Bangladesh student Nazimuddin Samad hacked to death


April 7, Dhaka: A Bangladeshi law student who had expressed secular views online has been killed in the capital, Dhaka.

According to police, Nazimuddin Samad was hacked with machetes at a traffic junction late on Wednesday and then shot.

Samad, 28, was reported to have been an organiser of the Ganajagran Manch, a secular campaigning group.

A string of prominent secular bloggers have been attacked or killed by religious extremists in Bangladesh in the last year.

Three assailants on a motorcycle attacked Samad and then shot him, The Dhaka Tribune reported, police said.

Police have not named any suspects in the case nor confirmed a religious motive.

Samad, a student of Jagannath University, regularly wrote against religious extremism on his Facebook page. He had written “I have no religion” on his profile under religious views.

Last year, four prominent secular bloggers were killed with machetes, one inside his own home.

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4 thoughts on “Bangladesh student Nazimuddin Samad hacked to death

  1. This is horrible. I know that Islam has a special principle regarding people who leave the religion. It is extreme (this kind of action). I think we can probably find the same thing in Iran and other places.

    As you talked about Turkey, I wanted to mention that Kemal Atatürk is very respected here in America. Is it correct to say he is the founder of modern Turkey? I think what you mentioned about the CHP (yes?) and secular government is very important.

    That is one of the main principles of America: freedom of religion (and also freedom of speech). It is actually a good thing about our country that no one is required to be a certain religion. People are free to choose their religion (or atheism or agnosticism). It is a cherished principle of our country. The most wise Americans celebrate our diversity of beliefs (but not everyone has real tolerance).

    Another important Amercan concept of statecraft is the “separation of church and state”.

    Again, with Iran this is a problem. There is no separation. And it seems Erdogan wants to take Turkey back to the Ottoman era.

    I don’t think it’s a good way forward…these kind of theocracies.

    Actually, I am very sympathetic to Islam. I see it as a beautiful tradition. But these kind of killings are not beautiful.

    Actually, it is hard for me to fathom this story from Bangladesh. It almost seems impossible. But unfortunately it is possible and probable. I don’t always believe the news.

    Such a strange world. Too much war. Too much sadness. Too much fear. Too much cruelty.


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    • In Islam, the people who leave the religion are called “mürted” in latin alphabet(in Turkish), I don’t know how it writes in Arabic. I’ve searched what writes about “mürted” in Quran at internet right now. I’ve found a verse. Here it is:

      “Who of you, if returns from the religion and dies as unbelievers, their deeds would waste in both the world and the hereafter. They are the ones who deserve of hell. They will stay at there forever.”
      (Verse of Al-Baqarah, 2/217)

      The other side, yes Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is the founder of modern Turkey. You said “Ataturk is very respected in here” I believe the civilian people in USA respect to him, but the governments of USA, and UK, France and the many western country governments never liked him. And during the years these governments have been trying to damage of his works left behind. With his principles, the modern Turkey had very distinct and unbreakable laws about secularism. Even these laws were strict laws more than France and I believe more than USA. But during last 14 years, this AKP government opened holes at these laws with circular letters and they played over the some of them.

      Before, to work or enter with symbols of any religions have been forbidden in every public building including cross, hijab or the others. But now, everone wears of these into the public buildings.

      And for example I don’t want to see any symbol of the religions over the public officers, like teachers, or inside the courts. If the people who are the workers for public, they have not to show what they believe in. If they show they create the perception of discrimination.

      And I don’t sympathise to any religions, my friend. The most part of the problem of this planet belongs to the religions. My one and only sympathise is for Shamans on this planet. The others are always unnecessary and harmful to this planet for me. If they weren’t on the planet most pain, most war, most cruelty and fear would not have been.

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  2. Religion is a large part of the reason why this world is so screwed up!

    A religion that allows this should not be allowed to exist. So that means all of the religions need to be done away with, since all are, or have been, like this!

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