More and more and more refugees

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According to the deal which made between AKP government of Turkey and EU, the first refugees and immigrants who entered Greece as illegally started to come to Turkey today. The ways of them are starting from Samos island of Greece to Cesme, Izmir Turkey and from Lesbos island of Greece to Dikili, Izmir Turkey. Yes, they are coming to my city, Izmir.

Already Izmir does have thousands of refugees, what the hell is this s**t!

AKP government announced that “the refugees who accepted by Turkey will sent to their homelands according to deal.” But it seems that this is not reflecting the truths.
At Dikili it has been a public protest against AKP policies on this weekend with huge crowded.


One of the speakers at the protest, the Mayor and Dikilim Platform spokesman Mustafa Tosun has told the reason for their reluctance to refugee camps at Dikili district. After the rumors that refugee camps be set up Dikili, he said that “we tried to get answers from the authorities about camps but we could not answer,”. Also he added: “We said that Dikili is not suitable town for camps because of Dikili is the tourism and greenhouse district. We weren’t informed yet by the government authorities for camps but it is being said that it will built refugee camp at Kaynarca, Dikili in 800 thousand square meters for 20 thousand refugees people. If 7-8 thousand people live the other camps in every 200 thousand square meters. It means that more than 20,000 people will be inside the 800 thousand square meters. Dikili will not able to shoulder this!

Yes, both Dikili and Cesme are the torusim towns at Izmir city, west coast of Turkey.

The other side, this might be a method to punish of those who didn’t give vote for AKP government policies. Because, if you look at below Turkey map you can see that AKP couldn’t get enough vote at last election from the all west coast of Anatolia.

vote map

You see Izmir is the one of these cities where the people who are mostly against AKP policies, live in Turkey. Also Izmir is the 3rd biggest city of Turkey. These camps seems like a punishment for Izmir public.

At old times, these election maps were different, the colors were spreading with almost equal way entire Turkey. But last 15 years, the map turned into this shape.

Especially the people who live at the red cities at Turkey are lonely people. Because they are managed by a government which they never liked and they are not able to accord with. Also, the most of the world sees them as the parallel with this government, even if these people never voted.

Sometimes, when thinking over this election map, I am seeing these people at red cities stuck between land and Aegean sea, and stuck between AKP government and the world public. Most of the world public doesn’t want to understand, already AKP government never liked and understood them. What is the solution: maybe to jump to the Aegean sea, I don’t know:)

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  1. Thank you my friend! I always learn something new from your posts. Especially this map you published. I didn’t realize this distribution among these three parties. Maybe you could explain the parties? I’m sorry if it would be too much trouble. I am just interested to know what is the difference between the political parties of Turkey. All I know is that AKP is Erdogan party, but I do not even know what do AKP letters stand for. Sorry for my ignorance. I think you could explain better than Wikipedia or something. Thank you no matter what. –Paul

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    • Thank you for asking me this actually dear Paul! Too much people does not ask already, too much people doesn’t want to learn already; even they don’t need to read kind of post or articles. And I would always try to answer to kind of these questions willingly. Any maybe you will regret because of you asked when you read this long reply:)

      The red cities at the map as I mentioned that the cities where CHP has most vote. CHP letters are opening as “Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi” in Turkish. In English “Republican Public Party.” CHP is the builder party of Republic of Turkey also it was established by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, so it has too much past and older one next to the others; it has been existing from September 9, 1923. The voters of CHP are attached to CHP’s six basic principles as they expressed. These six principles of CHP are “secularism, statism, populism, revolutionism, republicanism, reformism”.

      Also these six principles are represented as six arrows on CHP logo. Last 15 years CHP votes are between 25% and 28% of all Turkey public votes. As you can see these votes of CHP mostly come from the west coast of Anatolia. Actually there are five cities except the red ones and including orange ones. At this five, AKP and CHP votes were counted very close with each other. Even at one of them CHP lost 198 people votes(if I don’t make mistake) against AKP. Two of them into this five cities are at Black Sea coast, one of them is at Mediterrenean coast, one of them is at Sea of Marmara, and one of them is in the middle. But because of the election system is very wrong in Turkey, the election result map became this shape.

      And you know AKP. AKP letters are opening as “Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi” in Turkish. In English “Justice and Progress Party”. But, I don’t have any idea which justice and progress came with AKP to Turkey during last 14 years:)

      HDP (green cites at map) letters are opening “Halkların Demokratik Partisi” in Turkish, in English “Democratic Party of People”. HDP is known as Kurdish party (defenders of the rights of Kurdish people)by world public. Actually it is not too much true. Because, for example Istanbul is the biggest city where Kurdish people live in. Almost 2,5 million Kurdish people live in Istanbul. Except Istanbul, there isn’t any city many Kurdish people live like in Istanbul at anywhere on the planet. But we see on the election map that Kurdish people at Istanbul give vote for AKP.

      Already before the last election, the green cites where HDP got most votes at southern Anatolia, AKP had got most vote. So, HDP and AKP voters are similar religion intents at basic, especially at southern Anatolia. Even some of the HDP deputies are more bigot than some AKP deputies.

      So my dear Earthling friend, we can say that almost all people of coast cities of Turkey including Black Sea, Mediterrenean, Aegean and two cites in the middle are the solution of almost all problems at this area. They are the balance of the all. However these people are feeling stuck amongst two sides, both AKP and imperialist world public. They are losing their hopes day by day. And my opinion, if they would be inexistent over the map of Turkey due to the results of AKP’s oppression and intimidation and due to the world public doesn’t care, the world will enter a one-way ticket road. And it will be too late for everthing that day. Maybe you can say to me “you attribute too much meaning to them, Migo”. Just I can say, I know this region’s religion structure and consequences of it.

      By the way, after our last comments, I downloaded an application to my phone for you, to prove I am still on Earth:)

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      • Thank you my friend! Sure a great answer!!! My phone is not working well. I tried to make a nice reply and it has erased it. So I will just say: thank you so much for the explanation. I feel like I know more about Turkey now.

        Hopefully later my phone works better and I can show my appreciation with a better response.

        Many thanks,


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  2. Isn’t that one of the biggest crimes against humanity and a hyprocrisy between failed capitalist states?

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