U.S. military dependents ordered to leave Turkey

The Defense Department on Tuesday ordered the evacuation of hundreds of military and civilian dependents from Turkey, including Incirlik Air Base, due to increased concerns about security.

The order applies to nearly 700 spouses and children at Incirlik as well as small populations in the areas of Izmir and Mugla, defense officials said.

The order is the latest sign of heightened concern about security for Americans in Turkey, particularly the area along the Syrian border where Incirlik is located.

“We understand this is disruptive to our military families, but we must keep them safe and ensure the combat effectiveness of our forces to support our strong ally Turkey in the fight against terrorism,”  Air Force Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, commander of U.S. European Command, said in a statement issued with the announcement Tuesday.

News quotes and for full reading: http://www.militarytimes.com/story/military/2016/03/29/us-military-dependents-ordered-leave-turkey/82377984/

Yesterday, Israel gave warning to the Israel citizens in Turkey. And today USA gave this order for own military personel. This news is very important. Because everybody knows that USA governments made many things to hold these military bases into its hands, especially for Incirlik, Adana.

And even nobody wouldn’t have thought that oneday USA will leave these bases! This is impossible! If there is not, yes if there is not….  If there is not really serious war at door of Turkey, USA never leaves these bases.

In 1974 when Cyprus crisis has been USA military personel had left Turkey first and last time. Before then or later then same event has never happened. So it means right now, there is very serious situation after 42 years later. And yes, I guess, maybe my next post may be from battlefront of a war, which doesn’t have a name right now. (I didn’t finish my antibiotics yet, can they give me a time at least when I will feel better:)

Anyway, I may be at first extraterrestrial war correspondent blogger or whatever name will be. If this news is reflecting truth and the things which will come is similar with my guesses, we will see the events short time later.



22 thoughts on “U.S. military dependents ordered to leave Turkey

      • Syrian Army is an army which supported by Russia. Turkey is already NATO member, and it is acting like a NATO army, not an independent country army. In this content, actually we can say for this situation, it seems “Russia pushes NATO”.
        And if we think what is Saudis Army situation, we should ask this question Queen of England:)

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      • That is one view. Reverse the coin, NATO is making it difficult for many countries including Russia. Turkey as part of NATO is stealing OIL, supporting ISIS etc etc.

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      • Any government which involved and caused the war of Middle East is not innocent than the others. Of course there are the play makers from the beginning, like the politicians and imperialist elites of USA, Israel, UK; the others always have been a pawn and will be.

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      • War of Middle East has many chapters, which one do you refer too. There was the Iran =Iraq war. Then Iraq entering Kuwait. Then USA entering Iraq. Yemen strife . Israel =Arab conflicts

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      • Yes, it has many chapter. And as you mentioned, one of them is the Six Day War at 1967 Arab-Israeli conflict. Also, actually the all things are experiencing for the water ways of Israel, and new shape for Middle East. If you want to read, there is my post with the title of “Water Wars in Middle East”. Here is the link.

        And the western imperialist elites want to give a new shape to Middle East. This is a power conflict. If they would achieve their aims, they will built a new area at northern Syria and with this way, they will have a puppet territory that they will use when they want.

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      • Syria is already divided( please correct if I am Incorrect). Kurds/ISIS/Assad govt. I think ISIS has control over Oil. Thus what other Use can The Bigger Powers have.

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  1. It is not the U.S. military itself that is being removed from your country, my friend, it is only the spouses and children of U.S. military personnel stationed there.

    The U.S., unfortunately, is never going to give up a base in that area of the world. In fact, don’t be surprised, over the next several months, if you see an increase in U.S. and NATO military personnel in your country, and those countries surrounding you.

    World war three might just be right around the next corner?

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    • Yes, I know it is now just about their family and the other stuff. But it has been same at 1974, first their family, after military personnel left Turkey. I guess, I expressed wrong that part at my post, my dear Earthling friend. And in several months it will be many things in here as my impression, but it is not about surrounding by the countries, some different things inside it.

      Also my guess, the beginning date of WW3 will be a day which is between December 2016 and April 2017:)

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      • I’m sorry, I misunderstood the 1974 incident. So the families pulled out and then the military afterwards?

        Well then, it could be the same now.

        And you’re right, if war comes, it won’t be until after the election has been settled.

        And as it looks now, it might well be Donald Trump, unless the democrats nominate Bernie. If Hillary Clinton is the candidate, the repub candidate will win.

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  2. It seems to me that NATO wants to get rid of Erdogan. The part about “our strong ally Turkey” is rubbish. And, it’s coming from Dr. Strangelove (Breedlove), who has been instrumental in threatening Russia with provocative military maneuvers in the Baltic countries (not to mention Ukraine).

    My guess is that the international world order has decided (through NATO) that Erdogan is too much of a liability to remain in power.

    The shoot-down of the Russian fighter/bomber was perhaps the beginning of the end for Erdogan.

    And so again the U.S. thinks it can overthrow a government (just as we are attempting to do in Syria…and just as we did in Ukraine).

    I think Erdogan is being made into a scapegoat. I think, in general, he has followed every evil instruction of NATO in detail. Now he will get his reward: betrayal.

    If Erdogan had been concerned with the Turkish people, then he would have never agreed to participate in NATO’s dirty war in Syria.

    There is, however, a further possibility. Perhaps Erdogan got too greedy and went BEYOND his instructions from NATO. In such case, NATO will punish him…as an example.

    Turkey will never be safe as long as it is part of the terroristic NATO. And the world will never be safe until NATO ceases to exist.


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    • You’re totally right dear Paul! I agree with you. And the issue of falling down of Russian aircraft. You maybe remember my “The chronology of insanity”post at 27 November 2015. Quotes from it:

      “24 November 2015
      Russian Su-24 was shot down by Turkish F-16
      Turkey: “We operated rules of engagement. We have warned them ten times in 5 minutes, they did not give us an answer.”
      Russia: “Warnings weren’t made. We didn’t cross the border.”

      Important question: Is there any possibility that any electronic war system of NATO could prevent to reach of this warning in a way? Turkish F-16’s all the equipment connected to America out of the switches. And why both Turk and Russian side are not asking this question?”

      I think my dear Earthling friend, this event exactly happened with this way. So, an electronic war system which developed by US of F16 prevented to transition between Russian and Turkish pilots communication. And I think, Russia knows this and this knowledge became Russia’s trump against USA after then. It seems intelligence war of cold war era, doesn’t it;) Maybe you can think this may be an imaginary of an extraterrestrial, but if you look at the after events you can see many things can approve to this thought. Many years later today’s I think this event will be made a film.:)

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      • Yes, that is certainly a possibility. Maybe people believe the planes on 9/11 were electronically captured (and then steered into their targets by remote control). I believe that is what happened. The question is: who did it? The so-called terrorists of 9/11 didn’t have the capability to fly those planes the way they did. Particularly the woeful Hani Hanjour who purportedly hit the Pentagon only by executing an amazing feat of flying.

        My point is similar to your point. The planes of 9/11 were all made by Boeing. They were susceptible to electronic capture because they were not shielded from this in the same way that military aircraft are.

        With the F-16 you are absolutely correct. It is an American product. And so what do companies like Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, etc. build into the flight systems of such aircrafts? It is highly likely that these computerized flight systems contain back doors which can be exploited by the authors of the computer code.

        Therefore, every piece of electronic military equipment is a potential Trojan Horse (in the traditional sense). The same goes for computer equipment and software.

        So what you are saying is entirely possible in my opinion.


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      • This is actually, my most interest subject on this planet, so electronic war system and intelligence wars:) I love this subject, more than all the others! I know I didn’t show too much a side of my interest at my blog. (only one my post I wrote about it with title “Peeping from outer space and spy satellites” at 22 December 2014)


        If you want you can read. When I look at the post now I see that we haven’t met with each other at that date:)

        And maybe I should write more post about these issues by taking your telling into account. Also thank you for your comment, you gave me a point which is to be thought over it, my dear Earthling friend:)

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