Hunger and Poverty in Flint

With a population of about 99,000 people, Flint, Michigan possesses one of the highest poverty levels in the country. For several decades, more and more people of Flint have fallen into the depths of poverty and hunger. Public health and government intervention has done nothing but decline for many previous decades. Currently, about 42% of […]

via Hunger and Poverty in Flint — Hope for Flint

3 thoughts on “Hunger and Poverty in Flint

  1. “Gentrification”, my friend: force out those the elite don’t want to live, by poisoning, beating, arresting and imprisoning, or out right murdering them, the poor Blacks in Flint in particular. And then the elite will rebuild these areas for those who they have chosen to live and thrive.

    What many whites, here, don’t understand, is that they are next on the list to get rid of, their necks are next on the chopping block.

    This is happening all over the country, my friend, especially in the major cities. You see, the powers in the west don’t care for us anymore than they do any other people in the word. We are all expendable, in their dark eyes and warped minds.

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  2. The land, water, air and food belong to all of humanity, not just the few in power. And until we, humanity, stand up for and protect ourselves, the powerful few will continue to do this.

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