EU becomes apparent. It is not just diversity of cultures, but also disparity of income levels.

    And so we see that these countries are not perfect. Here are some Dutch people in broad daylight. Having a good time. At someone else’s expense.

    They have made a game out of begging. They want to be entertained for their coins. They want to watch the poor ladies run around like animals.

    No, Europe is not perfect yet. As I said, it is always Sweden and Denmark who are the examples of perfect societies.

    But no: not yet.

    I do, however, have one question. Is it possible that these women are refugees from Syria or Libya or somewhere? I know they don’t have hijabs, but their scarves made me wonder that.

    Of course, it is even sadder if they are Spaniards. It is just one more reminder that the European Union has not worked very well. Or, I should say, it hasn’t brought the poor out of poverty nor equally benefitted all the member nations.


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    • Your explanations are quite perfect dear Paul! I agree with all! And I don’t know who are these beggars in real, but most impression is they are the Roman Gypsies. Maybe they came from Italy, Bulgaria, or eastern, even they might have came from Turkey, or maybe they are settler at Madrid from centuries as Gypsy. After this event some tv channels said they are Roman Gypsies. In Turkey many Gypsies live. And they are peaceful people. Many of them sell flowers at the corner of the streets. And they are joyful people. Even I, as an extraterrestrial made conversation with some of them by laughing:)

      But they could have been refugees as you said. This is also an example how hard to live in some European areas as being foreigner.

      Already yesterday an another disgusting event happened again. One Sparta Prag( Czechoslovakian football team) fans peed to a beggar woman at Roma, they had came for match with Lazio to Italy. In here you can see :

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