[Video Song] We’l Keep Fighting, Comrade! ہم لڑیں گے، ساتھی


“ہم لڑیں گے ساتھی، اُداس موسم کے خلاف”

This song of resistance is being made and released by pash based on the struggle of students in India. Students of JNU, HU and many other universities in India have spoken out against the anti-dalit and anti-student fascist tendencies of Modi government.

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9 thoughts on “[Video Song] We’l Keep Fighting, Comrade! ہم لڑیں گے، ساتھی

  1. It’s a beautiful video (and song)! I don’t know what the words mean, but some things speak for themselves. I don’t know what language is it?

    But the police with their sticks hitting the people. The people are protesting peacefully. They don’t have weapons.

    But actually it is beautiful to see this conviction and passion of the protesters. It is like all great revolutions. Each person does their part. And if someone dies hopefully their comrades remember them and move forward with the same mission.

    India I think is special. Actually, the example of the nonviolent protests of Gandhi was very influential for our Martin Luther King here in United States.

    When there are so many people protesting it forces the government to either change their bad ways or harm the protesters. And if the government chooses to harm the protesters, then the protesters have already won.

    As long as the true history reaches the world, then the citizens of the planet know that some humble people fought for justice. As long as the true story survives, then the protesters do not act or even die in vain.

    Thank you my friend,


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    • Yes! It is really beautiful, even if we don’t know what the song says! As you said, dear Paul, to know is not too much important, we see and feel already what it tells. But again I’ve communicated with dear Varsh, I hope she can help it’s translation.:)

      The other side, I think too India is special. And India has valuable people, even if the world couldn’t give their importance enough. They always seem close to me. I like their friendships. They are soft, peaceful and warm people.

      At the video in the 1:09 minutes, a young man picture is being seen and after then. I’ve searched about him. His name is Rohith Vemula. And he committed suicide at 17 January 2016 and it is said that becuase of “caste considitarion” and “instituolnal discrimination”. There are more news in this link if you want to link about him and the events:

      It caught my attention that we don’t know what is happening in India right now. R. Vemula committed a suicide and we see his face at the video, while thousands of the people are marching against the policy of the government. In this case, if we look at his death date, 17 January, so these march have been made into last two months, maybe still are made at India.

      Already this music video date is on youtube at 27 February. A month ago. This is a censored planet, we don’t know enough the other people’s struggle, we cannot learn enough at another corners of the planet! That’s why we cannot help with each other enough.

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  2. I did not need to know the words to understand!!

    I agree, this is beautiful! Perhaps, humanity is going to arise and, after all these eons, take back their lives and the planet that is and always has been theirs!

    This is the first protest song I ever heard in the musical meter 7/4. Loved it!

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    • Yes, they have to take it back! And did you feel the same my dear Earthling friend, when I’ve listened this song at first, I felt the Gandhi’s peaceful soul and its effect on the culture, did you feel the same? They express their struggle with the soft touch melodies. It is really beatiful!

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